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Naruto hates feeling hopeless. Naruto hates being alone. But as he observes his two teammates, he realizes he's both.

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honorarium-(n.) fee for services rendered by a professional person.


You like her.

You're a bastard, you know that? You call me the "idiot", the "dead last", (and I'm neither, Bastard.) but I'm not the one stupid enough to not know when I like someone.

Don't think I don't notice how you look at her. It's like your damn Sharingan will fall out if you don't stare at her hair, pink and beautiful as it is. And her green eyes, clear and light and the prettiest I know, because they're unrivaled because /no one /has eyes like that. And her lips, pink and-

-Getting off track here.

I hate you, you know that? You always push her away. You take her heart, you lead her on, and then you smash it to pieces because you want (/liar liar LIAR/) to be alone.

And you don't even allow yourself to be happy.

At least follow through. At least promise her something, something/, because you have it all, you have /everything everything EVERYTHING and I'm just the stupid demon kid who's destined to be alone alone ALONE and never ever ever, god forbid, be /HAPPY/.

You, even if discreetly so, try to pick up the pieces. You try to force them into your own heart, but either you take too little or take too much (/SHARE/ you bastard! Love her too/, don't just /TAKE/!) and /nothing never ANYTHING goes right.

And she's left crying. And you're left alone.

And I'm left outcasted and destined to be a spectator of this (/twisted /fucking TWISTED/) play that always goes on and on and on (/repeat repeat SCREAM KICK CRY/) and /never ever ever stops.

Do you like doing this to yourself? Do you like giving yourself something else to brood about? Just fucking take her, fucking kiss her, /make her happy BECAUSE I CAN'T/-

-Even if I loved her first.

I really loved her, you know. I still do, you know.

But why is it only you can make her happy? I have nothing, but I keep/ trying working giving/-

And it's you alone who can get her. You who can make her happy. You're the one who can make her /happy and feel fulfilling and keep her PURE /(and you better, or else). The Uchiha bastard who has money, looks, talent...

...and once had a family.

Don't I get a chance? Where's my restart? Where's my family?



...I really am dead last.

...Look. I don't like you, (but you/ are/ like a brother, the kind that always pisses you off but you love anyway) and I'm not good with words...

But if you hurt her, if you ever leave her alone like you are, /if you don't make an effort and drag her down from that pure place/-

There's gonna be hell to pay.


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