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From Your Lips

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Monica confronts Gerard about his feelings for Liv.

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Monica walked down the hall towards Gerard's bunk. She slowly knelt down next to him and waited. His eyes left the picture and connected with hers. "Monica, I'm so sorry."
She took a deep breath, "Sorry cause you lost your temper with me of sorry cause you've decided you aren't sure about us?"
He looked stricken, "Shit, have I been that big of an ass? God Monica, please don't think that I'm not sure about us. Please help me not to fuck up what we have." he was pleading.
"Gee, I just need to hear it from your lips. I know what's in your heart. I understand so much more than you realize. You loved Liv and a part of you will always love her." He stated to disagree but she put her finger to his lips. "Love is something that once it's touched you never completely fades. She may have hurt you, made you life a living hell but you loved her and so she will always have a part of your heart. Hate that fact all you want but nothing can change that"
"Monica, I don't want that. I want you to have everything that I am. I hate that I can't forget her, forget how I felt for her." He tossed the picture aside and reached out to touch her cheek lightly running his finger down it.
She smiled at him "Sorry honey but it doesn't work like that. I know that I have your love now and I know that I have your heart. I accept that, Gee. We will be fine, you and I. Just let me help you get through this, let me be there for you like you have been there for me."
He pulled her into the bunk next to him and wrapped his arms around her. "I wish I had never fucking met her."
Monica smiled at him "Weird as it is to say if you hadn't then you wouldn't be the person you are today. All the things that happen in our lives shape us."
They were both silent for several minutes. Monica snuggled deeper into his arms. She inhaled his smell of cigarettes and soap and smiled. This man was hers and nothing would change that.
She rolled over to face him. "Yes?"
"What do I say to Ray? I was so fucking mad but now I know why he did what he did. The guys all went through fucking hell with me. Fuck this had to be hard for him to live with."
She gently kissed his lips "Tell him what you just told me. Ray loves you he's one of your best friends he told me he knew how you would react, he was expecting it. Just tell him you understand why he did it."
He nodded, "Yea, I will."
Monica looked deep into his eyes, "What are you going to do about Liv? Do you want to talk to her? Tell her that you didn't know about the baby when Ray told her you did?"
He shook his head, "No, I can't change the past. I don't' think any good would come from talking to her. If Elena is mine I'm sure she will eventually come to me. From what Bert says she's a good mother and to be honest I just can't deal with this right now. I know that makes me sound weak but with the tour and all it's just too much." He sounded mentally tired.
"There is nothing wrong with giving yourself time to sort things out" She wanted to lighten the mood, "Besides you have this new fiancée and you gotta give her some attention."
He smiled, one that reached his eyes,"Yea, she's pretty hot too. Gotta keep an eye on her so no one tries to steal her from me."
Monica ran her hand under his hoodie down his back. She loved the feel of his warm skin. "You know that's so weird, I happen to have a hot fiancé. Just thinking about him makes me hot" She licked her lips, "all over."
His fingers worked their way under her hoodie until they found the front clasp of her bra. Once freed her breast spilled into his hands. He was leaning on one elbow looking down at her. He wanted to see her. Lifting the hem of the hoodie he pushed it up so that her breasts were exposed. "God, I will never get tired of looking at you.," he said before leaning down to kiss each one tenderly.
Monica sucked in her breath as his warm mouth captured her left nipple and his tongue teasingly swirled. "Gee, you know the others are gonna be coming soon."
He smiled and said wickedly, "And so will you, honey." His hand moved to the top button of her jeans and undid it. The zipper made a soft sound as he lowered it. "Gee, we can't" she tried to sound firm but what his mouth had gone back to doing what was maddening.
His mouth moved over to the other breast and began the same sweet torment. Her jeans were tugged down just enough so that his hand could easily slide under them and under her panties. His fingers moved directly to the warmth he knew he would find. She was almost ready but not quite. He pulled his hand back out and she looked at him. He looked into her eyes and smiled. While she watched he licked his fingers. "I love the way you taste, honey." Once they were wet he slid them back and while he looked into her passion filled eyes he slipped one of them inside her while his thumb began to sensually massage the hardening nub. Monica's hips slowly inched up and buried both of the fingers he had now inserted.
"Gee, that feel so good" she was breathless.
He could tell she was close, he could feel it. He lowered his mouth to her neck and nipped at the soft skin under her ear. Her breathing was coming faster. "Monica, honey cum for me." he whispered roughly. "Let me feel it."
She did as he asked. Her muscles contracted and he felt her tighten around his fingers. He captured her mouth to cover her moans. The orgasm was powerful and it wasn't until he was sure the feeling had dissipated that he removed his fingers.
"Gee, I love you so much" she was still breathless. "I want to give you pleasure too."
He smiled as he pulled her clothing back into shape. "No time now but tomorrow we will figure out something, I promise." As he said this the bus door opened and the others all came on.
Monica waited until her heart rate slowed a bit then slid out of the bunk with Gerard closely behind her. The others stopped talking when they saw them.
"Monica you look all flushed are you OK?" Frank asked.
Jamia smacked him on top of the head. He looked confused a moment then smiled "Oh, shit, sorry about that."
Gerard laughed, "Iero, I can always count on you for comic relief." He took a step towards Ray who was standing slightly apart from the others, "And I can always count on Ray to try his fucking hardest to keep me out of trouble."
Ray looked at him surprised. He was still expecting anger from Gerard.
"I can't say I'm not still pissed, Ray. What I can say is I thought about it and understand why you did what you did. Thank you for trying to protect me."
Ray looked at his long-time friend "Your welcome" is all he said.
The mood in the room was suddenly lighter. The bus would be leaving for Vegas soon and they all hurried to get ready to sleep before they took off. Mikey and Alicia disappeared into his bunk. Frank and Jamia snuggled on the sofa talking about Skeleton Crew and some new idea's Jamia had for the company. Bob was in his bunk talking to Kara. Ray, Gerard and Monica were at the table talking about the concert. Monica looked around contently. The storm seemed to be over at least for now.
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