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The Test

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The four Paritheins get to know each other a little. They go through this test I guess you would call it. They're also about to find out some secrets.

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Chapter 2: The test.

"What's the test old man?" asked the blonde haired guy.

"First let our little group get to know each other, than I will tell you. So what are your names?" Lenso asked looking around. No one volunteered to go first. "How about yours?" He asked of the blonde guy.

"My name is Grant Jones Bonviour Jr. I'm an honor student at Mason College in Nevada. I work in my fathers corporal offic-"

"Yes and no one said to give your whole life story, or at least I don't want to hear it, so save it for your mate, mate,...Nathan...Is my name." said the dark headed guy.

"I'm Reanne and that's Sarah." I said giving the other girls name as she nodded to the guys.

"Well since we're acquainted I shall now tell you all about the 'test'" he said doing finger quotes. "I'm just going to put you all down in a hole and let you fight for which ever girl you want."

"So me and Sarah are just supposed to sit here and be fought over. Oh how wonderful." I said sarcastically. "Hey Sarah guess what? We're back in the barbaric times." I was starting to get mad at the idea that I was to be fought over. I had no intention of letting that happen. If my mate cant tell he's mine then he doesn't even deserve to be it. I shook my head get angrier every minute I was thinking.

Lenso acted like he heard nothing of me and started walking in a direction in which the guys followed him. Sarah looked at me and than ran to catch up with the others. Vexed with the others I started after them. There wasn't anything else I could do but follow. We walked along a rocky path that soon brought us to a hole in the ground. The guys jumped into the hole as Sarah and I took the stairs into it.

Looking around it was a small hole and not that deep. "You know you all have two powers each, and when you join with your mate you will have their powers as well. So...fight for what you believe in, fight for what's yours, or I should say what you believe is yours. Fight for...uh...just to put on a show because tonight has been very boring. The two of you will lighten things up with your Sinner/ Lover selves. Before you start remember you are not here to kill each other, you are here only to seek your mate." and with that Lenso left the arena.

"Well," Nathan said. "looks like we better start and bring some entertainment to the boss guy. Okay you ladies stand in the middl-"

"Eh, I don't think so." I said patiently shaking my head. Sarah grasped her hands tighter in front. Nathan narrowed his eyes and shoved us towards a farther wall. Suddenly he changed into a large black wolf. He walked back in forth in his domain waiting for Grant to make a move.

"Grant looked boringly at him as he put his fingers on his temple. As he concentrated on Nathan, a blue circle with symbols surrounding the outer circle came around him in a protective way. Nathan growled and charged for Grant in a blurry motion. I heard the impact of his skull on the force barrier and watched Grant laugh at Nathan's attempts to penetrate it. I heard gasps from above and when I looked there was a good amount of people watching and wondering.

As Nathan switched back into his human form he grabbed Sarah around the waste and brought her to him. He started licking her neck and her eyes went wide. I couldn't believe he was doing that. Grant stopped laughing was scowling then he doubled over in screaming pain . The people above were shouting for help. Sarah broke free of Nathan and ran over to Grant to put her hand on his back. A white light was coming from her palm as she silently recited something. When the light stopped Grant dropped lifelessly to the ground. When I looked back to the people above I saw Lenso smiling a broad smile.

"Well we know now that the Lovers prophecy was right." He said to himself.

"Lovers prophecy? What's this all about?" I asked.

"Come with me and I'll tell you all once Grant is up again." Lenso said as we mounted the steps and followed him into a tent posted near a fence.
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