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Wings of An Angel

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Jazlyn Sommers isn't like anyone else. She's got a secret that she must keep, but her encounter with Ryan Ross brings her too close to revealing it: she was brutally murdered a year and a half ago....

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a/n: Wow, this is a really long first post. I don't know where I came up with this idea, and I usually don't write fantasy/alternate universe fanfiction, but it seemed like a good idea. Please let me know, review and I'll give you Skittles! (Not the icky Tropical ones, unless you like those, but the yummy original ones! My only rule: the orange Skittles are MINE.) ;-) thanx! ~kiki

Jazlyn pressed her fingers lightly against the ivory key, set in between the long row. She smiled at the pure, resonating sound it gave off and flowed through the room. Instantly, the rest of her fingers set themselves off into one of her favorite pieces to play, Canon In D. It was generic, but somehow the melody soothed her frayed thoughts.

The room around her was empty, like it was most days, and the abandoned building was silent as usual. It was an old dance center, with mirrors and photos of dance recitals on the walls, but it soon went out of business, not enough students were interested in it anymore. Who would be? It was an ancient looking building, the brick walls sagging and the windows busted, evidence of the break-in that left the directors of the center ithout the funds they had collected. Besides, no sensible mother would ever take her daughter to a dance center in the heart of Las Vegas. It was too dangerous, and the robbery proved it.

Jazlyn used to come here when she was a little kid. It was the only place she could get away from her alchoholic stepmom and her drug-addled father. She lived in a crappy apartment downtown, hardly a place she ever would have wanted to call home. Her mother died when she was only two; leaving her to be raised by a man who could care less about his daughter, all he cared about was his next high.

Jazlyn was abused as a young girl, when it wasn't her stepmother it was her father, both in drunken stupors. When she was eight her uncle raped her, when she tried to tell her father he kicked her out of the house. She was lucky she didn't get pregnant, an eight-year-old with a kid would have never survived the terror of the Vegas streets. It was bad enough she was constantly being followed by drunk old men stumbling around after losing their money at a casino.

Jazlyn wasn't at school very often, she didn't like the kids making fun of her bruises and cuts, and she wasn't very interested in learning anyways. At only the age of twelve, her belief was that the world was her playground, she would learn about life by exploring. She could barely read, couldn't tell the difference between George Washington and a Washington apple and if you asked her what a decimal was, you'd never find your answer.

When Jaz was fourteen, she ran away from home to be with her boyfriend, who was eighteen and a high school dropout. She found herself in Reno at 15, pregnant and abandoned from her so-called love of her life, homeless and barely enough money for the abortion she settled on.

Without her baby, she returned to Vegas and registered for the nearest high school. She completed the year she missed and graduated as Co-Valedictorian, a $50,000 scholarship to any college in the U.S.

She eventually settled on Florida State, and majored in Biology and Psychiatry. It seemed to Jazlyn that her life was finally going someplace.

Until, of course, August 14, 2005, when Brian Collins stabbed his fiance of two months to death. His fiance's name: Jazlyn Sommers.

Her death went almost completely unnoticed, Florida was a big place and it was easy to forget the murder of a college student.

She was nineteen, barely a teen, barely an adult. Brian was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for first-degree manslaughter.

Three months later, Jazlyn was back, not as a human but as, well, an angel. She had been granted different abilities; she could feel danger lurking, read people's thoughts and even predict the future. Her life was gone, she was forever a nineteen-year-old girl, never aging, never losing her youth. She had rules and restrictions to follow, like never seeing anyone she knew from her past life, to never be friends or fall in love with someone, to never reveal the secret she was keeping.

Jazlyn's fingers still tapped at the keys, no longer playing a canon but switching to a slower, more peaceful piece she composed herself.

Her playing stopped, and if anyone was watching her at that moment they probably would be scared out of their wits. Her eyes turned a hazy gold, her pupils and irises disappeared and it seemed like someone had pulled a curtain over them.

It was another vision, like the others she'd had in the past few weeks. They usually only lasted a few moments, and more recently they were simple. A figure, a person whose face she did not recognize, she did not know. He was handsome, brown eyes, dark hair and a slim body, a beautiful smile often spreading across his face. As many times as she'd tried to hear his name, it was always lost.

Jazlyn got the feeling that he was in her future, a person who might just change her perspective. Yes, as the vision went on she was certain he would be in her future, when though, she had no idea.

Her question was answered when the glass door in the reception room suddenly opened, and the figure from her visions came walking in.
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