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by Alorkin

Harry and Hermione explore their adventurous side. One-shot!

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter (et al). That privilege goes to the talented and lovely J. K. Rowling, to whom I am eternally indebted, both for a fascinating read and many bedtime stories for my daughter.

Disclaimer 2: This story is so very NOT HBP compliant. THBBBBBBBBTTTTTT!!!!

"Hermione! Are you insane?" Harry's frantic whisper echoed through the Great Hall.

Hermione giggled as she forced Harry's jumper over his head. "I assure you, mister Potter, I am in complete possession of all my faculties!"

Harry was as enamored of Hermione as she was of him, their recently developed relationship currently being in the 'I-can't-keep-my-hands-off-you!' stage, but he usually tried to keep her more-than-adventurous side under some control. She was unwilling to do even that! Who would ever have expected the quiet but headstrong bookworm to be so kinky? The current Head Girl seemed to have a fixation on sex in 'interesting' (read 'public') places...the more 'interesting', the better!

Thus far, in their short relationship, they'd shagged in quite a number of places throughout the castle. The astronomy tower, (of course!); the Room of Requirement, (Ditto!); the quiddich pitch, with interludes in, under and on top of each of the stands; all the greenhouses; in, and on top of Hagrid's hut; each of the common rooms, (Slytherin's was unusually difficult to gain entry to, until Harry realized the password was a simple 'open', but it had to be uttered in Parsletongue.) and on several of the roofs of the castle.

After that, they'd begun making the rounds of the teacher's offices. They'd gotten McGonagall's office first, showing her the respect due her, as head of Gryffindor house. Hermione seemed to really enjoy the thrill of risking discovery. Harry was nearly positive they'd been seen: by Hagrid, at least once, and by Dumbledore, probably more often. In fact, Dumbledore had made it a point, to not-so-subtly, point out to Harry that he thought it a better idea to find some other place to engage in amorous adventures than on his desk.

Harry had flushed heavily whereas Hermione had simply grinned unrepentantly, feigning total innocence.

"Hermione! If Snape catches us, he won't have us expelled, he'll have us executed!"

"You worry too much, Harry!" Hermione breathed into Harry's ear. Harry shivered at the warm breath on his ear. She'd succeeded in pulling off Harry's jumper, and was now working on his belt.

"No, I worry just the right amount!" He shot back, not really wanting to interrupt her work.

Harry finally allowed his own lustful urges to gain headway. He wrapped his hands around Hermione's bum, lifted and deposited her on the Slytherin table, not fifteen feet from where Professor Snape normally sat.

Hermione leaned back pulling Harry with her. He simply unzipped, pushed her knickers aside and entered her in one deep thrust. Hermione was so turned on; her slick passage offered only a token resistance to his entry.

Hermione locked her legs around Harry's waist as he began to pump, driving into her over and again.

Harry, knowing she'd only find another incredibly risky place if she didn't climax, began to thrust with meaning. Hermione moaned as he pounded into her. Her hips met his, in meaty slaps of flesh on wet flesh. Hermione was so aroused by the danger they were in, that her climax began almost immediately. Her whimpering grew louder and more throated until she was moaning loudly. Harry had learned her signals quickly and well. He covered her mouth with his and swallowed her cries of orgasm just as her shuddering climax tore through her.

Rather than allow Harry to find his own release, Hermione, still trembling from her orgasm, pushed him off, and raced to the next table, pausing only to pull her knickers off. Harry knew he was in trouble this time. Apparently Hermione wanted to make it on each of the house tables, not just the one! Harry, albeit somewhat less than reluctantly, followed her from the Slytherin table to the Ravenclaw one. Again, Hermione lay on her back, and opened her legs. Harry positioned himself and readied to thrust home.

Hermione guided him in and gripped his shoulders as he drove into her. She'd learned recently that Harry could 'encourage' her to multiple orgasms and wanted to have as many as she could, almost as if they were in limited supply. In fact, she apparently wanted them all!

Harry thrust intensely, switching his position so he drove down rather than in, rubbing her clitoris with his shaft, with each quick stroke. It didn't take Hermione long to climax again. As before, Harry covered her mouth with his.

Sure enough, Hermione quickly disengaged and jumped from Ravenclaw to Hufflepuff. This time, Harry thought to cast a localized silencing charm around the two of them. He'd learned so much in the past few months. Hermione's method of teaching by 'reward' was more than enough to entice him, to concentrate fully on his studies.

This was getting harder on Harry. He was still hard and aching due to his non-release. His erection was now a dark red, and he wanted nothing more than to drive into his beloved until he burst!

Hermione felt the same, but she had set a goal, and come fire, fog or rain, she was going to achieve that goal!

She crawled on top of the Hufflepuff table and arched her back. Harry climbed up as well, knelt behind her and entered her once again. He was now fully into her little game. Reaching around her, he traced her clit with his forefinger. Hermione bucked and clenched around him. Harry almost came then and there! He silently chanted a delaying charm for himself. Then began to rock again. His finger kept counter time to the slide of his cock into her. Hermione was panting and sweating now. Her hair was sticking to her forehead in damp circlets and she wore a maniacal grin. Closing her eyes in pleasure, she rammed back onto him, over and again. The combined pleasure of his finger and his cock made her climax again, her whole body shuddering violently, as she came.

Wearily, she eased away from Harry, and walked to the Gryffindor table. She leaned back; her elbows braced on the table and her widely spread feet, planted firmly on the flags. The small of her back rested against the edge of the heavy oaken table. Harry, being just taller than her, stood between her thighs and pushed in.

This time, it was hard. Hermione's body was tiring. She panted loudly as they moved. Again, Harry thumbed her clit. He rubbed firmly as he plowed her. He managed to re-enforce the delaying charm, but he knew that even with his charm, he'd not last much longer. The mad look in Hermione's eyes told him that they'd have to complete this room, or they'd be back!

Harry fucked her hard, knowing she was quickly tiring. He was as well. He knew that if any of the teachers, or even the senior students were to catch them, expulsion would be the least of their problems. As for his warning about Snape...Harry hadn't been kidding! Snape could have them executed. Harry had found a little-known rule during his studies of the ancient texts, which allowed for the execution of an apprentice by a master, if the behavior of the student was 'excessively abhorrent'. Surely, Snape would know of this regulation. In fact, given his loathing of Harry, Harry was surprised the potions master hadn't tried to do so, before!

Hermione's climax took him by surprise. She sagged back onto the table, and Harry had to help her to stand. Together they stumbled wearily to the final goal of the day. The teacher's table!

"Where?" Harry asked, dreading the answer he was sure would come.

"Where else? Dumbledore's place!" Hermione's reply was wicked and wanton and practically guaranteed to end their lives! They walked around the long table, and Harry shifted aside the heavy throne-like chair. Hermione simply bent over the table, resting on her elbows. Harry entered her from behind once again and began to thrust slowly.

Hermione moaned as she felt his rather impressive shaft slide within her folds. She was sore as hell, but the intense feeling of bliss was too much to want to let go. She rocked her hips against him, and groaned. Harry continued to move slowly. Long, deep thrusts as he plowed her. Hermione knew this climax would be wonderful!

Harry began to move a bit faster. Hermione knew he'd delayed his own climax to allow her, her fantasy. Now, it was his turn. He lifted her ankles and holding them up to his hips, began to thrust with meaning. Hermione was so close that he could have just stayed where he was and she'd have come undone.

His pounding thrusts grew frantic. Hermione came and came hard! She cried out loudly enough that Harry was unsure of the silencing charm he'd cast.

The shuddering contractions of her vaginal muscles forced the climax that Harry had so wanted. He let go her ankles and grabbed her hips drawing her to him as he erupted. Hermione focused her mind on their joining. She wanted to feel the pulses of his orgasm within her. She gasped in astonished pleasure, counting eight spasms, as he spilled into her body. He had never come so hard, before!

Hermione grinned tiredly, as she wriggled her bottom against his pelvis. Harry moaned out loud.

The shudders and muscular ripples Harry felt along his shaft were so intensely pleasurable as to be painful. The head of his cock was so sensitive; he just knew he was going to die!

Hermione milked the last few drops from him, reveling in the feel of him within her.

Together, they collapsed on the headmaster's place setting, drifting into a light, mindless haze.

Some time later, a polite cough alerted them they were no longer alone. Harry looked up in alarm. Large green eyes greeted him. Dobby stood before them holding both robes and Harry's jumper. He held it out and squeaked quietly in his painfully high-pitched voice. "Mister Harry Potter, sir! You is shouldn't ought to be here! You is going to get you and Miss Hermyninny Grangers into trouble! You is should be going! They is coming soon for lunch and they isn't going to like you being here on the tables!"

Horrified that they'd been caught, even by Dobby, the two lovers frantically disengaged, arranged their clothing and hurried from the room. Dobby shook his head and pursed his lips in frustration. He beckoned a couple of the other house-elves and they cleaned the places that Harry and Hermione had soiled with their amorous adventures.

Albus Dumbledore sighed as the two left the Great Hall. He felt a mixture of exasperation at the thought of their total lack of regard for the rules and what they'd done at his dinner spot, and the utmost admiration for their considerable daring, in doing so.

He chuckled softly. After all, they were the son of a marauder and the brightest witch in the past three hundred years.

Beside him, Minerva McGonagall smiled thinly. Silently, she extended her hand, and one by one, Dumbledore dropped five gold coins into her open palm.

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