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Sonic's Wish 2

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Sonic makes a wish that he and Tails would never be apart. The wish has unexpected results.

Category: Sonic the Hedgehog - Rating: G - Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance - Characters: Amy Rose, Dr. Robotnik, Miles "Tails" Prower, Sonic - Published: 2007-02-20 - Updated: 2007-02-21 - 528 words - Complete

Sonic's Wish 2

Author's Note: This is seperate story from the first Sonic Wish. The first wish is anulled and takes no part in this story, so Sonic is male here.

Sonic and Tails has always been best of friends for such a long time, even Sonic lost track. They had many adventures together, they both fought Dr. Eggman together and even shared some worst times together. Sonics always liked to be with his bestfriend and wished there was a way that they would never by apart from each other, no matter what event happened.

Sonic was out again alone on his morning speed jog, then he acciendentally ran into a well without looking ahead. After the run in, Sonic looked up and saw the well. Then he saw a sign, it said it was a wishing well. Sonic did not believe in wishes, but he wanted to do one just for fun. "I wish that me and Tails would be always be together and never be apart", wished Sonic after he tosses a coin in the well. Not expecting anything, Sonic runs off to meet tails at his house.

Sonic reaches to Tail's house and knocks at the door. No answer. "I guess Tails is busy at his workshop" thought Sonic. Sonic opens the front door to check where Tails is and calls out his name. When Sonic got to the workshop, Tails was no where in sight. Sonic was a little confuse where he could be, he should be here today. Sonic kept searching Tail's house until he saw a closed door leading to the bathroom.

Sonic knocks on the Door, "Go Away!" crys out a fearful voice. "Tails is that you?" asks Sonic. "Just leave me alone" crys out the voice again. "You sound a little off Tails, do you have a cold?" asks Sonic as he turns the door knob. "No, don't come in!" crys the voice. Then the door knob on Sonic's would not budge. Then Sonic starts to slam against the door to get in. Finally Sonic breaks in and sees a shocking discovery with Tails.

Sonic saw that Tails looked very different. His form looked a lot more Femenine. Tails had all the features of a female: breasts, wide hips, slimmer arms, legs and waist and so on. Tails blushed as Sonic looked at her and was frighten what Sonic may do to her. Tails told Sonic that she has no idea how this happened or why, but it happen. But Sonic had an idea, he told Tails the wish he made about them being together forever.

Tails was a little shocked and did not like what the wish did with him. Sonic tryed to calm down Tails. After a while Tails started to enjoy Sonic's company and had new feelings for him, so did Sonic.

Time has passed and Sonic and Tails started to go on dates with each other. With a little help from Amy Rose, Tails became more comfortable with being a female. Then the day arrived and Sonic and Tails got married. Now the wish was fulfiled and Sonic and Tails would always be together forever.

The End
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