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Kyouya's In For A Surprise

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After a strange dream, Kyouya wakes to find himself less than amused.

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He held his body over her small frame. He had expected her to be scared, he had jumped her, after all. But, she didn't even flinch. Kyouya leaned in, closer to her face. She closed her eyes and he leaned in further...

BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. Kyouya's eyes blinked open. Cursing his alarm for picked the most inappropriate time to wake him.

Kyouya felt very cold, even though he was still under the duvet of his bed. He threw back the covers and shuddered. It really was cold in his house.

Kyouya realised he was only wearing one item of clothing. He glanced down, staring at what he was wearing.

His face flushed with anger. He sat up and looked around his room.

Kyouya froze. He wasn't in his room; this looked suspiciously like the Third Music Room, where the Host Club was held.

Slowly, he turned his head round towards the largest column in the room. He scowled when he saw the grinning faces of his fellow Host Club members.

Hikaru and Kaoru. And above them, none other than Tamaki, the "Lord" of the Host Club.

Kyouya stood up and started towards them. Their expressions changed quickly. But, the group was interrupted. The main doors opened and in walked Haruhi, dressed in her male uniform.

"Good morning!" She said, smiling at the twins and Tamaki. She hadn't yet seen Kyouya.

She turned at looked at Kyouya, letting out a slight giggle. She looked Kyouya up and down, grinning.

Kyouya looked down at himself again, completely forgetting he was only half-dressed.

There he stood, the twins, Tamaki and now Haruhi clutching their sides, Kyouya was half naked in garishly blue boxers, decorated with little pictures of Beezleneef.

He grabbed the duvet and ran towards the side room, leaving the four of them howling with laughter.
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