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Decision: Made

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Lindsay makes a decision.

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Author's Note: A post-ep for 3-11 "Raising Shane". THEY NEEDED TO PUT IN M&M!!

Disclaimer: The author of this story (me) does not own the respective characters. She intends no copyright infringement.

Lindsay saw the message. It flashed on the screen and for a second her heart stopped. Everyone turned to Danny-he would do it. He had already decided when the text message came up. Lindsay knew. He would do it for the same reasons Lindsay had done almost the same thing during the robbery case. It was the job: they were helping people.

He slipped through door; Lindsay's heart slid into her throat. He willingly walked into a bar where there was a man with a gun. A man who wanted to punish everyone who had put his brother away. And he has a gun, Lindsay reminded herself. True, Danny was armed too, and he had on his vest; still, a head shot would kill him.

Lindsay knew how he felt now when she risked herself. How scared he must have been. Lindsay's hands were shaking. Her heart was racing and sweat had broken out on her upper lip. Please, let him come out. Lord, she prayed why didn't I let him know how I feel? Why didn't I let him in?

It felt like she had been sitting there for hours. Her eyes were glued to the door of the bar, but she risked a glance at her watch. He had only been in there five minutes. Lindsay took a deep breath in a vain attempt to calm her nerves. Of course, it did not work. He has to be okay. Mac would send in SWAT if something had happened. Danny is fine.

Mac moved through the door: Lindsay stood up. When Danny stepped through the door, Lindsay had to almost physically restrain herself. She wanted so badly to be in his arms: to know he was truly safe. Instead, she got out her kit. "Where do you want me, Mac?" she questioned.

"Check with Danny. I got this," he replied.

Lindsay glanced the way Danny had wondered after putting Casey in the car. He was sitting on a bus bench. Lindsay was not sure what he needed right now. She did know what she would have wanted. A long hug from Danny; him telling her everything would be okay. She started over to him. He was breathing hard, staring at his hands. "Danny?" she questioned. "Are you okay?" Gently, she laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Lindsay," his voice was ragged. He turned around, his arms finding her waist as he buried his nose in her hair. Lindsay returned the hug, sinking onto the bench beside him. She tucked her head under his chin. "He could have been me."

"No," Lindsay assured him. "No, he couldn't have been you. You wouldn't hurt people, Danny. You would never go after someone like Casey did."

Danny shook his head. "I did. I was so sure Hawkes didn't do it I went after the witness."

Lindsay shook her head. Pulling way, she glanced over at Mac. Catching his eye, Lindsay signaled that she would take Danny home. "Let's go, Danny," she said. "I'll drive you home."

"I don't want to go home," Danny whispered.

When he did not offer any alternatives, Lindsay took charge. "Then let's grab a slice. I skipped lunch." Lindsay knew what she wanted now. She was ready to let the past go free and it only took almost losing the most important person in her life. "Come on, Danny, I'll pay."


"We're friends, Danny," she reminded him. "I like you, remember? I want to help you too. ...Let's get something to eat where we can talk."

Danny was studying her face intently now. "Talk about what, Lindsay?"

Lindsay took a deep breath. She had made her decision. "Whatever you want. I'm willing to give it a chance, Danny. To give us a chance. Slowly. ...I can't lose you."

His eyes closed. His arms reached for her and she came willingly into his embrace. "Montana, let's get something to eat."

A/N: They needed to put more Danny/Lindsay in this episode. It would have fit perfectly.
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