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Finding One More

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All Together Again....

Category: Samurai Champloo - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance - Characters: Fuu, Jin, Mugen - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2005-09-11 - Updated: 2005-09-11 - 1189 words

He was such an idiot! If they knew he was looking for them they would shit themselves laughing. They were probably settled up snug in their cozy little houses never even caring what had happened to the others. Mugen stomped along angrily. He was sick of walking, sick of starving, sick of caring for people other than himself. What the hell was he thinking? He decided he must be getting soft as he aged. On the heel of these thoughts though were the thoughts of Jin backing him up and Fuu caring for him, always caring for him after a fight. No one had ever cared for him before, not as far back as he could remember anyways. It sure didn't seem like there was any point to this caring either. It just made you wish for things, just made you hope. Hope was something he thought he'd lost a long time ago, if he'd ever had any to begin with. His earliest memories were of being hungry and having the shit stomped out of him repeatedly. Where he'd grown up, you had to get tough fast or be eaten alive. His companions though, they'd actually cared for him. He remembered Fuu tending his wounds, and occasionally even smiling at him. True, he hadn't seen that smile as often as he'd heard her scream at him, but still it had happened. When she smiled the whole world lit up. It seemed a happier place just for her being in it. What the fuck was he thinking! Mugen should his head, disgusted with himself. Turn her loose where he'd grown up and that smile would be gone fast enough. It wouldn't light anything up there. The darkness there was so thick, it went beyond night and day, deeper. He heard someone stomping up ahead and decided he'd see if they had any leads for him.

He carried her back to his campsite and laid her gently on his bed. For once in his life, Jin felt more anger than he could control. He felt the need to rip something apart. Too bad he'd killed that man so easily, he thought to himself. Walking to the stream he dipped a cloth in the water and went back. He would clean Fuu up before she woke and could feel it. It was going to hurt for awhile. Her lip and nose were bloody and her eye was black. The scratch marks on her chest were going to need tended too. He didn't think the man had had time to do anything else, but he couldn't be sure. Deciding that she needed more than a cloth, he picked her up and carried her to the stream. It felt wrong and all too right to be undressing her, he thought to himself. She was obviously no longer the young girl that he had known, and had filled out accordingly. But he had thought of this so many times in the past, dreamed of it. He had laid her on the ground and taken her hair down. When he reached down to remove her kimono he heard her gasp.

"Please don't hurt me anymore...I can't survive again. Please leave me alone. Why can't I just be left alone?" She rolled her head from side to side.

"Fuu. It's Jin. You're going to be okay."

She was obviously dreaming. Her eyes were still closed and she didn't seem to hear him.

"Why do men like to hurt women? I don't understand how another's pain can be pleasant. I know what you expect of me, what everyone expects of me. Dammit! I will fight my destiny to the very end. Everyone else in the world seems to think I'm a whore, solely for their own pleasure, but I refuse to accept that fate...I refuse...please let me refuse..." She started sobbing quietly in her sleep, tossing from side to side, like she was trying to escape an evil only seen by her.

What had happened to her? He had never seen Fuu so beaten by life before. She was his eternal optimist, always the sunshine on any cloudy day. What could have broken her so completely?

Without even knowing what had happened, Jin felt terrible for leaving her alone in the first place. Both he and Mugen should have known better, should have protected her better. He laid his forehead on hers and listened as she quieted down back into a deep sleep.

"My precious Fuu."

Removing her clothing and most of his, he picked her up and carried her into the stream. He sat in the shallows and held her close. Leaning her back he washed her hair first, removing the dirt and leaves from where the man had pushed her down. He slowly washed her face then closed his eyes. How was he supposed to wash the rest of her? It felt wrong to do this to her while she slept. He had to though, there was no one else around to help, and no one he would trust with this task anyway. Opening his eyes he looked down at her bare breasts. She had certainly matured since their time together. She was so beautiful it brought tears to his eyes to think of her abuse. He scooped the water up in his hand and rubbed it over the cuts, closing his eyes and trying not to think about how soft her skin felt beneath his touch, how firm her perfect breasts were, how close to his dreams he felt at this moment in time. Jerking himself back, he forced the arousal down and finished as best he could. This was Fuu, he condemned himself. How could he be thinking these thoughts while bathing cuts another man had placed on her? He stood up and dried her off, then grabbed their clothes and carried her back to camp. When he laid her on the blanket her realized how bruised her thighs were. He had stopped washing her after tending to her cuts and hadn't looked at her legs, already feeling guilty for what he had seen without her knowledge. It looked like the bastard had been pinching her thighs.

"Please don't hurt me hurts so bad....please don't..."

She was waking up again.

For some strange reason he thought he heard her again. Not that that was strange, he heard her voice in his head pretty often. That happy voice, lifting his spirits whenever he was down.

"Please don't hurt me hurts so bad...please don't..."

What the hell! The voice in his head had never said that!

"Fuu, it's okay. You're going to be okay."

That voice! He recognized that voice too, and he'd certainly never daydreamed about Jin!

What met his eyes when he burst into the campsite caused his guts to twist. A red haze settled over his vision as he saw a battered naked Fuu lying on Jin's bed and a near naked Jin looking down at her. What the fuck had happened?

"YOU BASTARD!" He screamed at Jin a split second before he attacked...
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