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A Smile

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Gee and Monica have unfinished business.

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While Gerard napped Monica called the girls and got caught up on all their news. Kelly had a new boyfriend who she talked about during the whole conversation. Monica told her she couldn't wait to meet him. Kelly told her that Donna had already approved him. Monica smiled realizing that soon Donna who was already like a grandma to them really would be their grandma when she and Gee married. Kara asked endless questions about Bob. She talked to him constantly but still asked her mom about things she couldn't ask him. "Are there lots of pretty fans asking for his autograph" and other inquiries of that nature. Monica assured her that Bob was thinking about her constantly and missing her terribly.
After the call Monica decided to take a quick shower. Their clothing bags had been delivered and she wanted to dress. She was singing "I Don't Love You" when the shower door slid open. She was turned to the wall and when a warm, hard body pressed up against hers she let out a surprised yelp.
Gee slipped his hands up her stomach, which she had just lathered with lavender body wash. Fingertips glided over her body with ease. He pressed his mouth to her ear, "I believe we were in the middle of something."
She tried to turn and face him but he pressed her against the wall with the length of his body. "We were in the middle of something but someone fell asleep. Not even married yet and I bore you" she fake pouted.
Gerard chucked, "There is no fucking way I will ever get bored by you. How could I get bored by this?" He reached down and locked his fingers with her. Slowly he raised his arms bringing hers up also. He placed her finger around the bar that was high on the wall locking her fingers around it. "Don't let go of that bar," he ordered. "Do you understand?" Monica could only nod, excitement coursing through her.
He ran his hands down her arms then down her sides. Placing one leg between hers he forced her legs apart. Hot water was showering down on them but Monica knew it was not the cause of the heat she was feeling. Opening his mouth he sucked on the side of her neck causing her to shudder. Momentarily she loosened her hold on the bar.
"Monica, I told you not to let go of that bar, didn't I? Am I going to have to punish you?" His deep sexy voice sent shivers down her spine.
This was a game they hadn't played. Gerard had never tried to dominate her like this before, the game was exciting. "I'll do as you say," she uttered in a small voice.
"That's good baby, very good. You just do what I tell you to do and things will be just fine" His hands traveled around to her breasts. "Now tell me how this feels." He had begun to gently massage her nipples with a slow sensual movement. "Tell me, now"
"It feels wonderful, Gee," she told him honestly.
He pressed his body against hers and she could feel just how hard he was. "Can you feel what you do to me?"
She nodded and began to wiggle against him. "Stop that" he commanded, "I didn't tell you to move, did I?'
She halted her movements. "Do I have to explain to you again? You do as I say, when I say, understand?
Monica smiled, "What happens if I don't listen?"
He pressed his lips to her ear, "Then I have to punish you."
Monica moaned in anticipation. "How?"
His laugh was dead sexy "Are you gonna be a bad girl to find out?"
She didn't want the game to end, "No Gee, I'll do whatever you say."
"Good girl" his mouth came down on her shoulder and he lightly bit into her soft skin. She moaned again and said his name. "You know for years now the rumor has been I'm a vampire. Maybe I am" He bit again this time higher on her neck. Monica closed her eyes at the vision in her head of him as a vampire, a very sexy vampire.
He dropped his hands from her body. His tone returned to normal. "Monica, tell me you are OK with this. If you want me to stop I will, I don't ever want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable."
She was so touched by his concern. "Gee, I am fine with this. Everything I do with you I know is done with love." She told him simply.
He smiled and the sexy voice returned "Game on" he told her. Heat and desire coursed through her body. His hands returned to her body his arms around her waist his fingers sliding down her stomach. They slowly lowered until they reached their ultimate destination. Through the soft curls lower until they reached the heat they sought. "Baby you are so hot for me. Say it, tell me."
"I'm hot for you Gee." She repeated, "so hot"
He pressed her against the wall, 'Now grind your hips against me" he told her. "She did it feeling his hardness, growing more excited with each movement. His fingers had slipped inside her and she was trying desperately trying to move against them. "Tell me you want me inside you."
Breathlessly she told him 'I want you inside me."
He positioned himself behind her and entered her with one swift thrust. Her arms were aching but the position, the way she was standing felt too good to move. "Tell me what you want," he demanded.
"Thrust harder, Gee. Harder" now she was commanding him. This was what she had wanted that night of the Christmas Gala when he had lifted her arms above her head and pushed her against the wall. This was what she had wanted so badly. His thrusting became a fury of movement. Suddenly Monica couldn't hold back the orgasm hit her with such fever. She cried out his name. He pulled out before her reaction could push him over the edge. Slowly she lowered her arms and turned to face him. She knew he hadn't experienced his release.
He smiled, "No one said the game was over" He leaned over and kissed her lips lightly, "On you knees, Monica, now"
Monica gave him a seductive look, "Whatever you say," she said dropping down in front of him. The water still rained down on them.
"Take me in your mouth" he directed as he turned slightly so that his back was against the wall. He reached up and grabbed the bar locking his fingers around it.
Monica took the length of him into her mouth and began to swirl her tongue. Gerard moaned her name. The game had proved too much, within a few minutes of her sweet torment he was so close. "Make me cum Monica" he ground out. She did as he said, her tongue tormenting him to the brink then beyond. He cried out her name over and over. Finally he dropped down into the tub in front of her. His arms encircled her. "I love you, I love you," he told her over and over. She repeated his words over and over.
Half an hour later they were dressed and hand in hand headed for Ray's room. Frank opened the door, took one look at them and rolled his eyes. "Man, I know what you two have been doing."
Monica was surprised, "That is not the only thing Gee and I do you know." She noted that only Jamia and Ray were in the room the others hadn't arrived yet.
Frank laughed, "Actually it's not you Monica it's Gee. He has the most content look on his face. Last night when we all got back the bus and I said you looked flushed if I had seen Gee first I would have know what you two had been doing. We call that face the Gee Freshly Fu..."
"Frank shut up," Jamia yelled from across the room. She threw a toss pillow at his head.
Gerard just smiled, "What can I say, this woman puts a smile on my face."
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