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What's so bad about being a vegan?

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Ryan finds out a few interesting things and Jon has some fun. - oneshot

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"Spencer? Why don't you drink as much mile as you used to?" Ryan asked, opening the fridge and seeing two bottles of milk in the door.
"Ry, I have become a vegan." He replied.
"Um, What's that? I know what a vegetarian is, but what's a vegan?" Ryan replied.
"You don't eat meat or any dairy products. You also don't wear any leather or fur." Spencer said happily.
"WHAT THE FUCK CAN YOU EAT THEN? BLOODY PLANTS?" Ryan screamed, starting to get annoyed.
"Hey! I'm a vegan." Brendon said as he walked in.
"Then why are you wearing those leather pants?" Ryan asked, trying to be smart.
"Cos they make me look hot!" Brendon replied, checking himself out.
"You can definitely say that again!" Jon said as he walked into the kitchen, pinching Brendon's butt on the way in. Brendon made an odd high-pitched sound and stood up straighter.
"My God! Everyone around me is either vegan or gay. HELP ME!" Ryan screamed, running to his room for safety.
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