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this is a story [part two]..

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love will find a way.

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The night was quiet and relaxing. We were going to spend the night on the tour bus and then make our way home to Jersey, but in lue of it being our last night on tour, some people wanted to go out to have a good last time with everyone. Some people wanted to spend the night sleeping, catching up on some much needed rest. So it was decided, that we would book ourselves a couple of hotel rooms and spend the night crashed in a room or out on the town. I opted to spend the night doing half and half. Dinner was on the menu after the show considering that everyone just played a show and they were starving. We went for the local Dennys restaurant, quick, easy and not overly fancy. Dinner was rediculous, asbolute instanity. The thrill from just being on stage was running through everyones veins, not to mention the fact that it was indeed the last show together for a bit. I ended up coming back to the hotel around 1:30am. I didn't feel the need to be out any later really. I wasn't the type to be out to all hours of the night, partying and getting smashed. That wasn't my idea of fun. I didn't enjoy that, and I didn't understand how anyone really could. I mean, sure when I was younger I went out and did the things that teenagers are the time felt the need to do. I made my mistakes, I learned from the too. I grew as a person as well. I, as well as everyone else was there for Gerard when he went through his rock bottom struggle, but it wasn't fun. It was rough. It was draining, it was something I wish I never have to relive again.

I yawned and pulled the blanket up to my chin. I was curled up in bed watching the Notebook on television. Frank had decided to go out with the guys and I had absolutely no problem with that. He had never ever given me a reason to not trust in him at all. I smiled watching the two on the screen. I loved how nothing, not even another man could come between their love, that was amazing to me. I mean, Frank and I had always had it good, but like any other relationship, we had ups and we had our downs. We were only human and as humans we make mistakes, but the wrongs made the rights turn out to be so much better in the end.

I yawned again and turned off the television, leaving me alone in the hotel room in the dark. I pulled the blankets around me and started to drift off into sleep. I could hear some clicking at the door and I figured it was Frank trying to come into the hotel room. The door came open and the light illumiated the doorway a bit. I groaned, rolling over and pulled the blanket up to my eyes. I heard Frank mumble the words 'fuck' under his breath and then I heard him stumble around. It was hard to stiffle a laugh but I did it. Frank walked over to the bed and jumped on it, jumping on me as well. I groaned in agony as I recieved an elbow to the side. I heard him giggle and then pull the blanket from my face. I made a scrunched up face towards him and recieved a kiss on the lips from him. I kissed him back and then wrapped my hand around the back of his neck. I was enjoying this, I hadn't had a lot of alone time with him lately, especially since he was on tour. With the constant need for him to be everywhere at once, whether it be sound check or at an interview, he was always doing something.

Frank pulled away from me and I closed my eyes and laid my head back on the pillow. I sighed with content and opened my eyes, my dark brown eyes meeting his gorgeous hazel eyes. I smiled and kissed him gently again. I searched for his hand and intertwined my fingers with his. He laid his chin on my chest and I laid there just playing with his fingers, it was times like this that I could stay like this forever. It was times like this that I held close to me because you never really knew when you would have another one with him because of the schedule that he had.

I smiled and he kissed my cheek. I could see in his eyes that he was exhausted.

"So, are you excited to be going home tomorrow?" I watched him as he snuggled under the blankets with me.
"Yeah, I guess so. I'm going to miss this tour though, it's been a lot of fun. But I miss Jersey." He curled up to my side and drapped his arm around my stomach.
"I miss it too." I nodded.

I yawned and looked over at him. He was already asleep, which surprized me a lot. He always had a problem sleeping after a show, but tonight he passed right out like a light. I kissed his nose and placed his arm off of me. I got out of the bed and made my way towards the bathroom. I wasn't ready to go to bed just yet, I wanted to relax just a little bit more. I quickly walked into the bathroom and turned on the light making sure not to get too much light into bedroom area. I walked over to the tub and turned on the hot water. I decided that it might be beneficial to me to take a bath to make myself relax a little bit further. After the tub had gotten as full as I wanted it, I stripped of my clothes and slipped into the hot water. I pulled my hair up into a bun and then sunk back into the water. I let the water relax my muscles further because I was in need of a little relaxation time. My mind started to wander back when I had first met Frank and the guys. It seemed so long ago really, but it wasn't. It was only a few years ago.
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