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This Is The Story Of A Girl... Who's Father Murdered His Wife And Then...

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This is a really short one where you find out the 'and then' part.

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((Sorry I didn't write anything the other night. I try and get on every night to add a chapter to each of my stories but this site was being really slow and wouldn't like, move, so I gave up. ))
"Katy. You should come home. I love you. I've always loved you. You just looked right through me. I only hit you because it was your fault. I still love you." My father's eyes were the only part I could see of him in the dream. "I love you, Katy. I said I love you!" His eyes turned red and a faint outline of a body showed. "I love you!"
"Katy, you might want to see this. And you should get up. That can't be good on your back, lying on the floor like that." I sat up instantly, breathing hard. "Your Dad's on the news." The TV in front of the couch was on quietly, showing a picture of my mother and then my father.
"He did kill her." I said quietly, looking down. He turned up the TV quietly.
"But there's no man to arrest," Said the newscast woman, frowning, "Because Ian George was found dead today, stabbed himself in the heart. There is also a daughter, name Katy George, who we assume was assaulted by her father by reports of screaming by the neighbors. She ran away from her father, and she has yet to be seen." I saw a smile prickle on the other man's face.
"I guess it's the perfect crime then. If you murder someone, one of the only ways to not get caught would be to kill yourself!" He said, smiling. "Now onto the weather." I was standing, my fists clenched.
"Why would he joke about a thing like that, the bastard?" I said, and then let my fists go, sitting down and instantly wincing from all of the pain that shot through my body. Oh well. I thought, and then felt a few tears slide down my face. I've become an orphan in a day.
"Katy," Gerard said, sitting next to me, his expression serious, "I just want you to know that you can stay here for as long as you want." Those were just about the best thing I had heard in a long time, and before I knew it I leaned over and hugged him, almost awkwardly pulling away and sitting back, feeling more tears slide from my face.
At least now I won't have to do too many chores.
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