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Tne Great Silverwear Debate

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The greatest debate about...silverwear the world has seen! Cross-over+One shot

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A/N: so i haven't been able to produce any good chapter fics lately and i had this craving to write this scene out so here it is..a very short crossover fic, meant to be humorous. please read&review.

"You're going to cut your mouth open one of these days," Pete said as he watched Ryan balancing his mashed potatoes on his knife and then take it up to his mouth.

"How so?" He asked once swallowing.

"Ryan, we have forks for a reason." Pete said holding his fork up in the air.

"Knives are way more useful," Ryan said shrugging off Pete's comment and continuing on with eating his meal.

It was new years eve and Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy were out having dinner before going to a party at some night club.

"I like spoons," Brendon commented holding his soup spoon up.

He was trying to get into Pete & Ryan's conversation because he didn't exactly want to take part in Patrick's, Andy's and Spencer's conversation about some sci-fi show that was on last weekend and Joe and Jon were chatting about something only Joe and Jon could understand. Brendon's guess was it was something grotty since they were laughing loudly with grins plastered over their faces as they scoffed down their dinner.

"Spoons?" Pete said still holding his fork up.

"You heard me, they are more useful then forks by far." Brendon said. Pete let out a chuckle.

"Really? How so.." He asked Brendon.

"They...scoop things." Brendon replied.

"Forks stab things and people." Pete said throwing his fork up in the air.

"Are you threatening me with your silverwear Peter?" Brendon asked cocking an eye brow.

"Maybe, maybe not. Just admit forks are better." Pete replied drawing his fork like a sword.

"Never." Brendon said drawing his spoon also.

"Can't you get sporks?" Ryan asked taking a sip of his drink.

"Yeah but...who would want a spork?" Pete asked. "They're like the mutant children of the silverwear family." Pete said, Brendon nodded in agreement.

"Are you guys actually discussing which piece of silverwear is better?'' Spencer asked as they had apparently finished their conversation.

"Umm, yeah. When you put it like that it seems so..'' Brendon said.

"Weird.'' Spencer said.

"Yeah, I suppose.'' Pete said laughing.
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