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Pretty in Punk

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Playing tag at the mall.

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Chapter 2

Pretty in Punk.

Patrick's POV:

Pete gave me directions to his house and told me to just walk in the garage, that they'd be practicing. So that's exactly what I did; and I was greeted with a site that I very well didn't want to see. Pete's penis. I turned around quickly so he could have some privacy. A very good-looking girl had pulled his pants down right as I walked in, it was probably his girlfriend.

"Um, I'm here for the uh audition." I stuttered out.

"Yeah, come on in. Sorry about that. The bitch, I mean my sister thought it would be funny to pants me." Pete said after he had pulled his pants back up. Wow, his sister's hot, but he would defiantly kill me if I ever said anything about that. Plus she's probably got a boyfriend.

Pete went on to introducing everyone and then they had me sing and play with them. I was very nervous because I haven't really played much in front of people. And Molly is very intimidating.

"That was amazing! You have range like other. I think he should defiantly be in the band Pete!" Wow, she actually liked it.

"Really, you think so?" Damn me for being so shy.

"Of course!" So I had made it in the band. This is great!

"Wow, way to be official Pete." Molly had said after he shook my hand. She's such a smart ass. And her and Pete fight a lot.

"Don't you have somewhere to be? Like I don't know, screwing Sonny?" I guess that's her boyfriend.

"We broke up." Or not.

"Do I need to kick that douche bag's ass?" Wow they can actually be civil.

After a while we started practicing and practicing a lot! Once we did take a break Molly suggested we go to the mall and everyone agreed.

So that's where we are now. Walking around aimlessly as Molly shops.

"Guys lets play tag!" Pete shouted excitedly.

"And how are we going to do that?" Molly asked.

"It's easy. One person has to hide their eyes while the others hide in various places at the mall and if you find them you have to chase them and tag them. Then they're it. Molly's it!" Joe exclaimed.

"What! I don't want to be it alone! I've never played this game before! Not fair!" She said stomping her foot.

"Fine Patrick can be it with you. There, it's all settled. GO!" Pete said and him, Andy, and Joe all ran off in different directions.

"Damn you Peter!" Molly yelled at his retreating form.

"Well, how long do we have to wait until we can go after them?" I asked after we stood there for about a minute.

"Dunno, lets go now!" She said heading in the direction of where Pete took off.

"So what's your plan?" I asked as we started walking.

"Yet again, I don't know. If we see any of them, then we'll just chase them down." She said smiling up at me. Her smile is so contagious.

"Why thank you!" She said smiling bigger.

"Did I just say that out loud?" Oh shit, that wasn't supposed to happen!

"Yeah, but don't worry, I won't tell anyone." She whispered, smiling still.

"Thanks." I said quietly looking down at the ground.

We spent about 20 minutes looking for them until we finally gave up and just decided to go look at Hot Topic. Molly was grabbing random items and trying them on like a fashion show and having me do the same. We were having a blast until some guy showed up...


"Sonny? What are you doing here?" She said quietly, fighting back tears.

"Sonny, what's taking you so long?" A short girl with blonde hair with black and pink streaks in it said coming up behind Sonny and grabbing his arm.

"Taylor?" Molly asked eyeing the girl.

"Molly, hey." She said looking nervous.

"You've already got another girlfriend huh? Pete was right about you." Molly said shaking her head.

"Me and Sonny have been going out for 2 weeks now. What are you talking about Molly?" Taylor asked clueless.

"So you were cheating on me then? That's always nice to know!" She said angrily.

"Don't do this here Molly, please. Plus it looks like you already have another boyfriend." Sonny said pointing at me.

"No, actually this is one of Pete's friends. He's in his band. I just met him today and were playing tag with all the other guys in the mall." She said standing up straight.

"Wow, very mature Mol." Sonny scoffed.

"Stop being such a dick." I said stepping up.

"Patrick just leave it. Come on lets go." She said grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the store.

"So, what was that about?" I asked once we were far away from Hot Topic.

"Stupid ex boyfriend and ex friend." She said shaking her head.

"He didn't look like he was good enough for you anyways." I said looking down at her.

"Thanks Patrick." She said looking down at the floor. We walked a little further and that's when I spotted Pete, hitting on some girls.

"Hey Molly, I have an idea." I said stopping and explaining it to her. After I told her, she had a mischievous grin on her face. She walked up to Pete and acted like she was crying.

"Peter how could you!?! I thought you loved me!! And now I find you hitting on some other girls at the mall! It's because I'm fat isn't it? I'm having your kid and you're going to do this to me? Ahh!" She yelled stomping away. Pete just stood there dumbfounded as the two girls walked away. Molly came and sat by me and we both started busting up laughing.

"What the hell Molly?!?" Pete said coming over to us. "You just totally ruined my chances with those girls! Damn it!"

"No, I'm pretty sure you did that yourself. But I guess I didn't help any." She said laughing even harder.

"Patrick stop laughing, its not funny." Pete said frowning down at me.

"Actually it was pretty funny." I said laughing again.

"God you guys are so immature!" Pete said stomping away. I ran up behind Pete and tapped him on the shoulder.

"What do you want now?" He asked irritated.

"Your it." I said and Molly and I ran away.

"I quit!" Pete yelled at our retreating form. We just kept on running and started laughing again.

After a few minutes we stopped running and found Joe and Andy in a record store.

"Hey guys. Pete's it and he's being a sore loser. He says he quits." Molly said looking through some cd's. As if on cue Andy's cell phone rang.

"Oh hey Pete...I'm not telling you where I am. You're it...If you quit, then once we get home you have to run around the outside of the house naked, singing I'm a little teapot...Ok, were in the record store." Andy said hanging up his phone.

"Did he actually agree to that?" I asked amused.

"Yep, and I'm totally filming it!" Andy said with an evil grin. After a few minutes Pete showed up in the record store looking royally pissed. Then we headed home to be blessed by watching Pete run around naked outside.


ehh so i only got two reviews on the first chapter which was a bit disappointing. but oh well here's another chapter. still have no idea where this is going. so im just writing what i feel. Please review!! thanks!
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