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There are many different kinds of battles to be won as Suikotsu discovers...

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By kira

For my dear friend Vega-chan...

The man now known as Suikotsu sighed wearily. This fragile new personality which had recently emerged was wreaked with guilt over the atrocities his more violent one had recently committed on the battlefield. The sympathetic looks and lighthearted attempts at drawing him out by the taller and effeminate one of his new traveling companions only made him feel worse. In fact all he wanted to do was curl up in a ball and go to sleep and never wake up. Forcing himself to pay attention, Suikotsu listened to Jakotsu's strange account of his first battle.

"This one soldier was so cute; it was a shame to cut him up... At least he bled out slowly when I slit his throat," Jakotsu said. He sighed wistfully, before continuing, "And after awhile it got really boring so I just lay down and took a nap. Then Aniki-chan-"

"Jakotsu! How many times do I have to tell you that it's 'Oo-Aniki' not 'Aniki-chan?'"

"I don't know...?"

Suikotsu watched as Bankotsu growled softly and launched himself at the other boy, who uttered coy nonsense as he fought off the other's half-hearted attack. Suikotsu chuckled softly, their argument and resulting tussle, briefly pulling him from the depths of his depression.

The distraction was enough to give his violent side the strength he needed to wake up again. The blinding headache that accompanied that awakening forced him off his butt onto his knees. Gripping his head in his hands, Suikotsu leaned forward onto his elbows. He dimly heard the whispered voices of his companions, focusing only on the loud guttural cry he heard of agony, unaware it was coming from his own throat.

"Is he alright?"

"I don't know..."

"Want me to go see?"

"No! Don't go near him; he might hurt you!"

"It's okay. I'm fine..." Suikotsu said tiredly as he pushed himself up to sit on his heels. "I won..." He smiled sadly at the two boys who cautiously approached him.

"Whatcha win, Suikotsu?" Jakotsu asked and Suikotsu marveled at his ability to treat him the way he dimly remembered being treated before his personality and sense of self fractured.

"Control..." Suikotsu said simply.


"Yes, control over the other two me's." Suikotsu looked over at Bankotsu. "Now you don't have to worry about him waking up and hurting you, Oo-Aniki."


"Yeah..." Suikotsu thumped himself on the chest to give add weight to his words. "I, Suikotsu, am now strong enough to have the upper hand. So I, Suikotsu, will decide when the others may wake up and show themselves. And I, Suikotsu, swear to serve you with the utmost loyalty and to the best of my abilities."

"Okay..." Bankotsu said, clearly at a loss to understand this new side to the claw-bearer's personality despite his efforts to hide it.

But before Suikotsu knew what hit him, Jakotsu came over and held him close.

"Welcome to the family, Little Brother!" the cross-dresser cried; sparking another bout of depression for Suikotsu, as Jakotsu's kind enthusiastic acceptance made him feel unworthy of it. And yet, he somehow found the strength to battle his depression as he untangled himself from feminine boy's embrace. For his life had just begun to head down the path of normalcy, despite his strange circumstances and that was the best victory of all...
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