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Soutay a beautiful samurai

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Soutay is a samurai that was hated by the villagers because she was a girl samurai and her sensai has resently died so she is forced to find another that is willing to teach her and that is a great...

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My name is Soutay I have been shut out from my village I have no where to go I don`t have a home nor a family to go back too I was the first born the heiress of my family`s fortune but they had no need for me I was given to my sensei she is the only family I had she had fallen ill and died. I am a school student of a special sword school we have a village full of samurai but I am the only girl samurai (and the only person I have ever none that can speak animals)and that is why everyone despised me and shut me out they think that a girl should not be able to use a sword but I have left my village to see the world and journey in search of a new teacher that is the best of all the world and is willing to teach me and people that will see me for not a samurai but for a normal person that is me and is a samurai just like me shut out from the world because of the powers we have. I have just started on my journey it will take awhile for me to find my new sensei I will have to go every where I can to find that one person to teach me from until I find him/or her to the day I die but I will never forget my first sensei who took me in and was not only my teacher but my family. So now I leave all my memories but the ones with my sensei at that village the village where I was hated and hope to never come back to. Now I take my leave from this place and set out on my journey so goodbye to all.

My First Day on My Journey

Walking along the dirt road she starts to mumble to herself
So which way should I start on, I will have to make this decision many more times in so....
Eny-meny-miney-moe... so the right is the way I will go*

she comes on to a village but she doesn`t see any one in site and hears the voices of scared animals she suddenly notices something strange has happened to the villagers have all been murdered by it seems like animals but not any she has seen before, she walks up closer to the village she knows there is nothing she can do for them now, but she could look to see if there were any survivors left, starts to look around spots a injured woman that asks her to save her daughter (she is not at all hurt but a few scratches) "please take good care of her, a young girl walks out of a hut crying." "Her name Iris, she is 14 years old and can be very helpful at times please take care of her." As she starts to talk to the injured woman she notices that she is dieing she ask the woman if there is any thing to do for them all she said was "All there is that you can do is take care of my daughter she has no family left." The woman dies in Soutay`s lap. Soutay tells the girl to start digging graves with her a few minutes later they start talking about what happened to the villagers "All of us didn`t notice any thing until these animal like creatures invaded our village they were very powerful all of our greatest warriors were killed and me and my friend his name is Wylond we are the only ones left but he was gone while they raided our village he said he was going to look for his mother that had been kidnapped by thieves." They finish and head off to find him, Iris tells Soutay "She dosen`t have do this for her" Soutay tells her "I am not doing it for you I am doing it for your mother and your village. Soutay walks ahead of Iris, Soutay says to Iris "Hurry up if we want to catch up to him" Iris tells Soutay "coming".
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