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Chapter 12: Leaving only but one thing Behind

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Ion left but left one thing for Esther and it was to him a piece of him that he gave away to her.

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Chapter 12: Leaving only but one thing behind


I didn't have a clue why I said the things I said. Why I even did the things I did but I did them all. I was using it as a way to block everything out. Block out the cries, block out the screams block out her. I wanted nothing more than to say I loved her back but I couldn't. I had to face the fact that we can't be together and that we will never be together. I had realized it a long time ago and she needed to do the same. Why couldn't she do the same?

"Ion?" Abel asked knocking on the door, "May I come in?"

Ion hesitantly opened the door to see Abel standing there .

"What it is?" Ion asked finishing putting things in a small bag.

"I should maybe accompany you," He replied, "You can't do it all by yourself."

"I don't need you," Ion replied with a bitter sound in his voice, " I am fine by myself."

"So you are fine without her too?" Abel asked looking down toward the floor.

"Yes," Ion replied, "In time I will be and she will be fine without me as well."

"You really believe that?" Abel asked, "She is not as strong--

"Abel I need to finish getting my things together," Ion replied, "Don't wait up for me."

"You aren't even going to tell Esther goodbye?" Abel asked worried.

"If I go and tell her goodbye," Ion replied, "This time I am not sure if I will leave or not."

"Just think about it," Abel replied walking down the hall.

"Abel wait," Ion replied raising his hand, "Take care of her."

Abel quickly glanced behind him and looked at Ion.

"I will," Abel replied.

"I hope our paths never met again," Ion mumbled under his breathe. He was now finishing up with gathering his things. He had everything he needed...except her. Damn! Why couldn't he get her out of his mind. Why couldn't he? He had to or else leaving here was for nothing. He would.


I was tired of crying. It's funny though the more I said that the more I did it. I shakily got up and looked at myself in the mirror. My eyes were red and bloodshot. My hair was going in every which way. My cheeks were as red as ever. I tried to push my hair back from my face but it was no use. I looked so pathetic. I don't know why I was here basking in misery. I looked up and I had enough. I went to the door and opened it. I stepped out into the hallway and walked towards his room. I was praying he would still be there. Damn! I should have did this sooner. I walked then it turned into running towards his room...

Ion heard her footsteps echoing from the hallway. He hurried and grabbed his things set something on the bed with a note on it and opened the window. He was so hesitant to jump out. He though maybe if he would just wait there that everything would be okay and they could be together. He could hear her scream his name and he knew she was only seconds from coming into his room. He took one deep breathe looked straight forward and descended out onto the roof. He didn't bother to close the room and jumped to the ground. Then with lightning speed, ran as fast as he could from the palace, from Abel and from her.

I was out of breathe when I twisted the doorknob to open the door. It opened and hit the wall with a soft thud. I walked in slowly and I looked around the room. My eyes instantly darted to the window. It was open and the drapes were slowly moving with the wind. I ran over to it and looked outside. There was nothing and no one in sight. I yelled his name and a tear fell from my eye. I yelled it so many times until my throat got dry and hurt. I then went over to the bed and sat down and slammed my fist onto something cool. It shocked me and I looked behind me. There lying on the bed was a brilliant-looking sword. My finger grazed the handle lightly. The handle was silver and long and then there was another metal piece framing the handle. The blade was wide and went narrower down the bottom. There was ancient writing along with design all over it. It was memorizing and I noticed a piece of paper right beside it. I picked up and opened it.

Dear Esther,

I know you found this and I have left by now. There was no other way and I am sorry for that. I have to do this and I don't know if we will see each other but if we don't it's a good thing. If you were in my life you would only be in danger. You may not think it now but you would have been. I can not say that our paths will never met but I don't think I will ever return even after I find Radu. You have to understand why I am doing this and in time I hope you will. I have left you with one of my most prized swords. It will protect you and help you along whatever journey you come to. I left a piece of me with you. Take that sword wherever you go and you will be safe and it will protect you. As you will see it's not just any sword and when you have it just think that you have a piece of me with you. Take care of yourself and don't bother to come looking for me...because you will never find me. You will be fine here in time to come just wait. Don't waste your time thinking about me for I will not waste my time thinking about you. We have two separate lives to lead Esther...and if we let each other overpower them then we will only die in our own dolefulness. Esther you have a life to live...I am just living another part of my life. I grow but live forever Esther...but you will grow and achieve many things, you will truly live. To truly live is something I will never know but you need to take full advantage of it and I know you will. I love you...and I am so sorry but we must live with what choices we make and have made and maybe we could see each other again...maybe in the next life we can be together...if there is life after this.

To see each other in another life,

Ion Fortuna

My eyes were watering uncontrollably. He said he loved me. He did...he loved me enough to let me go. I couldn't do the same thing though. I didn't want to let go. Here in my hand was the way it was to be. Here before my eyes was the way he wanted things to be. I only ever wanted to make him happy and this is what I must do. How could he ask me to try and not think about him though? How could I pretend I never met him? I would never forget him as long as I had the sword with me. I will remember more than just the name of the person that gave it to me. I will remember that he was the man that I loved and the one to love me back.

"Esther?" Abel asked walking into the room.

"He left," I replied answering the question I figured he was going to ask.

"We should get going," he replied, 'We aren't safe here."

"Right," I asked wiping the tears from my eyes. I stood up but they poured from my eyes again . Abel came over to me and embraced me.
"It will be okay," he said whispering in my ear, "I will try and find him for you."

"No," I replied lighly lifting my head, "He wouldn't like that. I don't need you to find him either. I will be okay."

I squeezed his note in my hand.

"I need you to be here," I replied, "I don't want to face anything alone."

"All right," Abel replied, "When you are ready gather your things and we will leave."

"Yes," I replied, "I will attend to that right now."

Abel walked out of the room and I went to follow him until I looked back and forgot the sword. I went and picked it up. It actually felt right to hold it. It felt like I knew how to fight with it forever. I took it to my room and put it into my bag along with many other things. After taking some time to pack Abel came and got me.

"There is a car outside for us, " He replied, "Do you have everything?"

"Yes," I replied following him as we left the palace. We went down to the car and I handed my things to the driver who put them in the trunk and before I knew it we were driving away. My eyes scanned the palace and up to his window. The window I just looked out of not too long ago.

"We can come back again," Abel said lightly putting his hand on mine, "When it is safe we will come back."

"Good," I replied still looking out the window. I didn't know what was in store for me next. I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know what to look forward to and hope for. I wasn't going to think ahead anymore. I was going to just await for whatever was in store for me. Deep down in my heart I felt that Ion and I would meet again, even though he might not remember me in time I knew I would always remember him...

Don't worry I am not done with it yet...I still have many ideas and I don't think this story will end for awhile so keep reading...until next time
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