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Episode Two: Spirit of the Sword

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Canth is now considered an enemy of the empire. A swordsmen is sent to kill Canth. After some sparing they realize they're of equal skill. How is Canth going to win now?

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Disclaimer: I created all these characters, the plot, the setting, the story, everything about this story short of the English language was created by me. Never use this story/idea and
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Episode Two: Spirit of the Sword


"Don't worry, I won't let you die." A soft voice told Ulmgor. "No, you're going to stand trial for your failure." The man smiled as he poured more water on Ulmgor's bloody body.

"Ugh..." was all Ulmgor could say as more water washed over him, healing his wounds....

"I can hear you following me, what do you want?" Canth said without even stopping or turning around.

"I want you to teach me to fight!" she yelled out, closing the distance between them.

Canth stopped and looked directly at her. "Look, whoever you are. I have a mission to kill my brother, and I don't have time to train someone as weak as you. Now get lost!" Canth said as he began to walk again.

"My name is Lucia! And I need to learn!" she shouted, continuing to follow him.

"Fine, tell me where the nearest town is." He asked, calmer than before.

"Hmmm...." She stopped to think. "Well we're traveling east towards the Empire's border so... I think the nearest town is Worth so it should be about 20 miles away depending on how far we've been traveling since you defeated that Imperial officer...." She said not noticing Canth was getting ahead of her. "Hey! Aren't you going to teach me now?!?" she yelled at him.

"Uhhh... nope." He said as he continued walking. She chased after him.

Clump, clump, clump. Men were racing to a tent. Five of them entered the tent.

"Commander!" one of them yelled. All of them did the Imperial salute (making a fist with their left hand and hitting it softly against the right shoulder joining to the body).

"What is it?!?" The commander demanded to notice.

"Someone's here to see..." the soldier said. But he was interrupted by a man entering the tent.

"It's you!" the commander said almost gasping.

"It's been a long time Brigadier General Genbu." The man said with a coy smile.

"It's.." he was interrupted.

"I don't care if you're a Major General, I'm still outranking you. I've come with news from higher ups. You peons get out of the tent this is a private conversation." He told the soldiers. They complied without question.

"Well... what is it... Jukan?" The Major General asked.

"Don't call me that name!" he said with an intense anger in his voice, without actually yelling. Jukan was a strange person he wears a visor-mask made of metal with red paint streaks on it. He also wears a purple robe that goes from his shoulders to his ankles, and he wears black boots.

"Alright, alright, what do you need." The Major General asked.

"Well Major General Genbu I'm here to take away someone under your command, Colonel Morik." He told him.

"What!?! Why, what's happened that you have to take away one of my most promising soldiers." Genbu asked.

"Well usually we wouldn't ask something of this but something happened only a few hours ago, Ulmgor was defeated." Jukan broke the news coldly.

"Ulmgor? But how...? He was a gifted magi." Genbu said, spooked.

"We don't know, we don't even know who the enemy is but we're quite certain that Morik would be able to take care of the problem. Anyway the transfer is not negotiable. I simply came here to tell you." Jukan got up to leave the tent. "Didn't I say this was a private conversation?" He said. He pointed a finger at himself as foot steps were heard outside then he flicked his finger 180 degrees towards the retreating soldier and a beam of light shot out of his arm and caught the soldier in the heart. "Never disobey a higher officer." Jukan said with a scowl he then pulled out the strand of light and it dissolved. Blood erupted from the soldier's body like a volcano, as if someone detonated a bomb in his body. The soldier's body fell over dead. "Idiotic peons." Jukan said still frowning as he left the tent.

"Of course you can stay here; we have a building just for guests." An elderly man told Canth. "I heard a man who looks like you defeated Ulmgor recently. In celebration you can stay here for free!" He said joyously. "Uh... is this young woman with you?" he asked Canth

"Never seen her before." Canth said coldly.

"What?!?" Lucia shouted in disbelief.

"Well then she'll have to pay, do you have any money?" The elderly man asked her.

"Uh... well... no." She said saddened.

"Well then I'm afraid you can't stay here." The elderly man told her.

Canth sighed "I guess I'll pay for her as long as she stays away from me."

"Ah... the guest house is a one room though." The elderly man said. Lucia looked at Canth wondering what he was going to do.

Canth sighed again "fine, I guess I have no choice." He pulled out a small pouch filled with gold coins and handed tossed it to the old man.

"Right this way." The man said leading the two of them to an old stick hut in the middle of a small town/village made of stones. "It's only one room but there are some beds inside and the floor is made of cloth." He explained briefly before leaving. The two of them entered the one room hut.

"Stay on your side, and I'm still not going to teach you anything." Canth said briefly before laying down and closing his eyes.

"That's fine." She said laying down on the opposite side of the room.

Night passed by without anything significant happening. Canth didn't dream about anything. Then in the early morning an alarm was sounded. Canth woke up quickly and rose to his feet, he walked outside to see what was going on.

"You... you beat Ulmgor a man is here from the empire he's killing our militia!" the elderly man from yesterday pleaded.

"Relax, I'll finish him." Canth walked towards all the commotion, Lucia followed behind ducking behind buildings to avoid being seen.

"Where the hell is the bastard who defeated Ulmgor?" Morik said slashing a few more charging militia men.

"Right here." Canth said stepping into the circle of bodies.

"Oh? This will be over fast." He said. Suddenly his sword burst into flame and he charged at Canth. Canth stood where he was and drew the hilt of his sword and willed the glowing katana-like blade to spring forth. Morik swung vertically, Canth simply held his blade horizontally, extended, above his head to block the blade. The blades clashed and Canth quickly sidestepped attempted to slash Morik. Morik jumped back, out of the way of Canth's blade and stabbed forward. Canth lifted his arm in the nick of time and swung at Morik again who ducked the attack and pulled his blade back towards his body. Morik jumped back a few feet. Morik realized he and Canth were equals in sword fighting. Morik hated wasting time, so he attempted to finish the battle. He held his blade horizontally with his blade held out from his body. He charged at Canth hoping to end the battle quickly but his plan backfired and Canth ducked the attack and swung upwards, almost slicing off Morik's hand.

"You were impatient, that's why you lost." Canth told him. Morik was struck with fear, fear that this might be the end of him. Suddenly tentacles made of water shoot out from a nearby tree and wrapped around Morik. They dragged him back into the safety of the trees.

"Well... that's the end of it then." Canth said retracting the blade and leaving town.

"Hey! You're not going to try to ditch me!" Lucia said running after him.


Genbu is pronounced Jen-boo. And in case you're wondering this world doesn't have last names so when I use things like Major general Genbu, that's his first name not his last. I'm going to explain more such as ages and appearances in the next chapter, don't worry I didn't forget I was just waiting for the opportune time ^_^

Thanks for reading, I hope to post more episodes soon (at least on a weekly basis) so keep coming back to read more :D.

Be sure to read my other stories: Age of Psychics and Never-ending War.

Special thanks to: Adrian H. Grepe, and Steven for helping me with some of the names.

Thank you for reading!
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