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Chapter 2

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Hara met her long lost brother Inuyasha, along with his group of friends. Now he wants to take her out of what she knows...

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of these Characters, except for Hara Emi, and maybe a few more I make up along the way.

Last chapter: Hara met her long lost brother Inuyasha, along with his group of friends. Now he wants to take her out of what she knows...

Chapter 2:

I looked at him stunned. "You cant take me from here. You don't even know me." He stood up and puffed out his chest.

"I don't have to know you! You're my sister, half or what ever, therefore your coming with me." I felt like an object with no opinion over my own on my life. I'd show him who was in control over me. I went back into the hut and back into the bedroom, and went back to sleep.

I awoke early in the morning. Everyone was still asleep as I walked outside. Hase was near the lake washing clothes. I walked over to her and stared silently out at the water. " could you so easily give me away?" I asked with a tremor in my voice. She looked at me with tears in her eyes

"Child I did not do this for me, I did this for you. You will see in the end." She said knowingly, but sadly as she turned back to the clothes.

"Well I just wanted to say goodbye for now." I said. "I will be going my own way, not his, I would appreciate if you didn't tell them in which direction I am going." she nodded and I took one last look at the woman I always thought of as my mother. I ran into the woods as the sun started to rise over the mountains. I felt free on my own, not being told to keep myself inline because of the other kids. After awhile I got tired of running and found a stream to sit near. The water looked so inviting I just had to take a swim. I took my clothes off and dived into the lake. It was sunny out in the open, but there was also some shade on the other end of the lake. I started swimming to the other side, where the shade was. I suddenly noticed someone was watching me. I had been caught up in my own freedom that I forgot to pay attention to the important things. I turned around in small circles scanning the shore and trees. I'm sure something's out there. "Hello, anyone there?" I said loudly. Suddenly a loud howl sounded very near the lake. Then more and louder howls. I started to swim back to my clothes, when this man walked out of the woods. He was so beautiful, with black hair, dark blue eyes. He smelt like a wolf.

"Well hello there Lake Goddess!" he said brightly. "I guess I'm here to capture you."

"What?! I'm not even a Goddess!! I'm just a regular demon." I cried out. More wolf demons started to come from the forest, and here I was naked, and all of them were males. "If you all would please just back away from the lake, you can go looking and taking all the Goddess you wish." it looked like he was thinking this over .

"Hmm...I think not. Though my pack will back away while you dress, I will stay to make sure you don't run."

"Ah Kouga, why do you always get to have the fun?!" one of the guys in Kouga's pack said. Kouga gave him a look that made him run off with the rest of the pack.

"Do you mind turning around while I get out?" I asked. He turned around and I hurried out of the lake. I was putting the dress over my head when Kouga came over slammed his lips on mine. "You pervert!" I said slapping him hard on the face. He picked me up and started to run with me. I was used to running like this, but the world around me became a furious blur. We came full stop in front of a mountain that had a walk in.

"Welcome to your new home! I'm sure you will get to know all the guys soon." he said as he carried me into the cave and laid me down onto the straw covered floor. I looked around it looked to be only males in the giant room.

"I would like for you to set me free right this instant." I said with determination in my voice. Kouga looked at me laughingly then turned to his back behind his laughing.

"What is your name?" he asked.

"Hara Emi." I answered. "Now if you would let me by-"

"Now why would I do that?"

"Because you're a nice guy who takes girls away from their outrages half brother who they just met and wants to take over her life." I answered smiling.

"Now that you mention a half brother...You do look smell familiar too." he said looking confused. He walked around my body looking me over trying to fit the puzzle together.


Okay I haven't updated this story in a lonngggggg time, but I seen it the other day and thought I might as well add another chapter to it. So yup here it is.
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