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Lights! Camera! Journal Posting!

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Has anyone else noticed that Jon posts more journals some times than others? Well, here's why!

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Just like any other evening, the members of Panic! At The Disco were settling down for a movie. And, as usual, they were arguing about whose turn it was to pick the movies for the upcoming week.

Spencer Smith claimed that it was his turn. Brendon Urie claimed that it was Spencer's turn. Ryan Ross claimed that it was Spencer's turn. Jon Walker, however, claimed that it was Jon's turn.

"Come on, JayWalk." Ryan said, pleading with his pajama-clad friend. "It was your turn last week! We were inundated with romantic comedies all... fucking... week...." He then proceeded to curl up in the corner, muttering the names of every movie he had seen in the past week as he rocked back and forth.

"God, man! Look what you did to poor RyRo's fragile psyche! You know that he's been terrified of romantic comedies since that incident.... You know, where some fan sent in that video of Ryan and I getting all 50 First Dates." Brendon said, putting Jon in a headlock.

"FIFTY FIRST DATES!!!" Ryan screamed from the corner, horror and disgust putting him into a panic. (at the bus stop)

"Calm down, Ryan! It's okay, we're not going to be watching any more romantic comedies for three weeks!" Spencer said, only to be met by a muttered "Notebook" from Ryan.

"Can't you see you're tearing this bus apart, JayWalk?!?" Spencer said from the ground, where he was cradling Ryan.

"Yeah. We need some Horror movies to balance things out." Brendon said, pulling Jon closer in his headlock.

"Not... Horror!" Jon gasped.

"Yes, Horror!" Spencer quipped, an evil glint in his eye.

"Gerroff, jackass." Jon shoved Brendon off of himself. "C'mon, Bden. ANYTHING but a horror movie. I'm begging you!"

Brendon rolled his eyes. "Come, now. Ryan needs some horror to wash the girlyness off."

"Brendon. Are you serious, man? Ryan wears girls' deodorant! If he needs to wash the girlyness off, then he should buy some more manly deodorant." Jon was searching for any way possible to get out of watching a horror movie, now.

"But Keltie likes my deodorant..." Ryan said from where he was still sitting on the floor, curled into the fetal position.

"Well Keltie has weird tastes. I wanna watch... mmmphh mm mmm!" Jon was cut off as Spencer clapped a hand over his mouth.

"SHUSH! You know that mentioning that movie is strictly FORBIDDEN!" Spencer scolded.

"Not ever the Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles?" Jon asked.

"NO!" The rest of the band shouted.

"How about Grease?"

"No way in hell." Brendon said.

"A Walk to Remember?"

"My Eyes!" Ryan said, cradling his head.

"Fine, then the Lion King!"

"Get your mind away from ANYTHING with even a shred of romance." Spencer said.

Jon crossed his arms and pouted. "You guys never want to watch my movies."

"Yeah, you never watch horror movies either." Spencer said.

"Only if he has Cassie with him... or his teddy bear." Brendon said tauntingly.

"Don't make fun of Mr. Snufflegus or my girlfriend." Jon pouted.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah... Just admit it. You're afraid."

"No, I'm not."

"Yes, you are."

"No, I'm not."

"Yes, you are."

"No, I'm NOT!" Jon practically shouted.

"Yeah, you are. But it doesn't matter, we're gonna watch a horror movie." Brendon said.

"Have fun, I'm gonna go update our Journal." Jon said, turning around and booting up his laptop. He shoved his iPod's earbuds into his ears, and turned the volume to ear-splitting quality.

"He always does that whenever we watch a horror film..." Ryan remarked from where he was sitting, having finally gotten up from the floor. The only evidence that he had ever been curled into the fetal position in the corner of his tour bus was the stripe of dust and dirt across his nose.

"You're right, Ryan. Whenever we watch horror movies, he always posts a journal update, and messes around with the site." Brendon said, chuckling at Ryan's dirt covered nose.

"I wonder why..." Ryan mused, brushing his hair back and brushing imaginary dirt from his pants.

Spencer shrugged. "I'm starting to think that he doesn't like horror movies... oh, well." He popped The Grudge into the DVD player, and settled onto the couch, completely ignoring the whimpers from Jon Walker whenever he glimpsed the screen.
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