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Okay, this is serious mindf**k. That's all I'm saying. But, I am REALLY proud of this one. The first time I've really loved a story I wrote. So, please. READ AND REVIEW!!! I'll love you forever...

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- Disclaimer- I don't own...I own the person who is in the twist, though. laughs**

A/N- I know, I know...this isn't 'When Love and Death Embrace' but I freaking had to. I had to. I don't really want to give it away, but it's gonna be surprising. grins evilly And this is dedicated to aiIenzo, because she taught me how to put pictures in my profile. Thanks again, sweetie!

Oh, if you're reading 'When Love and Death Embrace' and you don't know who Ville Valo is or what he looks like, go check out my profile. I got pictures now. beams I'm all proud of myself now. Enjoy...

Warnings: Severe mindfuck, my friends. And some droppings of the f-bomb.
Gerard reached upwards, his pale thin fingers dripping crimson liquid.

"Please," he choked out. "Please, Frankie. Hold me. Save me."

Tears dripped down Frank's cheeks, splattering on the tour bus's carpet.

"Oh, God, Gerard...please. Don't do this to me!" Frank cried, sliding his arms under the vocalist's frail body and cradling him to his chest. The two men sobbed together as one, fear and pain oozing out of their pores and mixing with the thick, musty air.

Mikey, Ray, Bob, and Brian all stood back, watching the scene, horrified. No one had called for help. Everyone's fear had blocked out all rational thought.

It had all started a few months ago.

Gerard had been missing for a few hours, and everyone was on edge, trying to find the vocalist. Frank had finally dismissed himself from the group and went to the bathroom. When he had opened the hotel's bathroom door, he was horrified to find Gerard unconscious, his head resting in a puddle of his own vomit. There was no sign of alcohol or drugs in Gerard's system when they took him to the hospital. The doctors could see nothing wrong with him. So when Gerard woke up and he insisted to be released, they couldn't hold him. There was nothing wrong. Why fix what's not broken?

A month later, Gerard was blacking out and vomiting for no reason on a regular basis. And yet, the stubborn vocalist refused to go see a doctor. He began losing weight, and the dark circles under his eyes became permanent. He stopped going out due to fear of blacking out in public, and began forgetting simple things.

And yet, My Chemical Romance played on. Mostly due to Gerard's insistence. Luckily, there had been no incidents on stage yet, but the band, his friends, and his family were just waiting for the day to come when Gerard's body finally crashed and didn't reboot.

They were waiting, but they weren't ready.

This morning, it had been normal. Everyone had gathered around the bus's table, eating breakfast and talking. Gerard had emerged from his bunk last, rubbing sleep from his eyes. He had gotten his first full night of sleep in awhile last night, and was actually feeling pretty okay.

At least, until he collapsed, darkened crimson liquid pouring from his lips. His body was too weak, he couldn't hold himself up. Tears poured down his pale face as he retched blood again. He couldn't hold himself up, and he fell face-first into the contents of his stomach.

Frank had jumped up, shoving past his band-mates to get to his lover.

"Please, Gerard no...," he wailed, clutching Gerard close. Gerard was shaking, hard. Frank sobbed, whispering sweet nothings and pleading for Gerard to stay with him.

Gerard murmured into Frank's chest, "I love you..."

His body shuddered one last time, and then, time left Gerard Way behind.

Frank let out a scream as he felt the life leave Gerard's body, and unable to take it anymore, he dropped the vocalist's lifeless body to the floor. His head smacked against the carpet with a 'thud', his head lolling to the side. Gerard's eyes were closed, but his mouth was still slightly open with a red trickle of blood coming out of the corner, marring the pale beauty of his skin.

Mikey burst out sobbing, his screams ripping through the air as the bond between the two brothers was broken for good.

Ray and Bob looked at each other, suddenly terrified, and immediately went into each other's arms. Brian just placed his head in his hands and began crying silently.

Suddenly, Gerard's eyes snapped open. He sat up quickly and wiped off his mouth on Frank's shirt. Frank stopped crying, as did everyone else, and gaped at the vocalist.

"Gerard," he gasped, "you're alive."

"Yeah, and?" Gerard snarled, jumping to his feet and walking purposefully to the back of the bus. He left behind the completely confused band, who was stunned into silence.

Gerard kept walking until he got to the very back, where the sofa and TV were.

There, sitting on the sofa, was a teenaged girl with a laptop in her lap. She was typing furiously with only two fingers. She didn't look up when Gerard entered.

She had dark brown hair pulled back into a ponytail with messy bangs hanging down in her face. She had black glasses resting on her nose, and had chocolate brown eyes with black eyeliner under them. There was no eyeliner on her top eyelid. She wore a pair of tight blue jeans and a black and pink HIM t-shirt. She was rather tall and skinny. Her skin was a mocha color. She couldn't have been more than fourteen.

Gerard cleared his throat. She didn't look up. Gerard stared at her, his hands on his hips. That's when he noticed the headphones in her ears.

Gerard leaned forward and snatched the headphones out of her ears. She let out a shout and looked up angrily.

"Michelle, I'm gonna kill...," her voice trailed off as her eyes widened.

Gerard sneered at her and said, "Well?"

She blinked and stuttered, " did you find me?"

Gerard laughed bitterly and said, "Well, I kinda noticed something was wrong when I died for maybe seventh time!!!" His voice had escalated into a shout.

"Well, geez, Gerard. No need to yell," she said, her eyebrow raised high.


She blinked.

"Well, I self-diagnosed myself with compulsive over-eating the other day, and with really mild OCD. Other than, I am kinda anti-social, but aren't all of us misfits?" She laughed, shaking her head.

Gerard's left eye twitched as he balled his hands into fists at his side.

"Hamsters? Gayness? Suicide? Murder? Death? Drug usage? Cancer? Finnish rock gods? Split personality disorder? Vampires? Winged men? Bank robberies? Lighthouses? Kidnapping? What the hell's wrong with you????"

She blinked again.

"Oh, come on, Gerard. You know I love you."

"How can you love if you kill me in nearly every story you write?????" he screamed, his face going red and the veins popping out in his neck.

"It's complicated," she said.

"No," Gerard said, shaking his head, "no it's not. Let me ask you this: if I'm gay in every story you write, how the hell am I eventually going to marry you?"

She grinned, and said, "No, no, sweetie. You're not gay, you're bi-sexual. That way I can be with you, and watch you with Frankie."


The girl snorted.

"Yeah, in reality. In this world, if I say so, Jamia doesn't /exist/. And sweetheart, I definitely say so."

"Who are you?" Gerard hissed.

"You, my dearest, may call me 'MyVengefulRomance' or just 'Her Great Authoress'. It doesn't matter to me. Or you can call me 'Pumpkin-butt' or something equally sexily stupid," the Authoress said.

Gerard shook his head, at first slowly and then faster.

"Dude, what the hell? Are you kidding me? This can't be happening."

The Authoress stood up and patted Gerard's quaking shoulder.

"It's okay, babe. I'll make you forget this ever happened in my story 'When Love and Death Embrace'."

"What?" Gerard asked, his head shooting up to look at her. "'When Love and Death Embrace'? Am I dying in that one?"

She shrugged and wrinkled her nose.

"I dunno. Probably not. Maybe. It depends on how I'm feeling when I write the ending. Just hope I'm not in a bad mood on that day."

Gerard shook his head quickly, his eyes wide.

"Please, not again. I'm tired of going to so many funerals. My funerals."

"Hey, I have an idea. Why don't you shut up before I decide to write a one-shot in which you get man-pregnant?!!? You don't want that," she snarled.

Gerard blinked and said, ", I don't. 'bout I go and die now?"

The Authoress smiled evilly.

"That's what I thought, Gerard. Now, go and die."

Gerard nodded and walked back to his spot on the carpet with his head down.

Frank looked at him incredulously and said, "Baby, what the hell just happened?"

Gerard looked at him sadly and kissed him on the cheek, before leaning back and stopping breathing.

Frank blinked, and sighed, "Dude...this is fucked. If he can just wake up again, why the hell-?"

"HEY FRANK????? I HAVE AN IDEA!!!!!!! WHY DON'T YOU SHUT THE HELL UP?????????" a voice from the back screamed.

Frank immediately shut up, because the Authoress said so.

Then Mikey dressed up like a ninja, and Bob and Ray danced in circles while dressed like fairies.

And the only reason they did it was because the Authoress is in control. And they couldn't do anything about it.

A/N- Ha, I laughed so hard while writing this. I bet I had you in tears in the beginning. laughs I realized what a sick fuck I am though, 'cause I AM that girl. You probably figured that out though...REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!
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