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The real beginning.

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It's a sequel!!

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The last we ended, Chelsea, Brendon, and baby Thomas were somewhere in the middle of the U.S. on none other then a tour bus in a nameless city. Baby Thomas, or BT as he had been dubbed continued to grow and turned out more like Brendon then anyone would have expected. Even at the age of nine months, as we are about to pick up, he was definitely just like his father but more of a momma's boy.

Thomas, now nine months old, had yet to begin walking, he was, however, sleeping through the night after much praise from Brendon.

Chelsea, on the other hand, didn't see much of a change. She was still in school and spending less time on the road with her rock star husband, and more time with her nose in the books. She was now a junior in college and school had been coming down hard on her.

Brendon, of course, hadn't changed much. He was still arrogant, cocky, super gorgeous, and still loved Chelsea more then words could express but now he had a partner in crime, you guessed it, his nine month old son.

As the story begins, Brendon is just home from a seven month though in which Chelsea and Thomas stayed home; mainly so Chelsea could focus on school. Brendon didn't take the news very well but quickly got over it.

In this sequel, Brendon and Chelsea's relationship will be tested in a much harsher way then ever. They will face drama to the extreme, temptation, and heart break...can they over come it?

Meg-So I decided I didn't like where the sequel was going so I moved back a few years and decided to try something else. Send me some sort of a message and tell me if you like the change, that would be fantastic and it would probably make me update sooner!!!

Brendon smiled down at his small son as Thomas smiled showing two teeth coming in right in front while Brendon put a pair of socks on him early one morning in preparation for sending him to his first day of "school"

'Is he almost ready?' Chelsea asked sticking her head into Thomas' Green Eggs and Ham nursery.

'Almost.' Brendon mumbled as Thomas reached up for Brendon's red rimmed glasses.

'Okay.' Chelsea said and exited the room going back to making Brendon's breakfast.

'Are you sure he's ready for this? He's just a baby.' Brendon asked as he sat next to his son in his high chair at the table while Thomas ate chunks of banana.

'Babe, he'll be fine. The question is, are you ready for this?' Chelsea asked as she set a plate of waffles in front of him and kissed his plump lips quickly.

'I'm not ready for this; he doesn't seem old enough to be going to school yet.'

'Honey, he'll be okay.' Chelsea assured him before walking back into their bedroom to finish getting ready.

'Come on buddy; let's go pack your diaper bag.' Brendon said as he picked up his wobbly son carrying him into their bedroom where Chelsea was working on Thomas' bag.

'Chelsea, I don't like this.' Brendon said. Chelsea turned around and looked at him.

'Baby, he'll be fine.' Chelsea assured him fixing the collar to his blue polo.

'What if he's not?'

'Then they will call us and we can go get him.'

'Are you sure?'

'Bren, baby, please calm down; it's only until 12:30. You can go and get him then and you can spend the rest of the day holding him and making sure he's okay.'

'Alright, I guess you're right.'

'I know I'm right.'

'We're having dinner with my parents tonight don't forget okay?'

'How could I forget, Kara has called and left me about twelve messages telling me not to forget. We're meeting her boyfriend tonight you know.'

'She has a boyfriend?'


'Man I feel old.'

'Brendon, she's older then you.'

'My son is starting school.'

'Okay Mr. Drama queen. Hand him over, it's time to leave.' Chelsea said holding out her hands. Thomas smiled at his mom and reached out for her, 'Ohh, Thomas, I love you so much.' Chelsea smiled kissing the side of his head as she hugged him.

Chelsea bent down and put him into his bucket car seat strapping him in as he protested, 'He hates that seat.'

'Well soon enough we can get him a new one.'

'Yeah, He hates that one.'


'This must be Thomas.' Karen, Thomas' "teacher" said as Chelsea carried him into the room with Brendon behind her.

'How are you?' Chelsea smiled as Brendon stood close taking Thomas out of her arms.

'Great, how are you two?' Karen smiled.

'Brendon is having some anxieties about leaving him today.'

'That's understandable, first child, first day of school. Brendon he'll be fine.'

'I know.' Brendon smiled.

'I'll be back to get you at 12:30 okay buddy.' Brendon said bending down after he had set Thomas on the floor. Thomas stood, with help from his dad, and leaned on his dad's legs, 'I love you buddy.' Thomas looked up at Brendon and smiled again reaching for his glasses.

'Come on babe.' Chelsea said softly. Chelsea bent down next to Brendon and pulled her son in to a hug, 'we'll be back to get you in a few hours baby. Be good for Ms. Karen.' Chelsea stood up as Brendon hugged him again giving him a few kisses before setting him back down where he sat with a confused look on his face. 'Bye baby.' Brendon said as they started out the door just as Thomas began to cry and reach out for his parents. Karen picked him up and comforted him as Chelsea and Brendon left the room, both with wet eyes.

'He'll be okay Brendon.'

'I hate seeing him so upset.' Brendon whispered holding Chelsea's hand.

'I know you do babe.' Chelsea said sweeping a tear from his cheek.

'So 12:30 I can pick him up?'

'Yes, 12:30, I should be home by two if not before.'

'They will call me if he doesn't calm down or if something goes wrong right?'

'Yes baby they will. If he needs you, they will call.'

'Okay, then go to class, I'll see you when you get home.'

'Alright, love you.'

'I love you.' Brendon smiled placing a soft kiss on Chelsea's lips before opening the door to her maxima.

Brendon watched her pull out of the drive way before he walked over to his range rover and got into the car, listening to the silence for a moment before starting to the studio.
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