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Have you ever noticed that things mostly happen when your bored?

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"So here it is."
"Hmm looks like a community centre.

It was a sort of medium sized, one story building. Alicia found it really hard that something like this could've been hidden so well, it had a pretty big property around it too, but that was only the front of it so far.
"Ok, tell me again how you never knew about this place?"
"I seriously didn't K-suan! I'm surprised that none of the neighbors have ever said anything about it either..."
"Let's go check it out some more first."
"Hmm? Wait what?"
"I thought that I just heard something."

Everything then went silent as if someone had just dropped dead. The two girls ran behind the nearest tree as they heard some one start to laugh and 3 shadows pass by.
"Alicia, it was only three guys."
"Oh well. They were young though weren't they?"
"They were... I hope they weren't laughing at us!"

Instead of going inside they decided to check around the building first. When they reached the back it was like an outdoor arena. It had a giant pool, two tennis courts, a baseball diamond, and four basketball courts and pretty much most of the sports you could think of. Upon entering the girls also noticed a sign that read "Weaponry training ahead." That was probably in that separate part of the building at the end of the path.

"Ooooh this place sounds fun. We need to go to a place like this sometime; we'd probably never get bored here."
"I know. Now I wish I lived near you."
"Come on Scarborough's not really that far."

They both stared in awe at their surroundings for about a minute before Alicia got a mischievous little grin on her face. "You know they have a pool here. How about we go for a quick little swim before we have to head back up the hill huh? We do have our bathing suits on."
"I like, shall we then"
"Of course... But you can go first." ^_^U

Running now, the girls quickly flung they're shirts and shorts by the side of the pool and jumped into the pool. Something they quickly began to regret.
"Oh my goodness! It's so cold!!!" Alicia began to whine.
"My bum's hurting from that dive I just did!" K-suan said as she joined in as they both began to laugh and splash around in the pool. They became a little too noisy as they didn't notice that someone had been watching them for which seemed like a while.
The girls jumped at the voice behind them as K-suan dunked under the water.
"Hey?" Alicia said nervous and cautiously.
"You do realize that you in a private pool right? Oh, and by the way. You can let your friend know that I can see her."
"Yeah. Her. Would you believe that I don't know her? Thank goodness that you came too. She was attacking me!"
Alicia said as K-suan was coming up for air. "Hey!"

The guy stood there practically laughing to himself before he decided to put on a more serious face. "Well, I have two choices here. I can take you two to my boss and have you kicked off the property. Or I'm sure that they'll be able to find a suitable punishment for the both of you."

"Ok, fine! Maybe this wasn't a very good idea in the first place you!"
"Sorry, what my younger cousin meant to say was-"
He then cut them both off.
"Save it. I'll let you guys off for now, but make sure you two get off the property immediately as soon as I let the two of you go."
"What do you mean 'as soon as you let us go'? Ok on the count of three we'll make a break for it Alicia"
K-suan said as she whispered the last part to her cousin.
"I can't let you two leave soaking wet like that. And I can see that you've already brought some extra clothes with you."

When they got out the young man then lead them to a room near by where they could change as he made sure no one else was watching. Alicia came out first. The room remaining silent as they both concentrated on the door in front of them, so she began to try and pry out some answers about the place.
"So... Is this place like a community centre or something?"
Now he finally began to speak again
"What do you mean?"
"You know, like the Y, or a workout place, or something?"
"No, but I guess you could say it's like a day training camp."
"Oh. It's not really well known is it?"
"Why all the questions all of a sudden?"
"Oh sorry. I was just curious that's all."
He now looked interested in what the girl had to say.
"Never mind. I'll just shut up now. K-suan hurry up, will ya!"
"No, go ahead."
"It wasn't anything anyways. It's just I live just up that hill and up until today I've never heard anything about anything like this being down here. I was told it was only forest and a park, and that this space was never allowed to be constructed on. I guess this is why huh?"
Just then K-suan opened the door.
"Yeah! So even if you did get us kicked off this property, you couldn't because she lives here!"
All the guy replied with was "Ok..." When Alicia interrupted. "Ok, we should go now K-suan."
"I could always let my mom know that we left when they come back instead of keeping this whole thing quiet you know!"
"Fine. Bye and I guess thanks for not getting us into trouble."
"Yeah, we definitely don't want anything else for us to get into trouble with. Again, bye."


Ok, I'm not sure how well this is so far but oh well. Bye.
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