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Finding a clue.

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My legs hurt from falling and seeing this...thing...was unbelievable. I don't even know what to call it. It had three arms on one side and two on the other side...

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Chapter 3: Finding a clue.

My legs hurt from falling and seeing this...thing...was unbelievable. I don't even know what to call it. It had three arms on one side and two on the other side. It turned around in circles when it got closer. The whole thing was different shades of purple. It was also wearing a raincoat. It looked like on the left side of the body there were more appendages then the right side. Like two arms on the left side one on the right, two legs on the left side like an extra everything on the left side. It sniffed the air like a dog does and kept turning in circles. It turned and faced us. I sucked in my breathe hoping it wouldn't see us. Its eyes gleamed the brightest green I had ever seen. I looked at Steven and he was staring hard at the thing, like if he stared hard enough it wouldn't see us. I looked back at the creature before us and it was staring at us, not at the hut but directly at us! It started to walk toward us and I sat back a little, my breathing got harder as it got closer. Steven pushed me back into the hut and he himself burst out of the hut knocking the creature over. Steven got up and ran to get a stick nearby. The creature got up and made a roaring noise while hitting its chest like a gorilla. Steven picked the stick up and started swinging it at the creatures back while he was turned around, and he struck hard bringing the creature down on all fours. He made a roaring noise. Steven went to kick him in the stomach and the creature grabbed his foot and pulled him to the ground. The creature got on top and they started wrestling. Arms and feet were tangled in a mess, they kept rolling over each other and grunting. Someone screamed in the forest and the creature looked up and sniffed holding Steven down. Steven then made a swift right punch. The creature grabbed Steven by the collar, got up and started coming my way. My eyes got huge I didn't know if I should run or stay. Before I could make my mind up it had me over its shoulder kicking. Next thing I knew we were going so fast I got dizzy. When I could realize where we were, a cave, it was pitch black in here. My hands were shaky as I extended them around me to feel for Steven. All I felt was cold, hard rocks. Steven was right I am a scardy pants, but I have a right to be! I mean look where we are, probably going to get killed. I took a deep breath, got up, started sliding my feet forward holding out my arms so if I could feel anything. I smelt something on fire, but I couldn't see any light. I started walking a little faster, and walked straight into a wall. My stomach started to growl reminding me of my hunger. I moved my fingers along the walls and found an indent in the wall and as my hand reached upwards there was another indent in the wall going up. I started climbing up the wall, I put my left hand in a whole and the wall started to give away I reached for the next one. Then the wall started to lean in and there was a vent like hole in the wall. I crawled into the hole and went forward and the wall ended a little bit in I was muddy by now with crawling in the vent walls. I slid my hands on the walls to see id I was blocked and there was a way to go right, I turned right and crawled till I started to see light, I stopped right at the edge of the walls ending and then started crawling down the wall. I couldn't see anything cause It was smoky but I suddenly saw(and hear) Steven shouting "Use salt! It will be easier to kill the darn thing." kill what I wondered... the creature we ran into? I didn't think so. I looked into the room and saw the creature standing next to this huge, gigantic slug...almost the size as a car if not bigger.

I started to walk towards them. Steven yelled "No, stay over there Jade." A loud shriek came from no where all of a sudden, and then something splashed on my face. Slowly I rose my hand to my face, and felt cold, sticky, creamy goo on my face. I started to scrub my face, but it wouldn't come off, I pulled my shirt up to see if I could get it off that way. I was getting anxious and was making noises. The monster came over and looked at me with big eyes. I backed away into the wall. Steven came over while I was trying to block myself. I couldn't speak and could hardly breathe. I screamed into the slimy goo that was covering my face, and started to run away, but Steven caught me and held me in a tight hold. My face burned badly, but I sucked my strength up and kicked Steven in the nads and then went to push the creature next. I started to run towards the slug, and tripped over something on the ground. Hands grabbed me and slammed me into the closest wall. It was Steven! The monster had done something to him...made him turn somehow.

The monster said, "Move...", in a soft hard voice, and Steven moved quickly to the side. The monster thru some kind of sand mixture on me. I tried to move, but it had me binded to the wall. "Okay," the monster said. "Wipe it off." Steven moved in front of me with a hard face. He ripped the bottom of my shirt off and wiped the creamy goo of my face, while the monster was saying some words under its breath, and suddenly I could breathe and move. I was about to run when Steven tripped me and I fell.

"Errrr." I said. I pushed Steven down to the ground and slapped him. The monster laughing picked me up.

Steven got up and said, "I found something you might find interesting..." I looked at him like he was crazy. "The monster means no harm to us...I think.

"I mean no harm to you , yes." said the monster. "My name is Elkas Silvershaper, but you may call me Elkas. May I ask who are?" he asked.

Steven stepped up and said, "I am Steven Johnson, and this rough little lady is Jade...umm...I don't know her last name."

"Harming." I said quietly. They both looked at me with identical looks. "What?" I asked.

"Nothing rough little lady," Elkas said, as they both broke into hysterical laughter.

"Whatever..." I said, and started to walk away.

Steven caught my hand and asked, "So, do you wanna what the clue is?" he asked with a smile on his face.

"Yes I do." I said seriously.

"I think I found one of your brothers shoes...I'm not sure but I think I did." Steven said quickly. Elkas opened a bag I didn't notice before and pulled a shoe out. The size wasn't big, it was about the size of a kids brothers shoe.

I laughed. "That's funny. Because it looks like my brothers shoe...could I see it Elkas?" I asked.

"It would be my pleasure little Cers." Elkas said. I took the shoe and started searching it more closely.

"Where did you find it?" I asked Elkas and Steven.

"Well." said Elkas and Steven at the same time. "That information is classified." Steven said.

"Classified my ass." I said, "Now tell me."

"Okay." Elkas said. "I didn't want to tell you because the nemad is dangerous-"

"Nemad-what?" I said. Things in this land were getting weirder ever minute.

"They're visible clear little people. Chubby with green eyes, sound very cute, but very evil and cruel." Elkas said.

"Oh." I said. "Where are these nemads at?" I wasn't really paying attention to Elkas answers. "Oh really? That's interesting." Elkas said some mumbo jumbo in his own language.

"We shall travel to the witch in the hill." Elkas said.

"What for?" asked Steven. Elkas started to lead us out the cave the back way.

"We will go now." We made our way out the cave and started walking into the forest. Noises came from every direction. "It's not a long journey, just a dangerous one. With rivers to pass. Deadly animals that attack. Shadow creatures that lurk in the night!" Elkas stopped and said quietly. "and nemads." That's the last thing he said for awhile.

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