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First Times

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"Of course. But hey," he poked Shinya's nose, "You're avoiding the subject. Tell me about your first time."

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"How was your first time?" Shinya retorted after getting surprised by Kyo's sudden question.

Kyo was standing at the open window in their bedroom, smoking. Upon hearing Shinya's question he threw the cigarette out of the window and then turned to the drummer in the bed, grinning slightly as he held up two fingers. "Two minutes."

Shinya burst out laughing. "Two minutes? Seriously?"

Kyo nodded. "She slapped me afterwards."

Shinya raised an eyebrow in a surprised way. "She slapped you? Wasn't that a little harsh? Considering it was your first time and all..."

Kyo rolled his eyes. "Do you think I told her it was my first time?"

Shinya had to laugh at that. "So you were a liar back then too?" he asked teasingly.

Kyo grinned as he walked over to the bed again and crawled onto it, facing his lover. "Of course. But hey," he poked Shinya's nose, "You're avoiding the subject. Tell me about your first time."

Shinya sighed slightly as Kyo settled down next to him in the bed. "Well..." he began, "It sucked. And not in a good way."

Kyo burst out in hysterical laughter at that and Shinya put a hand to his own forehead. "I can't believe I just said that," he mumbled, "I think I've been spending too much time with Die and Toshiya..."

Kyo grinned and patted Shinya's head. "But tell me, in what way did it suck?"

"Well... I had some problems with... errr...," he said awkwardly and started to make some hand gestures, trying to tell without blatantly saying it.

Kyo looked confused before it dawned on him what Shinya tried to say and he started to laugh again. "You mean you couldn't get it up?"

Shinya blushed slightly and nodded. Kyo grinned and patted his head in a patronizing way, "Aww, don't worry, Shin-chan. It happens to us all at some point."

Shinya poked his tongue out at the other. "Fuck you."

"Hm, maybe tomorrow. I'm too tired now," Kyo said and grinned teasingly.

"Pervert," Shinya said and rolled his eyes.

"You like it," Kyo replied, nuzzling his face into the crook of Shinya's neck.

Shinya let out a 'hmpf', but otherwise he didn't say anything. Kyo had the ability to twist and turn his words and make the mean the complete opposite to what he had intended.

"So you're saying you've never screwed a girl?" Kyo asked after a couple of silent seconds.

Shinya shrugged. "Well... I wouldn't call it 'screwing' but we did get it to work after a couple of tries... I mean, I was inside her, but none of us got anything out of it. She said it hurt so we stopped."

"Was it because you like guys?"

Shinya shrugged again. "I dunno... Hell, I didn't even know I liked guys until... well, until I fell in love with you. Before I just figured I was asexual or something since I never felt attraction to anyone, not girls, not guys... I figured sex was overrated and focused on drumming instead."

"So I made you sexual? Wow, don't I feel special," Kyo said and grinned.

Shinya snorted slightly. "You smug bastard."

Kyo laughed and nuzzled closer to Shinya, putting an arm around the drummer's thin waist. "You know you love me."

"Oh, shut up."

"Make me."

"Bitch," Shinya said and pouted, but couldn't stop himself from leaning down to kiss Kyo rather roughly on the mouth.

Kyo grinned as he kissed back and then settled down next to Shinya in the bed, leaning back against the soft pillows and stretching out, sighing in content.

"I really do love you, you know," he said softly after a few seconds of silence.

"I know, and I love you."

Exchanging smiles and nothing else really needed to be said between the two.

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