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Who Are You Fighting For?

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Oh lord. Don't shoot me, but I've made Pete an asshole. err, again. don't be frightened by the [V]

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Pete's eye twitched and his hand clenched my side, his eyes flickering with what I thought of as anger.

"You're lying," he whispered. I felt my breath leave my lungs and the tears I was holding back start to slip out.

"What?" I asked. Pete glanced at Serafina and gulped.

"You're lying," he spoke a little louder. I shook my head slowly and wiggled out of his death grip, hissing as my side stung.

"Pete," he cut me off and turned towards the family waiting room. I followed him and reached out to his arm. He snapped at this moment and pushed me into the room, slamming the door and widening his eyes as he whipped around.

"What the fuck do you want me to say, Ev?" he bellowed, towering over me slightly. I gulped and played with my t-shirt.

"You don't know how hard it was to tell you," Pete shook his head, eyes wincing as he stared at me.

"Don't start with me, Ev," he paused. "I think your just saying this to get Adine out of the way," I felt my breath hitch and my ears become hot with anger.

"I don't even know her," I whispered. Pete smirked.

"But she stole me away," I flinched and poked his chest.

"Oh don't be so conceded, Pete," Pete rolled his eyes and shoved me away, my back hitting the wall.

I shrugged it off and pushed myself off of it. Just as I had managed to smack Pete across the face, the door opened and Patrick and Joe stared wide eyed at both of us as Pete held my forearm in a tight grasp and me, looking defenseless.

"What in the fuck?" Patrick hissed, grabbing Pete and pushing him away.

I rubbed my forearm before lunging towards Pete again. Joe jumped after me as we fell to the floor, my small and fragile hands around Pete's throat.

"Evie!" he shouted.

I refused to get off Pete as his hands tightened around my hands and he pushed me off, tackling me to the floor. I saw Ashley and Izzy file in, both holding gasps on their lips as they observed the fight. Joe struggled to get me off, Patrick failing in stopping Pete. Pete elbowed him and I widened my eyes as Pete used that arm to come down. It all happened in slow motion, but with a clear shot and my body boxed in below him; Pete slammed his fist down, the side of my face tingling with a deafening silence. I saw Joe flinch and grab Pete's color and slam him into the wall, holding him up.

"What the fuck was all that for?" he asked.

I held my left eye shut and sat up before placing a hand over it and hissing. Patrick crouched down and frowned and I noticed Andy walking over to move Joe out of the way. Pete pointed at me as he rubbed his own sore face.

"Evie here claims Serafina is my own flesh and blood," Joe glared at him as he helped Patrick pick me up and onto the couch.

"And you don't believe her?" he paused. "Serafina is five months old," Pete paused, adding numbers in his mind before he leaned back and let his jaw drop open. I cracked my jaw to the side and winced in pain before sighing.

"Thank you Joe," I whispered. Andy knitted his eyebrows together.

"Let me get this straight for everybody here," he mumbled. "Pete and Evie fought because Serafina is his?" he looked at Pete. "Dude, what the fuck?" he asked. Pete glared at me.

"She's the one who didn't tell me," Izzy spoke up.

"That's no reason to smack her across the face," she hissed. Pete eyed me as Joe brought me to his chest in a small and comforting hug.

"Well then maybe I smacked her because she's messing around with Joe," I pulled away and looked over at him.

"What?" I snapped, glaring slightly. Pete scoffed and Andy glanced from him to me, to Joe. Andy cocked his head to one side.

"You slut!" he shrieked, Pete whipping his head at him. "You've been sleeping with Joe, haven't you?" he asked. I honestly was without words. Joe pulled his arms away and gulped nervously. I lowered my eyes.

"That is the least of worries right now," I whispered. Patrick frowned again.

"Andy, why do you care?" he asked. Andy crossed his arms.

"Because Evie's just sleeping with all of us, isn't she," he raised his arm up and started naming things off on his fingers. "First she cheats on me with Pete," he glanced at him and he lowered his eyes. "Then tricks me into thinking she's having my kid when in fact it's Pete's," Ashley cut him off.

"Then why aren't you mad at Pete?" Andy rolled his eyes.

"Because Pete's been forgiven, but it's just the point that Evie is sleeping around with all of Fall Out Boy," he paused and glanced at Izzy. "I'd be warned, Izzy," Izzy sharply gasped and stared at Patrick on the other side of me as his hand rested on my back, trying to comfort me.

"Patrick?" she whispered before shifting her eyes to me. "Evie?" she asked. I shook my head.

"Izzy, I've never even kissed Patrick," Izzy shifted her eyes.

"I don't know," she whimpered before crossing the room where Pete and Andy stood. It was like we were choosing sides. Patrick eyed her as she moved and let his jaw drop.

"Izzy," he whimpered. I shook my head and let it fall into my hands.

"Can we be left alone," I whispered, closing my eyes.

I felt Joe and Patrick get up, glancing over to see Andy whisking Izzy away from Pete. He still stood there, eyes glazed over with mixed emotions. With the sound of the door closing, I stood up and let my shoulders relax. We stood at least five feet apart, silent; the only sounds were our anger laced breaths.

"Evie," I nodded once and his head fell as he pushed off the wall. "I want you to be honest with me," I blinked and immediately spoke.

"Serafina is ours Pete," I whispered, my voice still strong. He winced slightly and played with the silver band on his left finger. Pete was never one for rings. I smirked slightly to myself. He snapped his head up.

"You find this funny?" he asked. I shook my head.

"I find the fact you aren't even showing any love to the fact you have a daughter!" I hissed, stepping closer. Pete looked away.

"I'll be honest, Ev," he paused and ran a hand over his face. "I don't want anything to do with right now," I felt my lungs contract and my heart sink past my toes and down the two stories of hospital patients and right to hell. I felt my eye twitch as he came closer, his arms moving to wrap around me. I shoved him away.

"Get your fucking hands off me," I mumbled. My eyes glazed over again. "If you want nothing to do with me, or..." I gulped and looked at his stern face. "Serafina," he nodded.

"What?" he asked. I eyed the door.

"Then leave," I reached out as he turned, my fingers grazing his bicep. "But if you want to give that poor dying girl a daddy to love, I can forget about all of this and let you back into my life," Pete lowered his head to the ground before gripping my hand and bringing it to my face.

"I have a wedding to plan and a crib to build,"

I closed my eyes and felt the tears drop as his lips met the top of my hand until he dropped it, my arm limp as it fell to my side. When I opened my eyes, Pete was already slipping out the door, ripping off the bandage on his forearm. My body fell into the couch and I suddenly felt dizzy. The door opened again and Dr. Aaron stared at me suspiciously.

"Is everything alright?" he asked. I sighed and nodded, staring at my lap.

"Go ahead," I whispered. Dr. Aaron cleared his throat and opened the folder.

"Well, we took a look at Mr. Wentz' blood sample and we have great news for you and Serafina," I tightened my eyes more. "He's a match, Miss Wenz," his hand fell on my shoulder and I looked up to lock eyes with him.

"He can save your baby's life,"
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