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Author's Note: Here it is the second chapter. This is the end.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, if I did Elliot and Olivia would have always been together.

Samantha Olson sits on the hard plastic chair next to the hospital bed. Her entire life she has not been able to escape rape. And, truthfully, she wouldn't want it any other way. The only thing she wants is the life she had to give up. She knows, however, that she can't go back. Not yet. The woman's only attachment to her old life is the job she now works. She is a Rape Crisis Counselor. Her job is to talk to people, like the young woman in the bed next to her, about their rape. She used to give them closure; catch the evil men who did this. But, one undercover assignment gone wrong and it was over. So, now she lived here and did this.

The next day dawned clear and bright. Captain Donald Cragen sat at his desk. He was alone and was the first to see her. She knocked on his open office door, "Olivia!" he said motioning for her to come in.

"I'm back, sir. Do you happen to know where I could find a job?" Olivia Benson asked.

"You're welcome back here, Liv. You can start today."

"Thank you, sir."

About fifteen minutes later John Munch walked towards his desk. Being a detective, he was trained to observe; he noticed what he thought was Olivia Benson's coffee mug on the desk across from Elliot. But he knew that was impossible. He was the second to see her, "So, Liv, the CIA turn you away?" he joked.

"Yeah, I like it here better anyway. I got my old job back."

While they continued talking Odafin Tutuola moved into the office. He was the third to see her. "Olivia! When did you get back," Fin said coming up and hugging her.

"Today," Olivia answered, "I came straight back to work."

Munch and Fin both looked at her, "You talk to Elliot, yet?" Fin asked.

"No, he hasn't been in yet."

As she was saying this, Elliot Stabler was walking into the office. With her back to him, Olivia didn't see him. Fin and John both escaped to the crib. It was a few seconds before he noticed the coffee cup. He was the fourth to see her. "El," Liv said, turning to face him, "I'm back."

"Hey," Elliot whispered as he came over to give her a hug. For a split second, their eyes met before he leaned his heads to meet hers. "We need to talk tonight, Liv," he said.

That night Olivia Benson realized what she had lost for the last two years. Olivia had seen her father, her relief, her protector, and her love. She was finally home, and she wasn't going anywhere ever again.
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