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This is just something I wrote when I was depressed that shows what I go through, but thats if it makes sense.

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I long for the power to know how to react to the darkness I am,

the lore to dispel the deception I have caused, to call back the

desire that is still feint, slowly descending to its own

forgotten abyss driving the need th repent for the mistakes

caused by the deception I still know, as it dwells in the

reality that I call home. An . . . addiction it can be called,

an addiction to live a life untrue to its own logic. To reside

in the universal reality called life, a life I only see through

these eyes of illusions, never touching the true depths that

reside inside. The concealed truth that always eludes the mind

into something different. In the end it's never known what is

truly wanted, what true happiness is, or what is actually real

and what isn't. What is it though that cannot be seen what is it

that I do not yet know, the simple fact that still mocks me

everyday as I strive to accept it? Not a need but a simple

obsession I have around that which is lore, but the simple truth

of what has continuously halted the progression of the journey I

wish to start is still out of reach in the eyes that see the

world for what is it is . . . a strict unforgiving reality of

truth that forebodes an ominous and luminous fate for all
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