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February 19th, 2007

by prettypoizon 5 reviews

Just a blog-type thingy for when I can't bring myself to write anything else. Updates, spoilers and random thoughts. Short and sweet.

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Grr. This is becoming so hard.

My parents are so nosey, they always wanna know who I'm on the phone with, who I'm chatting with, and, now, they wanna know what I'm writing. They want me to take my password off my account on the computer, 'cause they wanna read everything. My email, my MSN conversation history, my stories. So I have to figure out how to put passwords on folders, can you do that? Or I'm gonna have to back everything up to a disk, then delete everything, or something. I mean, I'm not ashamed of my stories, I just don't want my parents reading them. Is that understandable? They're too personal. They'd figure stuff out right away, they'd send me to a shrink or something 'cause they're so paranoid. Grrrr this is why I need my own laptop. I've been TRYING to save to go to England and Belgium next summer, but I think it'll have to be pushed back a couple of years, and I'm gonna go buy my own computer. My parents don't need to know everything that's going on in my life. I tell them what they need to know, what I want them to know. I wish they'd just fuck off.

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