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4: Hot chocolate and Cover hogs.

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How did I let myself get talked into Chicago in December? And why did Alex let the cab driver drop us off two blocks from the building? Don't get me wrong, I mean I appreciate her ability to get us an apartment to stay in for the next two weeks versus a cheap hotel. Prostitutes and roaches are not my idea of good company.

"Come on, only a few more feet." Alex huffed, pulling her bag higher over her shoulder.

Half of us haven't had the pleasure of treking two blocks in snow past our ankles before.

"A few more feet," Heather's disgruntled mumble was heard from the back of the group, causing me to snigger slightly. I can't say that I disagree with her, I would like to regain the feeling in my lower extremities.

"Here we are ladies!" Alex proclaimed, waving a hand wildly as we come to a stop in front of a medium sized brick building.

"Your cousin lives in a duplex?" a hint of skepticism could be detected in Bridget's voice as she stood with the rest of us watching Alex's mad hunt for the key. "Isn't he a rock star or something?"

"Or something is more like it." Alex replied, still digging for the key she'd been given at the airport by her host mother. " How should I know? I've never met the kid, he's my host mother's sister's step-son. Really. That's all I know."

After another moment or two of struggle she managed to pull the key from the depths of her purse, "Aha!"

"Nice, now can we please go inside? Its fucking freezing out here." I cursed moving past Bridget and Heather as Alex shoves the key into the lock.

"Thank God." Heather offered following the rest of us in. Bridget and Alex went straight for the bedrooms, deciding they would room in one. While Heather and I would split the other.

"Wait, aren't you Wiccan?" I said staring at my roommate slightly confused. The girl is in her own class on the religion thing, well sort of. I am Jewish. But not by choice. Birth. I have the eyes to prove it.

"Fine, fine. Thank Goddess. Better?" She yelled back, as she headed toward our room.

"Uh huh." Much. Now. For some hot chocolate and to find the remote!


Can I just say that I'm glad is was Patrick that got lost and not myself? I've been known to do a few things of this nature, but never of this caliber. This is truly something dear Tricky will be hard pressed to live down.

As I will be one to ensure that he doesn't. Its just too good.

"Joe, buddy. Wake up. We're here." Andy poked my side noting that we have in fact arrived at the hotel.

"Huh, right. I knew that." Only I didn't.

"Come on you two." Pete made the first move toward the door of the van, opening it to allow the bright Florida sun to burn our sensitive Chicagoan eyes. We're used to snow and overcast.

We followed him out and into the large and lush hotel. Success has its benefits. One of them being no longer having to share a double bed with Patrick, as he hogs the covers and snores.

"I'll see you guys in a few hours. I'm going to go shower and update the site before we have to head down to that interview." With that Pete disappeared behind a door marked 2134. I nodded in agreement, which makes me look like a bit of an ass since Wentz can no longer see me.

Andy mumbled something to the same effect before disappearing behind his door. Meh. I guess it's a good idea.

I plop myself down on the pillowy hotel mattress and stretch my arms before placing them behind my head. Nap time. Hopefully I won't have that dream about Patrick in a sailor suit again. Its just kind of creepy.
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