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Chapter 6

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Peyton Clarkson's boyfriend had just signed with one of the biggest recording companies around, and now hes heading out to tour with another major band, Fall Out Boy. What happens when he can't alw...

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AH! Sorry for my lack of an update. I've been crazy busy with being home now, I feel like I never have enough time in the day. lol Well here it is, lemme know what you think! It isn't as long as I hoped it would of been, but mostly its just a filler until the next one comes out. So bear with me.


The sun peeked through the light blue curtains that lined the expansive windows, drowning the occupants inside in its warmth. One of them had decided not to partake in the sun's presence like the other one had. They had thrown their beautiful white down comforter over their head in hope that somehow it would over power the suns great strength.

Apparently things did not always turn out how they were intendid. "Peyton, would please stop squirming. I'm trying to catch a couple of more 'Z's' before I have to technically be up." Oliver said in a groggy voice as he placed his arm over Peyton's thin waist holding her still.

"Why did you pick out the light blue?"

Oliver opened one of his eyes to peek over at her. Seriousness was written all over her face. When he finally spoke, his voice was muffled by the pillow, "light blue what?"

"Curtains. The sun blinds me in the morning, and I can't sleep as well."

Oliver now sat up on his right elbow and stared down at her innocent face. "Your talking about curtains at," he looked past her for a moment to look at the clock on the nightstand next to the bed, "eight thirty in the morning."

"Let's have breakfast." Peyton blurted out as she threw the covers back and headed for the bathroom. She heard Oliver laugh and lay back down. "I'm going to take a shower and then we will have breakfast."

No response came as Peyton shut the bathroom door behind her. She turned the shower on hot and turned towards the mirror looking herself over as steamed flooded behind her. Her hair was touseled and last nights make up still stained her eyes. Peyton made a disgusted face at herself in the mirror. 'I look like hell..' she thought as she opened the medicene cabinet to fetch her face wash, but it was not there. In its place though were two empty bottles, both resembling the same one Peyton had found only a day before, 'and their empty. Two bottles in less than two days,' she thought as last nights events had come crashing into her.

Last Night

Peyton entered the apartment cautiously, she was now deathly afraid of the man she had loved for two years. She was afraid of what he had become within the last hour more than ever.

Glancing around quickly, Peyton saw that there was nothing to be to worried about right this second. If he was still as angry as he was before then for sure the apartment would of looked like a tornado had blasted through it. But on the contrary, the apartment looked immaculate, better than normal even.

Thinking she was in the clear Peyton made a beeline for her bedroom but was soon met with Oliver standing in the doorway. 'Of course, the bathroom is where he would be hiding.'

"Oliver?! I..I didn't know you were in there." Peyton stuttered dropping her purse on the floor. Her lifeline was now out of reach.

Oliver glared at her, his eyes slightly glossed over as he looked her up and down. "Where else would I be Peyton? Its a one bedroom apartment. Did you think I would just 'magically' disappear or," he took a couple of steps towards her, making her back away from him in fear, "you know what it was? I believe that maybe my phone rang and it was your mother! YEP! That was it!"

Peyton gulped. She must of looked like a deer caught in headlights to him. He knew. How he knew though was a mystery to her. She cleared her throat and spoke up when she was finally able to find her voice. "Oliver, honey, what are you talking about?"

"Don't play stupid with me Peyton!" his voice raising in decibels. "Your mom called me when you were in the bathroom on the phone with her. She said she had been trying to get ahold of you for awhile. This was of course when you were in the restroom. Peyton, I thought you were talking to her, and if it wasn't her you were talking to then who was it?"

"Oliver, I can explain!" Peyton said quickly as Oliver approached her placing his hands on her arms.

"I would like to here this one," Oliver said in a flat tone. He actually sounded bored with the whole conversation already.

Peyton had to think of a good lie and fast. "Fine. You want to know who it really was that called?" she asked in an expasperated voice causing Oliver to gaze at her wide eyed. "It was my sister. I didn't want to tell you in case you DID talk to my mom. You know how she feels about Gwen and me talking to her. She needed my help. You remember what it was like for me to live in that house. You rescued me. Please, don't be mad at me for talking to her." Peyton sighed heavily as her fake tears rolled down her cheeks. She was starting to become really good at this lying thing.

Oliver's face softened dramatically. He remembered her household alright. That had been one of the many reasons for them moving to Chicago. "Peyton, I'm sorry, but you have to understand where I was coming from." Oliver said pulling his girlfriend close to him. "I'm sorry about Gwen. I won't say anything to your mother about her calling," he raised her chin to meet her eyes "you don't have to sneak around when she calls ok?"

Peyton nodded her head and layed it against Oliver's chest. "What did you think I was doing?" she mumbled.

"Its um, its um nothing Pey. Come on lets change and go to bed." Oliver kissed the top of her head gently.

'Whew!' was all Peyton thought as she followed Oliver into their room. After tonight, Peyton Alexandra Clarkson was one hell of an actress.


'That explains his mood change last night.' Peyton thought as she supressed her anger. She left the empty bottles where they were so Oliver would not suspect that she had found them, let alone touch them


"Peyton hurry up in there. Your breakfast is getting cold." Oliver called to her from the kitchen table.

Peyton emerged from their bedroom, hair still wet but she was now fully clothed. "Thank you for the breakfast sweetie. I'm starving. Where's the paper?" she questioned as she sat down in front of her plate at the table.

"Right here," he said handing the paper over to her, "why do you read that anyways?"

"Its informative Oliver. Why do you think I'm so smart?" Peyton asked as she unfolded the paper and starting to read it. "Oliver?"

Oliver looked up from his plate acknowledging her question with a nod. "What is it Pey?"

"Are you related to an Ava Lemmings?"

"Not that I know of why?" Peyton now had him interested in that newspaper too. "Lemmings is a popular last name you know that right?"

Peyton shook her head, "Its sad, about this girl that is. 'Ava Lemmings, pictured right, was at a recent Fall Out Boy show when witness's saw her car blow up with a young woman inside of it at the time. Police have it confirmed to be Ms. Lemmings friend, pictured right with Lemmings, whose name has not yet been released...' it goes on to explain the investigation. How werid is that? The last name being Lemmings and being at a Fall Out Boy show."

Oliver chuckled softly. "Let's just hope that her black cloud doesn't follow the tour."

Peyton smacked Oliver playfully with the paper. "Oliver James! Your so ignorant!"

Oliver laughed harder at Peyton's facial expression. The normalcy that they were sharing would end shortly. In less than a week the tour would start and that is when chaos would ensue.


Patrick sighed heavily as his vibrated again for the fifth time that hour. Another voicemail by her. 'Couldn't she take a hint when I didn't answer the first four times!' Patrick thought as he handed his phone to Joe who was perched by the front entrance to his home. "Here you answer it the next time it rings."

"What? You don't want to talk to Peyton?" Joe asked jokingly moving away from his spot at the door.

"I wouldn't be avoiding Peyton, Joe. Believe me, its not her. Don't you think I would of been in a better mood if it was her?" Patrick groaned as he saw his phone light up and vibrate in Joe's hand.

Joe glanced down to see who was calling his friend, "HOLY SHIT! Its Anna!"

Patrick rolled his eyes and got up from his placement on the couch and walked to his bedroom to lay down. Why was she doing this now? Had it of been a month ago, he would of answered it. Patrick Stump would of been on cloud nine, head over heels, grasping-onto-her-ever-syllable-she-spoke happy. But now, he could give two shits about her. He had moved on, true it was not a better situation considering the girl he was attracked to was in a relationship, but it was definetly better than being with her.

Joe came bursting into Patrick's bedroom seconds later, interupting his thoughts. "Patrick, have you listened to her voicemails?"

"No." he stated flatly.

"Maybe you should, somethings up with her man." Joe said throwing Patrick's phone into his lap.


Ok, so there it is..I hope you like it. I know it wasn't very long, but I thought I got my point across and set up things for further drama LOL. There was also a shout out to one of my favorite authors on here Gwen, and her story The Mistake. Everyone should of heard of it by now, if you haven' must be living a sheltered life lol. Well reviews are welcome!
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