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Give Me a Reason to Believe

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"Frank was certain that everything happened for a reason. That everything in life was already planned out. A series of events that were mean to happen." Frankie/ Jamia fic. Very cutesy.

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A young boy stood at the top of the wide cement stairs at Queen of Peace catholic school. He was short for his age, only ten at the time, although he was as sarcastic and had the attitude of an eighteen year old. His heart was pounding, his ears buzzing. He had his skateboard in his hand, his school bag was tossed to the side unceremoniously. He was taking deep breaths, and trying to block out the screams of "Just fucking do it Iero!"

Frank was certain that everything happened for a reason. That everything in life was already planned out. A series of events that were mean to happen. To him, if he could pull this trick off, that would do it. It would set off the chain reaction he needed to change the sad state of things right now. If he survived this rail slide, and showed everybody that he was more than he seemed. He was more than just a puny kid with dreams. He was more than that.

He loosened his tie, and ran his fingers through his hair. He would do this. He would land this trick. If he kept on repeating it to himself it would happen. He put on a smile for the crowd of classmates and tried not to look nervous at all. One more deep breath, and he put his skateboard on the ground. Cascade. This was a cascade of events. This one would set them off. After he did this everything would be different.

"Hurry the fuck up Iero!" Frank nodded and put booth feet on the skateboard, and proceeded to do an ollie. He couldn't help but smile and we went from the ollie to the rail slide on the corner of the cement. He heard the cheering from his classmates, the ache in his heart that made him smile even larger. It was happening. And then, in a second, it was gone. The board had run into a small crack, less than a couple of millimeters wide, that ruined everything. Frank came stumbling forward, headfirst down the stairs. There was screaming from his peers. He found himself on the ground, a few seconds later. His knee was torn up with scratches, his head was pounding. There was laughter form the crowd now.

"Way to go loser!" Frank couldn't believe it. It didn't happen. It didn't happen. He was worried about the fact that he hadn't landed the trick, than his actual injury. He noticed it a couple of seconds later, his knee was raw and laced with fresh blood. The few kids that were there inched away from him. Leaving him there by himself. He stayed sitting on the ground, looking at his knee, and wanting to cry. He was so sure that everything was going to change.

"Frank?" He jerked his head up and started blinking profusely, to make sure that the tears didn't come. It was a raven haired girl in a Queen of Peace uniform, she looked a bit older than himself, and was standing there, a bit pale. He was now focusing on the fact that a girl was talking to him. Being ten years old, this was a rare occasion. The girl kneeled down, and started rummaging through her school bag, and grabbed a gym t-shirt, which she began to rip up. Frank was stunned at her, so much so that he seemed to lose the ability to speak. She gave him a warm smile, and started to wrap the cloth around his knee. He was still trying to comprehend everything that was going on. She had finished wrapping up his knee, and put a tight knot on it, giving Frank a jolt of pain, making his thoughts crash back to reality.

"Shit!" She laughed, a sort of gentle laugh, delicate, and beautiful to hear. It gave Frank shivers.

"Sorry Frank..." She stood up, and held her hand out to him, which he grabbed immediately, perhaps a bit too quickly. He stood up, his blood now rushing to his knee, making his head pound even more. He swayed a little, making the girl give him a worried look.

"Hey, do you need a ride home? You'll have to sit on my handle bars, but I don't think you can ride your skateboard like that." Frank looked down at his bandaged knee and nodded. The girl picked up his backpack and skate board, and walked back towards him. He gave her a smile. She unlocked her bike, and walked it over to frank, put the kick stand on and started to lift him up to the handle bars.

"Hey I'm not a little kid!" She gave him that laugh again and smiled at him.

"I know Frank. But we all need some help sometimes. " she stuck her tongue out at him, and then bent down and kissed his knee, giving Frank goose bumps for the second time in a few minutes. Frank blushed, and she got on her bike, and started pedaling.

"I'm sorry. What's you name again? You seem to know mine..." She smiled, although Frank couldn't see it.

"I'm Jamia..."

Frank was right. Today something would happen to change his life for the better. Or someone.
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