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Kumo remembers his big brother (A fans thoughts about Kiri and kumo's past) (Set after Madoushi).

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AN: Hello, my name is PL and I'm a big Makenshi fan. I always wondered about what happened in his childhood and 'Madoushi' really fueled my obsessive little mind. This fic has been on and off for years, something I've considered writing and stopped. This fic jumps back and forwards in time but I think it is clear when this happens. Please R and R.


The realm would not last for long now, Makenshi was certain that now his homelands portion of Wonderland had served his purpose that it would be forever destroyed. He furrowed his brow, the depth of the gesture nearly causing his white eyebrows to meet in the middle, he knew that Oscar and The Earl would stop at nothing to see their plan to fruition when they had callously sacrificed Fungus but he had not expected to be next.

His eyes drifted to the broken blade nearby, its shattered crystal a direct link into his equally broken soul. Squeezing his eyes shut, Kumo willed the events of the last few hours to leave, for it all not to have happened but it most certainly had and it could never be undone. He had never wanted to be stronger then Kiri, even now, he felt that he was the weaker of the two; Kumo owed too much to his brother to demean his achievements, to be angry with him.


"Kiri!" The red clad figure ran across the clouds to his father, jumping a gap in them with the expert precision of a child who had done it many times before. His long red hair whipped out behind him, mingling with the long crimson trail of his collar; he skidded to a fault in front of his father.

"Is it here yet?" He asked in loud excited tones, bouncing slightly as his rose toned father watched him. Kiri, gaining no answer, tugged on his father's cape impatiently. "Dad, is it here yet?"

His father, rich off red coloured eyes filled with a smile did not reply, fighting the urge he felt to just blurt out the answer to his son. "Calm Kiri," His voice was calm and melodic, yet filled with the tones of instruction his son needed. ""Your mother is tired." Kiri took a series of deep breaths to calm himself and looked up at his father hopefully. As an afterthought, he brushed some dirt from his shirt and beneath his mask, Aki smiled; Aki led his son inside, all the time schooling his own excitement.

His wife, Sora, was propped up in bed, arms wrapped supportively around something wrapped in a fluffy white blanket. She smiled wearily at her son, before turning her smile on her husband, who smiled back. "Come here Kiri, there's someone that you have to meet." Uncertainty won over excitement and Kiri took a few tentative steps towards her before hopping up on the bed at her side. Carefully, Sora moved some of the blankets to reveal a tiny figure, it had a shock of white hair and its eyes were closed in a doze. "This is your little brother, Kiri." Sora told him, wriggling one hand free of the bundle in order to stroke her older sons head. "His name is Kumo and you have to keep an extra careful eye on him."

The child's eyes did not leave the tiny newborn as he lent over to peer at his new sibling, "Of course mummy," Kiri replied, red eyes still not lifting. "I'm his big brother."


His hand strayed towards the sword, one finger brushing the indents made by Kiri's fingers; Kumo pulled away sharply, it seemed so wrong.


End of Chapter one, to be continued.

Please R and R.
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