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The big fight cometh.

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Alex slowly opened his eyes then quickly shut them again. The light coming in from outside was blinding. He cautiously opened them, squinting at the brightness. He walked over to the glass doors leading to outside. He looked outside and saw that the whole scenery was pure white. Everything blended together. “No wonder it’s so bright,” he though out loud. Instantly the scenery turned to a solid, bloody red. “That’s better,” he commented.

He looked around and saw that Lara and Cal were still sound asleep. When his eyes reached Joe’s cloud he noticed that Joe was awake and had already left. “Does that kid ever sleep in?” He groggily walked over to the bathroom, stripped down and climbed into a hot shower. He took an extra long shower trying to wake himself.

By the time he had finally dried off, put on some clothes and left the warmth of the bathroom Lara and Cal were awake. Lara was busy pouring coffee while Cal chatted to her about nothing in particular.

When Lara noticed that Alex was finally out of the bathroom she sarcastically said, “Oh, so you are alive. We thought you might have died in there.”

“Ha ha very funny,” he replied, drying his hair with a towel.

A few minutes later they were all sitting around the table, with Cal leaning on the back legs of his chair, chatting noisily when Joe suddenly smashed through the door. The group jumped and turned their heads to look at him. Joe stood there panting since he had run back to the room.

“She’s awake!”

Cal fell off his chair, crashing to the floor, Lara gasped covering her mouth and Alex just stared into space with a confused look on his face. Finally it clicked and a shocked look swamed over his face.

“Grab your weapons we’ve got to go,” Joe commanded.

Lara and Cal quickly got up and got dressed. When they came out, weapons in hand, Joe impatiently pushed them out the door.

When they had finally left the hotel Alex asked, “So where is she?” he cussed as he hit his shin on a fire hydrant that he hadn’t seen since it blended in with the rest of the red scenery.

“I figured that part was obvious enough,” Joe answered looking pointedly up.

Alex followed his gaze then let a small ‘oh’ out as his face flushed.

A woman with green, glowing eyes stood ten feet taller than the highest sky scraper. She was wearing a robe that fell across her body elegantly and stopped above her knees. A gold belt hung on her hips and a heavy, gold necklace was draped around her neck. She wore a gold headdress and golden make-up. She stood out vibrant against the red sky.

“That’s Queen Chasa? A bit bigger than I imagined I have to admit.” Lara was joking but nobody laughed or smiled. The air was tense with fear.

Joe grabbed his gun from his belt. “Come on let’s go!” he yelled with a determined look on his face. Walking briskly he led the group towards the towering figure.

Queen Chasa was swatting away bullets like they were flies, the police’s feeble attempts were failing. A helicopter got too close and she crushed it in her fist. She let out a wicked laugh as she dropped the remains of the helicopter. She looked down at the buildings and cars beneath her and started stomping and swatting, creating havoc and destruction.

The four Xonars were now standing directly below the towering figure. Cal reached over his back and pulled an arrow out of his quiver. He aimed at the giant woman and let it fly. The arrow hit her arm and exploded, setting her sleeve on fire. She scowled then licked her fingers and put it out unharmed.

“Oh, that’s not good. Now she’s just angry,” Cal said letting his arm holding his bow drop to his side.

“And she wasn’t before?” Lara yelled back over Queen Chasa’s roars.

Cal rolled his eyes and took out another arrow, this time aiming more at her head. He hit her between the eyes and this time she screamed in anger. Reaching down she swatted at Cal and threw him across the street into the brick wall of a nearby building. He slid to the floor and got up with a groan. No broken bones. Good.

Meanwhile Alex was firing shot after shot of his lasers at her with no affect at all. The Queen picked him up by the back of his jumpsuit and sniffed at him.

“Gross, major bad breath,” Alex said, his face scrunched in agony.

She tossed him aside in a snap and Alex flew across town luckily landing on a canopy over some produce. He slid off to the ground, jumped right up again and ran back to the group.

“Well that was interesting,” he announced once he joined the rest of the group.

Now it was Lara’s turn. She threw her nunchucks at the giant’s wrists. They wrapped around her then flung back at Lara. She ducked to dodge them and Joe grabbed them. He handed them back to her and grabbed Lara out of the way as Queen Chasa swiped at them.

“Careful there.”

“I thought you said these would cut through anything!” she yelled over the noise.

Just then Joe remembered what the old man had said in the bar, which was a miracle considering how much he had drunk. He shouldn’t have remembered anything, really. “You have to hit her in the stomach!” he yelled to the other Xonars.

“What?” Lara yelled back.

“The stomach, just trust me,” he replied.

“Well you could’ve told us this earlier!” Alex yelled as he shakily stood up after yet another flight across town. He took aim at her midsection and fired a sharp laser at her. It hit her skin and made a faint nick. She roared in pain and started stomping around. The four partners in combat ran around narrowly dodging the Queens feet.

“Well that seemed to be affective,” Alex said after he rolled out of the way of a large foot.

Cal shot arrow after explosive arrow at her stomach, making her back up in pain. He looked over at Joe and realized that he hadn’t done anything except dodge the danger this whole fight. “What are you doing Joe? We could use a little help over here.”

“I can’t do anything with all these people around. We need to lure the Queen out of town and away from all these people,” Joe yelled back jumping away from another of Queen Chasa’s swings.

Cal raised an eyebrow. “I thought it was more than a gun.”

“We don’t have time for this,” Joe replied a bit panicked.

“Hey! Fatso! Yeah, you! What ya gonna do, huh? Sit on us with your huge butt?” Lara yelled at the Queen, throwing her laser nunchucks at her, hitting her right in the stomach.

“Lara, what are you doing? You’re going to get yourself killed,” Joe hissed at her.

“I’m luring her out of the city. Isn’t that what you wanted?” she replied. “And I suggest we start running,” For at that moment Queen Chasa looked down at them in complete anger and started stomping and storming towards them.

The four Xonars turned and sprinted out of the city at full speed. They kept just barely ahead of the Queens giant footsteps.

“You just gotta hit a girl where it hurts,” Lara answered an unasked question.

After they were well away from the city and all of its civilians Joe turned around and squatted on the ground. “Everybody get behind me!” They all showed a confused look on their faces but didn’t move. “Now!” He bellowed.

They got behind him and crouched down just as Joe pulled the trigger. The gun he held in his hand had two barrels on top of each other. A bullet sped out of one at high speed and as soon as it left the gun a translucent shield shot out of the other, surrounding the four warriors. The bullet hit Queen Chasa in the belly button and a huge explosion erupted. The sound rumbled across the ground, shaking the four squatting Xonars were they were. When the smoke finally cleared nothing remained of the Queen. She had completely disintegrated.

Lara sunk to the ground with a sigh and Joe sat down resting his arms on his knees and hanging his head between them. His large, silver gun hung limply from his hand.

“She’s gone,” he announced softly.

“Do any of you guys feel guilty about this?” Cal asked. “I mean she may have been huge and evil but we killed a living creature none the less.”

“Sometimes one person has to be sacrificed to save millions,” Joe quietly told him. “A lot more people could’ve died if we didn’t kill her.”

Lara stood up, and breaking the eerie silence that had engulfed them, said, “C’mon, I’m tired, let’s get back to the hotel. That hot tub is sounding pretty good to me.”
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