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Down I fall

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Mike abuses Tre! Can Billie help Tre in time? SLASH!! Short... I just redid this story... so I hope it's better...

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Mike stared up at the apartment menacingly. He sucked on the cigarette; blowing a puff out, rubbing his hands across the steering wheel.
'Why! Why does Billie Joe always get everything? He's always the first that fans run to, he's the first one for a photo-shoot. And most recently; he gets the drummer as well!' He thought bitterly, still staring at the apartment.
'Well not tonight. Tonight I get what I want, and give Billie a little 'gift'.' Mike thought, opening the driver's side and getting out.
He walked towards the apartment, smashing his cigarette out as he went...

Tre Cool mumbled in his sleep; twisting and rolling around on his queen sized bed.
Deep in sleep; he didn't hear the front door of his apartment open and shut.
Mike glanced around the messy living room and the kitchen.
'Yea, definitely Tre's apartment.' He thought, before heading to the drummer's room.
He opened the door to the drummer's bedroom; peering in and staring at him stretched all over the place of his bed.
Mike walked in and sat at the corner of the bed; gazing at the drummer, who was still rolling on his sides.
'I get my revenge Billie Joe! You'll never stop me! He's mine!' The bassist thought, getting closer to Tre.

Inch apart, before Mike sealed it. His lips were rough and smashed bitterly at Tre's.
Tre, still asleep, moaned out. Mike ran his tongue beneath the drummer's bottom lips; caressing and sucking.
"Oh... Billie." The drummer said sleepily against Mike's lips.
The bassist stopped kissing and gave the sleeping drummer a sharp slap across his face.
"OW! What the hell? Mike what are you doing in my apartment?" Tre shouted, his eyes fluttering awake.
"I've come for you, Tre." Mike said darkly.
"What do you mean?" The drummer asked quietly.
"Billie's not the only one who can own you! This is my revenge against him, and getting the pleasure out/from you." Mike said as he pulled out a long chain; which had been wrapped up inside his coat pocket all along!

~~~ BILLIE ~~~

"Fuck! Where's my jacket? Ah... Forget it. I don't need a jacket. I do need to get to Tre's apartment before Mike!" Billie Joe shouted out loud.
He ran down his hallway, grabbing his car keys and rushing out his front door.
His front door swung back fast; almost knocking it off it's hinges.
In his rush down the hallway, a small letter had been knocked off the counter.
A letter that ran:
Dear Billie,
You. It's always about you, isn't it? You get everything and everyone. Well not tonight. Tonight I get a chance with him, and if he's good I might not kill him. But that doesn't mean I not going to abuse him as well. Tonight is my first step of revenge to you Billie!
~ Your Bassist, Mike.


"Please... Mike!" The drummer choked out, trying to break the chains that restrained him.

"Oh shut up!" The bassist said gruffly, striking Tre across the face.

"Wow, Tre. This must be what Billie finds 'attracting' to you." Mike said, removing Tre's shirt and staring at his well built chest.
Tre only mumbled uncorrected forms of words, while pulling against the chains.
"Oh don't worry Tre. Here I'll make you feel more comfortable." Mike said as he too removed his shirt.
Tre stared at Mike who began to unbuckle his belt; his pants slipping to the ground.
"Please... Mike, don't do this." Tre started, but was stopped by another sharp blow to his cheek by Mike.
"Did I say you could talk?" He shouted, while the drummer shook his head.
"That's right Tre." Mike said pulling down the drummer's pants; leaving him only in his boxers.

"Those will only get in the way..." The bassist said, pulling the drummer's boxers down. "Don't feel like the only one Tre." He said, taking his off as well.
"We're beautiful... huh?" Mike said, before capturing Tre's lips with his own.
Tre whimpered underneath Mike's lips.
"Well... We don't need those anymore." Mike said, unhooking the chains; causing Tre to fall down unto the bed.
As Tre began to relax, Mike grabbed him and turned him around, so he was on his stomach.

The drummer shrieked out loud as Mike entered him: Rough, and with no remorse.

~~~ BILLIE ~~~

'Come on. Stupid light.' Billie cursed at the street-light.
'Hold on Tre. I'm coming.' The lead singer promised.
The light changed to green and Billie literally floored it.
"What is Mike's revenge? Why does he want revenge? What have I done to him? Is it because I'm dating the drummer? There's nothing wrong with that." Billie said out loud. He pounded his fist against the steering wheel; begging his car to hurry up.


Tre was still crying, even though Mike was 'finished' with him.
"Shut up! And put these on." Mike said bitterly as he threw a pair of boxers and jeans in the drummer's face.
Mike then turned and walked out the door.
Alone, Tre began to place the boxers and jeans on.
He walked out of his room sniffling a little.
He spotted Mike in his kitchen. The drummer looked at his front door. 'Run to it! Get out!' His mind screamed at him.

Tre bolted for the door, surprising Mike who took after him.

Mike caught Tre at the stairs. "Don't fight me Tre." He said gruffly.
"Why? I don't love you. I love Billie! He's much better than you, Mike!" The drummer said, not caring that he would probably be paying for his words soon.
Mike stared at the drummer; rage filling his face.
"Would he still love you, if you were dead?" The bassist said, pulling a pocket knife out.
"Yes! I know he would, more than you!" The drummer replied.
Mike grit his teeth together as his hand wiped out; stabbing the drummer in the side.
"How do you like it now?" Mike said pushing the knife in deeper and twisting it around, before withdrawing it from his side.

Tre's eyes went huge and he stared in shock at Mike.
"I'm better than Billie! And you know it, Tre." Mike said huskily against Tre's lips, while grabbing a hold of Tre's neck; squeezing.
Mike removed his hand and kicking Tre hard in his knees.
The drummer shrieked out as he lost his footing and fell down the stairs.
Mike watched without any emotion as the drummer fell and lay at the bottom of the stairs; not moving and surrounded in a pool of blood.
He head back into Tre's apartment and grabbed a piece of paper and began writing a note onto it.

He walked out; shutting Tre's door. He walked calmly down the stairs, not even fazed by his friend laying motionless at the bottom of the stairs.
He took the note, folded it, and placed it into the drummer's jean pockets. Then walked the rest of the way down the stairs...

~~~ BILLIE ~~~

Billie parked his car and rushed from it to Tre's apartment.
He headed up the stairs.
Running as fast he didn't see the body, until he tripped over it.
"What the hell..." He began but stop short as he turned to see what he had fallen over.
"NO! Tre!" Billie said as stared at the drummer's still form.
"He did this... Didn't he?" He asked out loud.
Billie felt for Tre's pulse and was relieved to find it beating.
He pulled the still drummer into his lap; stroking his cheek.
A white piece of paper caught his attention and he pulled Mike's note out of Tre's pants.
Dear Billie,
Aww... Now I know what it's like to fuck a drummer! He was perfect! But very rude. He got what he deserved. And so will you, later. My revenge is just starting...
~~ Mike

Billie tossed the note aside and thought angrily, 'Mike I'll get you for this! Mark my words, you'll pay for what you did to Tre!'
The lead singer pulled out his cell phone and dialed 911. After giving directions, he hung up and held onto his silent/still drummer...
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