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My Story

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A different POV on Danny and Lindsay's relationship.

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My Story

Author's Note: So...this is an unusual POV for me to write in.

Disclaimer: The author of this story (me) does not own the respective characters. She intends no copyright infringement.

I hop on the bed and tilt my head to the right. I watch my mommy and daddy as they lie together in bed. Mommy is wearing one of Daddy's shirts. Daddy doesn't have a shirt on so I climb onto his chest to keep him warm. He grumbles and pretends to be mad at me.

Mommy picks me up and turns so we both face Daddy. Daddy is in trouble. "Danny," Mommy starts, "What have I told you?" I smile as Daddy starts to grin too. Mommy is joking with him.

"Well, Montana..." Mommy hits him. But, they are both laughing so I know Mommy is not really mad. My mommy and daddy are weird.

I like lying in bed with them. I don't get to spend a lot of time with them because they both have very important jobs. They protect people and put the bad guys away. Once, I got to go to work with Daddy. This was the day I first met Mommy.

It started when Daddy came home very excited. I thought something was wrong because Daddy never comes home in the middle of the day. Daddy said he had a theory he needed my help testing so he picked me up and we were on our way.

We got to a big gray place with lots of cars like Daddy's and he stopped. He picked me up again and started inside. People laughed at Daddy as we passed them.

Finally, we reached a room. Daddy set me down on the table. Then, he started poking this machine. Aunt came in, but I wasn't paying attention. I missed lunch when Daddy came home early, so I was hungry. Daddy poked some more buttons.

There was a loud screechy sound. Daddy didn't hear it; I had to let him know. I started to tell him when the small wall blew up. The noise stopped. Then, Daddy said I did a good job. He picked me up again, and I hoped we were going to get food.

We were walking back the way we had come when I saw her. It was love at first sight and I knew I wanted her to be my mommy. I tried to pull away from Daddy because I wanted my mommy but Daddy wouldn't let me go. "What is up with you?" he asked.

"Hey, Danny," Mommy said coming up, "who is this?" I quit yelling because I wanted Mommy to like me. I gave her my patented big-eyed stare. I could tell she like me. She scratched my head, and looked at Daddy for an answer.

Daddy answered, "My mom thought I needed someone to take care of me." He handed me to Mommy. That made me very happy. Mommy kept scratching my head.

"I meant his name," Mommy laughed.

"Mutt," Daddy answered.

I knew Mommy didn't find that amusing. She gave Daddy her stare. "You can't call your dog 'Mutt,' Messer," Mommy told him.

Daddy pulled me back, "He's my dog, Montana. I can call him whatever I want." Daddy took me and left.

That night, when Daddy came home, he brought Mommy with him. Mommy stayed all night with us. Daddy held her and I snuggled up on her feet.

She didn't come back the next night, or the next. In fact, Mommy didn't come back for a long time.

Then, Mommy came back and Daddy didn't. Daddy always came home. I knew something was wrong and I started to cry. Mommy slept in Daddy's bed. That was the first time mommy stole Daddy's shirt.

Mommy and Daddy and I have been together since. We are a very happy family, I decide as I settle on Mommy's feet.
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