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Kiba and the new girl

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Kiba has a crush on the new girl in town but will she be able to get away from her fathers marrige arrangment so she can stay in Konoha with Kiba

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It was a normal morning for the village, Naruto was eating ramen, Sakura and Ino was flirting with Sasuke and him ignoring them, Kiba, Shino, and Hinata just finishing up training. As Kiba, Shino, and Hinata were walking past the training area as they were Hinata noticed Kiba disappeared "Were did Kiba go?" Hinata asked Shino "uh" "hey Shino come here" Kiba whispered as he waved his hand near a bush he was sitting in front of "what" "just come over hear" still whispering. Shino looked threw a bush at a girl training she was incredibly strong and fast "she's incredible" a voice said behind them they looked back at Hinata looking above their shoulders at her Kiba let his jaw drop "hay Kiba, do you like what you see" as Shino pointed to Kiba`s slobbering mouth "huh...did you say something" as Hinata sat behind them giggling suddenly a kunai knife was thrown at the bush and it hit Kiba, as a girl ran to the bush after she heard a loud scream "uhh-hh-h..." she appeared in front of them, she suddenly kneed down to help Kiba "are you ok, I'm sorry" as she started to heal his forehead where she hit him with the kunai knife "uh... yeah thanks" he had a little bit of stutter in his voice "what for hitting you in the head or for healing it from were I hit you in the head" "the last one, I didn't really like that first part" "sorry" Akamaru started to rub on the girl as her eyes started to shine "what a cute dog" she picked him up and started to play with him "seems Akamaru likes you" "um...sorry is this your dog" "yeah it seems he took a liking to you do you pets" she looked up at him "no I'm afraid I don't" suddenly someone called at her "IRIS...IRIS..." it sounded like a guy's voice "COMING" the girl suddenly yelled "sorry I have to go, bye see yah Kiba" "huh" she suddenly ran back the way she came "how did she find out my name I didn't tell her" he asked them with a stunned face "I don't know but it looks like Kiba has a crush on her" Shino said with Hinata giggling behind them "DO NOT!" Kiba yelled "do to!" Hinata and Shino said at the same time.

Kiba and Shino went to a small bar where all the guys were it wasn't heavy liquor that's why they were aloud there Kiba was telling everyone about the girl that he had met earlier that day "She had brown long wavy hair and she was really strong" Kiba began to get lost in day dream when Shino finally spoke "are you daydreaming about her again" he said with a smirk on his face "NO!, I was" "you were just what...thinking about how she found out your name when you didn't even tell her" "that's right she called me by my name and we didn't tell her my name" "are you shore you didn't just say his name and she over heard" Shikamaru asked in a low voice "not that I can remember" suddenly the door opened but they didn't bother to see who came in the bar "Isn't that her over there" Shino pointing to the girl that just walked in Akamaru had already ran to her "I guess you were not lying when you said she was hot" Naruto whispered to Kiba "told you" she had played with Akamaru for a moment and gave him a bone then she took a bag that was handed to her bye the bartender and had already walked out "hey Kiba better go get her before she leaves again" everyone started to giggle "shut up" Kiba had said as he ran out the door.

"Hey, wait up!" the girl suddenly stopped and turned around "um...hey Kiba" she said with ramen hanging from her mouth as she slurped it "how are you" she had asked as he started walking by her side "fine" "hey I have a question for you" "shoot" "how did you-find out-my name I mean I never told you" he asked stuttering "oh I'm sorry I thought that you could talk to him too" "talk to...who" "well Akamaru of course!" she said quite loudly but not in a way that she was yelling, Kiba stood there for a moment in shocked "I'm sorry I thought you noticed since you had a little bit of dog in you I thought I wasn't the only one who to animals, IamsorryIhavetogo" she then ran off before Kiba could say any thing "WAIT!". He left and walked back to the bar to were everyone was he didn't say anything to them about her or what happened "I'm going home early tonight, bye" as he paid and walked out the door "what's up with him" "yeh he is always the one to go home late, by the way who is going to take Lee home" every one suddenly ran out the door leaving Naruto to take him home. "I guess it is my turn tonight".

"Hey, where is Kiba" Shino asked Hinata, they had been at the training area all morning but Kiba had never shown up, "I don't know, I thought he might have a hang over from when you all went to the bar like you all ways do" she said shrugging "he couldn't have a hang over because he didn't have a lot and besides he went home early last night". They had finished up training and walk to Kiba`s house to see if he was alright, he was the youngest chounnin in Konoha that had his own place, but they walked to his house no one was there so they went to go see if any one else saw him that day.

"no, I haven't seen him at all today" Shikamaru said shrugging "why isn't he with you" Chouji asked stuffing his face with chips "he never shown up to training this morning" "I saw him running past but when I asked were he was going he just said he had to be some were" Naruto said shrugging "If you saw him why didn't you speak up sooner" Shino asked him a low but frustrated voice Naruto just sat there for a few minutes "he ran towards the woods but he left before I could ask any thing else" he said standing up.

Kiba was in the woods sitting on the ground playing with Akamaru and thinking about Iris, suddenly he heard a voice singing behind some trees he was sitting next to "Nobody knows who I really am I never felt this empty before and if I ever" he looked behind the tree and saw Iris laying on the ground singing and playing with little squirrels "need someone I come alone who's gonna comfort me and keep me strong, we are a rowing in the boat of fate" Kiba just sat there watching her sing "the waves keep on coming and we can't escape but if we ever get lost on our way the waves will guide yuh throw another day" she was suddenly interrupted by Akamaru running to her "Akamaru!" Kiba tried to yell but tried to whisper at the same time "uh.." she stood up she picked up Akamaru and saw Kiba walk out from behind the tree "sorry...I was playing with Akamaru and I sort of...heard you singing and I guess Akamaru likes your singing" he put his hand to his head like Naruto does "why did you run away last night" he asked sitting down next to her "oh sorry about that" "so why are you out here any way" he said with Akamaru sitting in his lap "um... it is kind of a long story" "I don't have any thing else planned for the day" he said leaning against a tree "Well I came to the village a few days ago the reason why I came here is because my family was going to make me marry some one that was from another village" "what why!" "they told me it was for the village but I over heard my father talking one night that it was only his desire to get some thing from the man I am suppose to marry so I ran away when I heard that my father was trading me for something that was only good for him but I'm not sure what he was suppose to get though" he sat back up really fast "what kind of guy would do that to his own daughter!" he gat really mad "so that's why you ran away from your home" "yes, my brother helped me leave but my father was very happy when he heard the news of the arranged marriage" she said sadly "but then who was that guy calling your yesterday" "that was a man that my father sent to find me" she lend her head back on the tree "so what happened to him" he asked with a sleeping Akamaru in his lap "uh oh lets just say he won't be any trouble but they will find out soon that he has disappeared so they will most likely come here in search for him so I have to keep low." Iris soon fell asleep on Kiba's shoulder.

Iris awoke to four guys standing at the end of the bed where she was sleeping and Akamaru sleeping on her stomach "AHHHHHHHHHHH" Iris screamed and Kiba ran into the guest room with Shino behind him "what the hell is going on in here!" "uh..." she sat in bed staring at all of them "what are you guys doing in here" he asked all the guys with a look on there face that was really funny "get out of here" all the guys walked out of the room "where am I" looking confused " your at my house you passed out last night so I brought you here" she stood up out of bed and all she had on was a really big shirt on and panties "AHHHH...where are my clothes" she asked as she jumped back under the cover "oh I had Hinata come over she is washing your clothes right now I'll go see if I can't find you some pants" he said walking to the door "um...thank you" "don't worry about it" he told as he walk out the door hey Hinata do have any pants Iris can borrow" he ask as he sat down at the kitchen table with everyone else "sure" as she walk out the door her house was only a few yards away so she could walk to it from Kiba`s house and it didn't take her long to get back. "Kiba, why is Iris here" Shikamaru asked Kiba "because her father is trying to make her marry someone because of own selfish reasons so she ran away" Kiba said as he looked down at his cup and the guys just looked at each other.

Hinata was in the guest room with Iris so was Akamaru. While Akamaru sat in Iris's lap her and Hinata sat on the bed talking "Where are you from" Hinata asked as she was folding clothes "uh oh...I'm from far away I came over from America my brother helped me come here" "America, that's over seas" Hinata looked up at her "yes, I came over on plane so no one knows where I am" "why do you no one to know where you are" she asked curiously "'s a long story".

All the guys were sitting in the kitchen talking and was soon interrupted by Hinata, Iris, followed by Akamaru walking into the room "We're going to go train" Hinata said in a whisper voice but just loud enough so they could hear as they walked out the door. "Hey Kiba you do know Akamaru followed after them" he said pointing at the door "uh...oh ok" "dude, what's up with you" Naruto asked "he likes her that's what" the other guys starred at each other "DO NOT!" all the guys started laughing at him "shut up!" Lee fell out of his chair "you haven't been drinking again have you Lee" they just keep laughing and soon Kiba started laughing at Lee that keep falling out of his chair.

Iris and Hinata were walking to the training area when Iris heard Akamaru and turned around and saw him standing behind them "Akamaru what are you doing here" Iris kneed down pet him "well lets go" has they walk a few moments later Iris ran into a store and came right back out and cave Akamaru a bone and handed Hinata a brownie "Thank you" "don't mention it eat it is really good".

Hinata and Iris had just finished training with Akamaru sitting under a tree near them. Suddenly Akamaru started barking Iris stopped in her tracks " need to leave" Hinata stood looking at her suddenly there was an explosion behind them "GO!" Hinata walked beside her "no...I want to help" suddenly a man walked out of the dust "how touching, now...Iris are you going to come with me or do we have to fight like normally" Iris had a worried look on her face but then smiled "I guess we fighting is the only answer" Iris whistled and there was a herd of animals running out of the forest Akamaru ran to be next Iris she just starred at him next her and she whistled for a about eight foxes that came running out of the woods and attacked him he clapped his hands and injured three of the foxes she whistled a last time and a huge animal Hinata nor Akamaru ever saw came out and attacked the man "he'll take care of him now lets go you don't want to see what is going to happen" she ran a few yards and then collapsed onto the ground "Iris!" Hinata put her arm around her and carried her back to Kiba's

The guys were still sitting at the table when Akamaru nudged the door open and they saw Iris passed out at Hinata's side Kiba's eyes widened at the site he ran to them grabbing the other side of Iris "What happened!" Kiba asked as him and Hinata laid her on the bed, Hinata had told them everything and how Iris whistled all the animals and called the huge animal that wasn't like any other to help and how she just suddenly pasted out Kiba sat on a chair in the room where Iris was now sleeping and Akamaru laid next to the bed they had the fifth Hokage come and see if she would be alright and she told all of them that no one is to find out where she is and that she will be fine just to let her rest.

Suddenly she wakes up "uh...I guess I passed out" she said talking to herself, she saw Kiba sleeping in the chair across from her Kiba soon woke up to her smiling at him "are you okay" he asked sitting up in the chair "I'm fine, were is Hinata and Akamaru" she didn't notice Akamaru sleeping next to the bed Hinata and everyone had already left "She went home with everyone else and Akamaru's right" "oh I guess I didn't see him there" she smiled "are you hungry you were out for awhile" he asked as he stood up stretching "uh...oh yes, please" he walked to the kitchen and returned to see Iris playing with a bird that flew in from the window and flew back out when Kiba sat the tray on the bed she ate her food silently and as he was coming back to the room from putting the tray up he saw her healing a scar Akamaru had gotten when they were attached that he didn't notice before he walked in as she was healing him Akamaru grabbed a ball her to toss around for him to catch "looks like he's happier now that your awake" "did Kina defeat the man who attached us I'm sure Hinata told you about him" she asked looking out the window "we're not sure but no one has seen him around so we don't think he...well yeah" "good...if he hasn't shown up by now that means he took care of him, he is my father's most trusted servant" she looked relieved but a little sad "are you sure you'll be fine" "yes I'll be fine don't worry um...could you sit next to me my brother would always sit next to me" she asked with a smile on her face "um...sure" he walked over to her and sat next to her on the bed. She whistled for Akamaru to sit on the bed suddenly they noticed they were all laying on the floor with Akamaru on top of them from him jumping on top of them and knocking them off the bed, they started laughing and smiling as they sat up Akamaru started barking and licked Kiba then Iris and they started laughing even harder. She then noticed a scratch he had on his arm "what's that" she pointed to his arm "uh...oh I guess I gat it when I wasn't paying attention" he looked down at his arm, suddenly she grabbed his arm and laid it in her lap softly and started to heal it, when she was done he lifted his softly from her lap and looked at it "Thanks" he said as she smiled at him and he leaned in to kiss her and she leaned in to kiss him suddenly Akamaru put his head between and they kissed Akamaru and Kiba his head as fast as possible as Iris pulled her head back fast but slow then she whistled and Akamaru backed away slowly and Iris leaned back in to kiss Kiba as she leaned away Kiba kissed her back. As they stopped kissing Kiba put his arm around her and she put her head on his shoulder as they both fell asleep it turned dark and Kiba woke to his head laying on the edge of the bed and to no Iris nor Akamaru. He stood up and looked out the window and his eyes widened at the site he saw, he saw Iris dancing on top of water on the pond behind his house naked but it was so dark out you couldn't see any thing and saw Akamaru sitting on a rock watching, he climbed out the window and walked over to where Akamaru was and sat on a rock next to him. It was so beautiful he didn't want to disturb her but she suddenly noticed him watching her and dove behind a rock "sorry didn't mean to scare you" he said rubbing the back of his head "um...Akamaru can you hand me my clothes" Akamaru grabbed her clothes in his mouth and ran them to her, she gat dress as fast as she could she was wearing some of Hinata's clothes that she never really wore. After she finished dressing she sat next to Kiba looking at the moons reflection in the water "don't you love night time all the stars" she ask as she smiled at him he looked at her and smiled back "yeah...I like the moon" she giggled at him "what's so funny" he just keep smiling at her "nothing" she laid her head on his shoulder "I wish it could always be night time" she quickly fell asleep on his shoulder as she did Kiba cared her into his room and laid her down on his then went to her room and stayed in there for awhile. Soon Iris woke up in a room she did not notice all the time she was there she had never seen his room it there was pictures of mostly him and Akamaru playing together and one with his team as she walk back to the guest room she noticed the door cracked and saw Kiba painting the ceiling she walk in "oh...your awake" "what yah doing" she asked with a smile on her face "you said you wished it could always be night time so I'm painting the ceiling like the night sky" she looked confused as he said it but then put her smile back on and asked "do you need any help" "sure there's a paint brush over there you can use" they spent about three hours painting the room until they were finally finished. "Do you want to go out and eat or stay in and eat" he asked as he put the paint brush down "going out to eat is fine". They washed up and gat ready, she was faster than him getting ready he had always thought girls took forever to get ready but she was the fastest person he had ever seen she had been waiting at the door for him "your already ready" "yes, does that surprise you" she said she started giggling "'s" "just what" she asked she was still giggling he smiled and walked out the door, she followed him out with Akamaru and shut the door behind her as they were walking to a restaurant and saw Shino and Hinata "hey you guys!" he yelled waving his hand as Iris just smiled at them "Hi, Kiba" Hinata had said while Shino just said nothing "where you heading" Shino finally asked "we're going to go get something to eat you want to come" "no thanks" Shino said "we're heading off to go train" "ok, see yah later" they all waved to each other even Akamaru barked good bye.

"let's eat here" Kiba said pointing to a restaurant in front of them as the walked they didn't notice Sakura, Ino, nor Tenten sitting at a table near a window, they both sat at a table close to the door suddenly Iris noticed Akamaru wasn't with them "where did Akamaru go" Kiba then realized he wasn't with them any more suddenly Iris whistled and suddenly Akamaru came running throw the door jumping over the table and on her making her fall back in her chair everyone started to stare at them soon turned back to what they were doing "are you ok!" she tried to stop from laughing but couldn't even Kiba started laughing he helped her up and ate their food".

"Who is that with Kiba?" Ino asked them "I think that's the girl that the guys and Tsunade were talking about I think her name is Iris" Sakura said "even Naruto and Sasuke were talking about her" Tenten had said suddenly Sakura and Ino were looking at Tenten weirdly "what exactly did Sasuke say about her" they both asked angrily "I'm not...totally sure what they said I just know Naruto mentioned her and they started talking about her" "Naruto!" Sakura mumbled and then Sakura and Ino ran out to go find Naruto. They finally found him and pined him against a wall "what were you and Sasuke talking about Iris" she asked with fire in her eyes "uh...oh your talking about the girl that's hanging with Kiba, yeah she is hiding from her family Kiba's helping by keeping her at his house, me and Sasuke were saying how Kiba has a crush on her" "uh" Ino and Sakura both said "yeah Kiba has a huge crush on her and we were saying how perfect they would be together since she can talk to Akamaru and call animals" "she can talk to animals...that 's really weird" she said putting Naruto down "yeh but she is still really hot everyone agrees on that" Ino and Sakura both walked away.

As they were walking out of the restaurant Naruto ran up to Kiba with Iris and Akamaru right behind him "Hey Kiba!" he yelled waving "uh hey Naruto" "hey the weirdest thing just happened Sakura and Ino just pined me to a wall asking about Iris" "uh...why did they ask about Iris" Kiba asked looking confused "I don't know something to have to do with Sasuke" "oh" suddenly Jiraiya came walking up next to Naruto "Hey Naruto ready to train" he stopped what he was doing when he saw Iris looking into the distance "now who is this" Iris suddenly looked at Jiraiya and the others "hi, I'm Jiraiya and you are" he asked pervertedly "um....I'm Iris" she said freaked out "Iris what a beautiful name" "your really weird you know that" Naruto and Kiba started laughing, Akamaru stepped between them making Jiraiya step back. Iris walked to be beside Kiba while Akamaru growled at Jiraiya she started to giggle at the site "we better get going see yah later Naruto, come on Akamaru" Akamaru ran to walk behind him.

As they gat to the house it was dark so they went to bed soon after they gat there Iris loved how the room looked now she fell asleep fast and so did Kiba and Akamaru this time Akamaru sleep with Kiba. All of a sudden there was a huge sound coming from Iris's room that woke all of them up and Kiba and Akamaru ran to her room to find a man standing in front of Iris holding a sword in both hands as he started to run towards her she whistled as loud as she could "KINA!" she yelled and a huge animal about twenty-five feet tall with brown fur came running throw the gap in the wall that the man had made and attacked the man "that's Kina!" Kiba said the man had no chance against the animal and soon gat knocked out cold and was carried away by the huge animal right after Kina walked out with the man over its shoulder Iris collapsed on the floor before Kiba could catch her, he picker up and carried her to his bed and called Tsunade to come over as quick as possible. When she came he told her everything that had happened and said that they most likely know where she is now and that they will need to not go out in public for awhile.

The day after, Tsunade called Kiba telling him that she has set a hearing so we can talk about if there is any way we can make it so that Iris does not have to marry the guy her father picked out for her.

Iris then woke to Kiba hovering over the bed "your awake" she looked sad as she woke up "I'm sorry...I put you in danger" she looked down at the blanket "hey, it's not your fault, besides you were great" she smiled at him and suddenly she hugged him as he was sitting down next to her he then hugged her back "guess what...Tsunade is going to have a hearing to see if there is any thing we can do so you don't have to get married to that ass your father wanted you to marry" she looked up at him and smiled up at him and then buried her face in his chest "thank you for all that you've done" he leaned over to kiss her before he knew it he was making out with Iris on the bed soon he slipped off her shirt and she slipped his off and before they knew it they were having sex(I suck at shit like this so don't judge me).

Kiba later woke up next to a naked Iris and held on to her and never wanted to let go soon Iris woke up to Kiba holding her and sunk into his chest "I never want to let go" "I don't either but we have to go eat sometime" "yeah, I guess" she started giggling "do you know were my clothes are" suddenly Akamaru came throw the door with both of their clothes in his mouth "Akamaru get back here!" "Akamaru!" they both screamed at him while they ran throw the house with only a blanket when suddenly there was a knock on the door and they dove behind the couch before anyone could see them, it was Tsunade at the door they ran to get dress and Kiba answered the door to let her in "why did it take so long answering the door..." she looked suspiciously "never mind, any way it's about the hearing the only way that she doesn't have to marry him is that if she marries someone else" she said as she sat down "so either way she has to get married!" he looked mad and a little frustrated "are you sure there is no other way" she asked sadly "she's only 15!" "that's all I could do..." she said as she stood up walking to the door "thank you" Iris said very sadly and looking down at the table. Everyone had all ready heard the news.

Iris sat in her room all day looking at the ceiling and walls that had been repaired the day before. "Do you what something to eat" Kiba asked as he walked throw the door "no thanks" "are you ok" he knew she wasn't but still had to ask "uh...yeah I'm fine" she tried to put on a smile but couldn't "no your not" he said sadly "it doesn't matter either way I'm getting married" suddenly he gat down on his knees "well if it makes you fill any better I think it would be better if you marry someone that you love than someone that you don't" (he was talking about it to the guys for awhile deciding if it was the only way) "yes" Iris jumped on the floor to hug him as she was hugging him Shino walked in and said "I'll go tell Tsunade that she said yes" he walked back out a few moments later the other guys sat at the door listening to them talk, "thank you" she said as she buried her face into his chest "hey I get something out of this too I get to be with you forever...and we can do stuff together now" suddenly the door fell over and Shikamaru, Choiji, Naruto, and Lee were all laying on the door Kiba and Iris just looked at them embarrassed that they were listening to their conversation "I've gat to be somewhere, see you later" Naruto said nervously "me to" Lee, Choiji, ran out the door with Naruto Shikamaru just stood up slowly and walked out with them "what just happened" Iris said confused "I'm not totally sure" he said as they stood up.

Since they were to marry they didn't have to worry about fighting, but her father was frustrated cause he didn't think she would find anyone to marry in Konoha. So Tsunade had told them to keep an eye out incase her father tried anything but Iris had said she doesn't think her father would do any thing since he promised that he would but she wasn't totally sure. It's been a few weeks and her father hasn't tried any thing so they decided to have their wedding on the first day of fall they both loved how the leaves changed color during so they both loved the idea. She had only one member of her family that came and that was her brother who helped her run away and it seemed him and Kiba gat along great and loved to go to the bar together to drink Sakae.

It was the day of the wedding and Iris was in her wedding dress getting ready to go down the ile. Suddenly someone slammed the door open it was her father "your going home with me now!" he was mad but she was even madder at him "HELL NO!" "I'm not going any where with you!" "yes you are, lets go NOW!" she whistled and Kina came smashing throw the wall a moment after that Kiba came running throw the door "Iris what's going on!" "who is this" he look really confused "my ex-father" she said mad Kiba had never seen her mad before so this was new to him "now Iris you know Kina, won't work on me remember the last time you tried to fight him with me" "yes, but I have another friend that I have been training and if I can remember right he is much stronger than you now" Akamaru walked threw the hole in the wall her father gat really pissed and walked out the door "this isn't the end!" he then disappeared Iris stumbled and Kiba ran over to her "what just happened" "I just lied and said Akamaru was stronger than my father and he believed me" "not that, are you ok" she started giggling "yes I'll be fine". Everyone was a little freaked to sit next to Kina, except for her brother of course. Iris later after two years had a child and a pair twins a year and a half after the first.

~The End~

p.s. This was my first story so yeah it most likey sucked.
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