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Someone Else

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Mark and Maureen have a nice sit-down dinner, but each for a different reason.

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AN: You know the drill. I'm just the fan-RENT is the genius work of Jonathan Larson. Thank him for everything.

He and Maureen shared the little corner table at the Life Cafe. It was an expensive place and they served no meat. Mark didn't like it much, but Maureen was in love with the little restaurant. So, whenever there was money enough, they'd have a small meal there.

Keeping one hand in his pocket, he fingered the little box nervously.

Maybe it was too soon for this?

It wasn't like he was asking her to marry him, just to... be a little more serious.


Maureen's voice broke his doubts and they fell away like the tide. Now or never. Under the table, he pulled the box out.

"Mark, are you listening to me..?"

She was distant tonight--how had he missed that..?

He faltered and almost dropped the box. "What's wrong?"

A moment's hesitation and he understood. He put the box on the chair beside his, unopened. It didn't need to be. "There's someone else. Isn't there."

She nodded the barest fraction of an inch.

"Who? Do I know him?"



"Her," Maureen repeated. "Joanne Jefferson... My legal advisor... Mark, I'm sorry."

He wanted to yell, argue, convince her to stay... But, in the end, he just slung his jacket on without a word and walked home, leaving the ring on the empty chair.
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