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Run, Run, Run Away!

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Katy is perfectly fine living with her mother and father- until one day her father comes home with bitter news, and a couple of punches.

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((I'm starting a new story, since I think I ended Suicidal Changes and I don't know if I am going to continue Diaries Of A Werewolf. Enjoy, and please tell me if I should keep going or not!))

"Dad... Why are you holding Mom's purse?" He glared at me, and the gaze made me almost fall over. "Mom never goes anywhere without that..." I began, but he shoved me.
"Shut up!" He yelled, picking me up by my arm and punching my across the face. "Katy, dammit, shut up!" I did as told, taking a step backwards. "She's dead! Your mother's dead!" I looked up at him, and he glared down at me. "It's all your fault!" He picked up my mother's favorite candle and hurled it at me, hitting me on the side of the head. I fell to the ground, barely able to stand up. "She's dead because of you, you filthy rat!" He dropped my mother's black purse and shoved me into the wall, where I hit my head and didn't move again once I slid to the ground.

I awoke several hours later. My Dad was in his room.
"Katy? Is that you? Come here, honey." He said, and I slid slightly on the glass from the candle. "Honey? Come here." He said, beginning to open the door to his room when I began to fumble with the lock on the front door.
"Katy, don't leave. You can't leave." He began to walk towards me, and I finally got the door open, but he grabbed my arm and twisted it when I began to move again. I screamed, falling out onto the concrete patio in the snow and then standing in tight dark blue jeans and a 'My Chemical Romance' hoodie. He came down to me, grabbing my left arm. I shoved away from him, and he shoved me on the ground, stepping on my knee until it almost went backwards. I screamed, but nobody would hear me in the middle of the night.
"Katy, honey, you'll freeze. Come back, now." He said, and I cradled my arm as I slithered away from him, stood, and began to limp into a run in the snow wearing nothing on my feet either. "Kate!" He yelled, throwing his pocketknife at me, and managing to stab it into my elbow of the right arm that he had twisted. He was running after me, but I evaded him and kept running through the streets of New Jersey, my feet bloody from the pavement. I gritted my teeth and ripped the knife out, closing it and shoving it in my pocket next to my iPod.
"Kate!" He screamed in the distance, but I was long gone.
Evantually I fell, frozen from head to toe and bleeding on my feet, arm, hands, and head. I was almost buried in the snow, with the white powder filling up with a red liquid when a car stopped near me.
"Holy shit," Yelled the driver jumping out and running over to me. The man ran a hand through his short blonde hair, his eyes looking my 15 year old body over for a second. There were two other people in the car, one with black hair and a roundish face and the other with black hair who looked a lot like the blondie.
"Are you awake?" He asked, and I opened my eyes and turned my head to look up at him. Three men were standing outside the car then, looking at me dumbstruck.
"You have pretty eyes," I said, dazed, and smiling like an idiot.
"What happened? What's your name?" He asked, and I laughed.
"The name's Bond. James Bond..." And then I paused looking around me. "Oh my God!" I said, almost sitting up when I yelped from the pain in my broken arm and where the knife had stabbed me.
"My name is Katy George," I breathed, slowly sitting up. "What's your phone number? I should call your parents." I stood quickly, cringing as my feet and my knee ached.
"Don't call him! He did this to me." I said, falling into the man. He held me up and I almost blushed, but my face was numb so if I did I couldn't feel it.
"Okay, I'll have to take you to the hospital, then." He said, and I shook my head.
"No, he'll look for me there. Somehow he'll take me back home. Just get me out of here, please..." I said quietly, and he sat me down gently in his car.
"Do you want me to take you to my apartment?" He asked, and I just nodded, not really hearing what he said. The man with the sharp features who looked more like the blondie supported me when we were in the car. The blondie- Gerard, they had called him- was driving, and the rounder faced one sat in the front seat. I was almost completely numb, but I began to thaw out. Somehow I was in their apartment, laying on a couch, and I was actually warm.
So I began to think. My mom is dead, and my dad's lost it. I was picked up by the famous guy from my hoodie, and now I'm sitting on his couch, helping a guy with a lip ring put bandages on myself. Hasn't this been fun?
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