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Just a little story I came up with... Tre gets excited and jumps Billie! It's either slash or non-slash. Probably Slash!

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"I WON!" Tre Cool shouted happifully, while Mike Dirnt stared dumbfoundly at the chess-board.
"THAT'S A FIRST!" The drummer continued running around the small balcony at the hotel.
"Yeah... Tre, keep your voice down. There are people sleeping. Not to mention Billie." Mike said trying to shush the drummer.
"BILLIE! I GOT TO TELL HIM!" The drummer shouted as he opened the door and headed back into the dark hotel room; where the lead singer was trying to get some sleep.
"No! Tre... Damn." Mike said trying to stop Tre.

Tre searched around the hotel room, till he found Billie curled up on one of the beds.
"BILLIE! WAKE UP BILLIE! I WON! I WON!" The drummer shouted as he jumped onto Billie's back.
Billie gasped out loud at Tre's weight on top of him.
"What...?" He choked out.
"I WON! I WON BILLIE!" Tre shouted happifully, laying on top of Billie.
Billie's face got a little smashed into the hotel's pillows.
"That's nice Tre. Now please get off me...?" Billie said trying to push Tre off of his back.

"I FUCKING WON, BILLIE! IT'S ALL THANKS TO YOU!" Tre said getting half way off of the lead singer.
"What do you...?" Billie began turning slightly to look at the drummer.
Tre cut him off by capturing his lips with Billie's.
His tongue immediately went in; just playing with Billie's.

As simple as it had come, it was over.
Tre rolled off Billie, opened the hotel door and rushed down the hallway, shouted 'I WON' at the top of his lungs.

"Sorry Billie. We were playing chess, and I let him win and well..." Mike said coming and sitting on the other bed.
"Don't worry Mike," Billie said grinning at the memory of being kissed by Tre, "He'll tire himself out."
"Yeah..." The bassist agreed.
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