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Chatroom 83237867

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Misanthropes deal quite well with fellow misanthropes, though preferably where they don't have to see one another.

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woemancer has entered Curry and Despair
TikkaMarsala has entered Curry and Despair
TikkaMarsala: ...Curry and Despair?
woemancer: Seemed appropriate.
TikkaMarsala: The program gives you perfectly good default names. "ChatRoom83237867". There is nothing wrong with ChatRoom83237867.
woemancer: Everything is wrong with ChatRoom83237867. Giving a chatroom a personalised name means that we're less likely to be invaded by the random denizens of the Internet.
TikkaMarsala: Thirty two goth fans of Indian cookery are going to show up within the next five seconds. Just because you said that.
woemancer: Heh.
woemancer: I've been meaning to ask you. You give every indication of jumping down people's throats when they compare you to curry. And then you take that screen name.
TikkaMarsala: Well, nothing else seemed right.
woemancer: How about "miserymagician"? That's a great name.
TikkaMarsala: If cruel Fate gives you the name "Josh Rogan", you use it to your advantage. And also shut up.
EnemyofSunlitDays has entered Curry and Despair
TikkaMarsala: Hey, Thompson.
EnemyofSunlitDays: Hey.
woemancer: Thompson?
EnemyofSunlitDays: Yes?
woemancer: So, wait. This is Thompson Thompson. Thompson "your oldest friend" Thompson. Thompson "weird but kinda likeable like a bald puppy" Thompson. Thompson "completely inoffensive" Thompson.
TikkaMarsala: I told you the bald puppy thing in confidence.
EnemyofSunlitDays: I did kill no fewer than three flies today.
woemancer: It's just not the username I expected.
EnemyofSunlitDays: Well, they're hot and I burn easily.
EnemyofSunlitDays: Also I think it's a quote.
TikkaMarsala: It does sound familiar.
JimmyDaMan has entered Curry and Despair
JimmyDaMan: Hello
JimmyDaMan: Thompson just got my account set up
JimmyDaMan: So what's going on
TikkaMarsala has left Curry and Despair
woemancer has left Curry and Despair
JimmyDaMan: Wow
JimmyDaMan: Was that a network split or something Thompson
EnemyofSunlitDays: I'm standing right here, Jimmy.
EnemyofSunlitDays has left Curry and Despair
JimmyDaMan: Yeah but I'm still getting used to this
JimmyDaMan: Oh
DarquePrincessLovesIndianFood has entered Curry and Despair
DarquePrincessLovesIndianFood: hi
JimmyDaMan: A/S/L?
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