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Dirty little Secret

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Like AAR said Don't tell anyone...My dirty little secret.

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Dirty little Secret

For two weeks that she was made to stay in bed Willow had lost her job, Jenny had 'forgotten' to take the doctors note in. She hadn't spoken to MCR once. Her mother had picked up when they phoned the once and told them that Willow was ill and was not to be disturbed. Oh and she'd been plagued with nightmares and bad dreams. She recovered well enough. The doctor was right, Tamiflu hadn't worked and she'd just had to fight it off. Willow stood up, opening her wardrobe for the first time in two weeks then wrinkled her nose and headed for the shower.


Jenny sat in her art class concentrating on her artwork. That was the one thing she was going to miss about this school. The art teacher, oh, and her friends, of course. This wasn't America. The 'emos' weren't looked down on, despised and ignored. In actual fact they were quite popular. Different six form, different life. Different boyfriend? Nah, she liked Jay well enough. And she was happy with him. She sighed, inking carefully around a symbol in gold ink with a calligraphy pen. She was proud of this piece. Surrealism with a pinch of reality. Her signature style.


Willow sighed as she glanced the clock. She didn't care whether her mother said she should take it easy she was fed up of always living at home. She needed to try and find a better paying job. And fast.


True to form Willow left her mobile at home. And it started to ring; it's plaintive noise echoing through the house.
"Frankie here. Just wondering whether you've died yet or not. Just kidding. Yeah, just wondering how you are. Talk later."
Then it rang again.
"Hey Will. It's Ray. Just wondering if you were okay. Er...missed talking to you..."
Then it rang once more, but there was no message left by the mystery caller. Then the rang once more and the name flashed up on the small screen.
Mikey mob. And once more he didn't' leave a message.

Willow walked out of the job centre hours later, sighing. She guessed it was back to asking in shops for jobs. She hated being unemployable because of a few failed exams. She hated having being ill. She hated her sister hating her. She hated her life. She wandered home, deliberately avoiding all large bodies of water. Just in case. And what Jenny had said on that first day of her having flu had stuck with her. She did have other friends. Well, another friend, it's just that she lived in America. A lot like MCR, now she came to think of it. She shook her head. Where the hell was her life headed?

As she reached home she picked up the post and put it on the table, before picking up her phone and listening to the messages. She decided to phone Frank back later. She almost dropped the phone when she heard Ray's. Then played it again. He had said he'd missed talking to her. She tried to stop herself analysing it too much. But he had said he'd missed talking to her. She checked her missed calls. Mikey. She shrugged and put the phone down before going through the post once. She'd got some air mail. Maybe it was from Beth over in America. As she read it her face froze in horror and as she finished reading it slipped through her fingers to lie on the floor.

Dear Miss Willow the last name had been smudged with water drops. Rain probably.
We regret to inform you that Miss Bethany Spurrier has died. You are invited to the funeral.
It continued listing a place and time. But Willow didn't move. Everyone who she knew was dying. What was going on? All she knew was she'd have to fly to New York for the funeral. Two weeks time. That'd give her time to sort out travel arrangements, thankfully. But while her brain was going through the practical things, she couldn't' shake of the feeling of dread of going to America. And she precisely where that dread was coming from.
From something that happened along time ago.
Something she had to face every day.
A secret that had lain buried for such a long time.

As long as it didn't come to light.


An: Hope you like. Tis kinda short. Sorry. Thanks for all the reviews and ratings!
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