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A living nightmare

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Frank has some troubled dreams... only to find out they might not be dreams after all. This is just a one shot... but if i get any reviews then i might consider continuing.... hmm... i reall can...

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The stars in the sky were bright that night. Twinkling like diamonds in a black sea. The breeze was delightful after the long, sweaty, hot city day.

He had come to his usual spot. The roof. It was one of the tallest buildings in the city. He came here most nights to think, to clear his scattered mind. He had thought about jumping some nights. This was one of them. He gazed below him, almost going into a trance, the car and traffic lights pulling him in.

'Would anyone notice if I was not here?. Would they care?'

He had friends, well they were more like acquaintances really. They were just hid flat mates but he liked them, they were nice people. They had given him a place to stay when he first came to the city, after there was a huge tragedy in his family.

His mother had recently passed away. He never had a chance to know his father properly, he had left his mother when he was still a toddler. His mother had been murdered, shot. Some say that it was his father, but no one knew for sure. The police had been investigating deeply but it later became a cold case.

His old home reminded him too much of the horrors that had happened so he came to the 'big city'. He was still quite young, only nineteen. This young man's name was Frank Iero.

He was at his thinking spot looking down at the lights, he knew that he would never jump, he was too much of a coward.

Frank turned to walk away when a dark shadow emerged from the door way of the roof. This person was tall, muscular and seemed so familiar to him. The figure stumbled closer, until he grabbed Frank by the arms and turned him around and pushed him forwards so that half of his body was over the edge of the building

. Frank's body froze with fear. At that moment there were so many thoughts and memories flashing through his head. Then he felt a push. He was now falling, the ground was moving closer and closer as he let out one final scream.

He shot up-right in his bed, cold sweat dripping from his temples. He heard a bang on his bedroom wall followed by the faint sound of Gerard, one of his flat mates telling him to shut up because some people were trying to sleep.

That was the third time in a week that Frank had had that nightmare. He never sees his attacker's face though and this frustrated him to the bone.

He managed to fall back to sleep that night even though it was difficult. But when he woke up the next morning he felt fine, rested.

Gerard was just leaving for work and Mikey, his other flat mate and Gerard's younger brother was still in bed but that was simply because of the party he had been to the night before. Let's just put it this way, he was going to need a lot of aspirin when he woke up.

Just as Gerard shut the front door the phone rang, which reminded Frank that he still had to put his share of money towards this month's phone bill. He walked over to the phone hanging on the wall, he picked up but before he could say hello, a voice came on. It was a rough, unpleasant sounding voice.

"Did you enjoy you're 'fall time' last night Frankie?."

What the..., how did this guy know what I dreamt last night and how the hell did he know his name?

Frank was getting scared but the voice just laughed and then hung up. Leaving Frank standing in the middle of the Hall with all of the colour drained from his face.

Mikey came out of his bedroom to find Frank still looking at the phone in shock . He just walked past him because frankly he thought that Frank was a little messed up in the head.

Later that day after Frank had got over the shock of the phone call, Gerard phoned to say that he had some tickets to the local basement club. There was a new band setting up there tonight so he thought they should go and have a look. He said that he would be home at six and the club opened at seven. They were all really into the scene and hoped that one day it would be them on the stage of the clubs. I mean Mikey and his brother had been in various bands together and Frank had been playing in bands since he was eleven. But they had never perused the idea of forming a band together.

Seven o'clock soon rolled around and once Mikey's girlfriend, Chelsea had arrived they all clambered into her car and set off for the club.

When they got there, they could already hear the loud music of the band bursting through their amps. They gave over their tickets and the bouncer let them in, giving each of them a luminous ink stamp on the backs of their hands. Frank could not make out what the stamp said though.

The music was hypnotising, the crowd moved backwards and forwards together. Frank was getting hot and soon felt the urge for a cigarette. He squeezed through the intense teenage crowd until he came to an open fire exit. By this time he had already lost Gerard and the others in the riot inside.

He stepped outside and the cold air filled his lungs, making his throat feel prickly. He felt around in his pocket for his cigarette packet and lighter. He found the lighter, it was silver and square with a picture of a shark on the side of it. His mother had bought it when she had gone to Australia on business and it reminded him of her so he kept it.

He was about to light up his cigarette, when he felt his feet being pulled away from under him. He was being dragged further away from the fire exit and into the shadows of the other buildings. He had dropped his lighter and was seriously pissed off and totally scared at the same time in that moment.

Once again he hoped that this was not happening and any time soon he would wake up in his bed. But that was not the case this time.

He felt a very sharp pain in his stomach, he had been kicked, fairly hard too and it hurt like hell. He was dragged up to his feet and was now resting against the wall. That was when he saw his attacker. It was the man from the roof , the man from his nightmares. There was something shining in the moonlight. Frank was trying to get his eyes to adjust to the dim light, and when the item in the man's hands finally came into view he nearly passed out. It was a gun!. The man stepped forwards and for the first time Frank saw his face. He knew it so well but he just couldn't place him.

The first words that came out of his mouth were

"You're the spitting image of your mother!"

How did he know his mother?. How was this lunatic getting into his dreams, if he was in his dreams that is. Frank could just be imagining the whole dream thing, thinking that this is the face from his dreams didn't actually mean that it was.

"Do you know what you and your mother did to my life?, you destroyed it!. I was happily married and then your mother came along and soon after so did you. You were the biggest mistake I ever made.!"

No, this could not be right. This was his father standing in front of him?.

"Got it in a oner, that's ma boy!."

"How did you get into my dreams and why are you trying to kill me? I don't even know you!."

"Well it is pretty easy to get into some ones dreams...... when you're dead!"


Frank had never known of his father's death.

" Well if you're dead how can you hold that gun?"

Frank was trying to buy some time while he thought of how he was going to get out of this. This was probably just some drunk on a power trip trying to scare the shit out of him... well that's what he thought.

"When you've been dead for a while you pick up some tricks."

Frank felt his chest begin to tighten, he was starting to really panic now, there was no way out of this situation.

" When your mother kicked me out I tried to get back with my wife but she wouldn't take me. Don't blame her really. I couldn't take it any more so I ended it my self over three years ago with this very gun."

Frank was starting to piece together the mental jig saw that this phantom was throwing at him. He was the one that had killed his mother. That was why it had become a cold case, you can't charge a ghost with first degree murder.

" So why do you want to kill me too ?."

" You were the reason your mother kicked me out, you were the reason my wife left. You were a mistake and you don't deserve to live!"

Those words cut through Frank like a sharpened knife. He had thought them himself a few times, but it sounded totally different when coming from someone else's mouth.

Just as his father raised the gun towards Frank's sweating brow a group of people came out of the club, it was Gerard, Chelsea and Mikey. Frank's and Gerard's eyes met in fear.

Then the trigger was pulled.

Hey people tell me what u think and review please. This is just a wee filler while I figure out what to do with my other story.. Drowing lessons.

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