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Hinata meets a myterious man at the anual ball in her family. There she meets the man worthy of her atention. Gaara. Will there love surrvive or will Hinata's jelous little sister take him from her...

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This is my second story. I love everyone who gives encouraging comments on this story. I might not update very often because of grounding and my dumb grades. It's hard being the daughter of a teacher. A smart female teacher at that. Not many of those around. Anyways R&R plz. In the words of my crazy older sis "You say I'm crazy. But I'm not. Oh look! Lamas!!!". ;»

Kankuro:30(I'm so ollllllddd! T_T)

Chapter 1

There I was. Running after a little boy who stole my mothers necklace. When I could be doing something better. God I hate it when things like this happen. Why me?

"Stop you little thief!" Hinata let out an annoyed sigh and closed her eyes for a second. (I'll never catch him like this!) She thought desperately turning into a darkened alleyway and scaled a gutter landing on the roof it was attached to. Jumping from one roof to the next, Hinata tried to keep a close eye on the boy. She probably sounds like a monkey right now, but when your parents are so stuck up they wont even defend you....there's just something's you gotta teach yourself, you know. But back to our daring story. ^½^

After a few minuets of running the boy sat down behind a dumpster and examined his stolen treasure. (Time to make my move.)

In truth the boy felt a 'little' bad for stealing the woman's necklace. He was about to return it before she ran after him. That scared him, a lot. He looked around for the woman. She wasn't there. 'whew' That's when she jumped down right in front of him. She reached out a hand toward him. He then closed his eyes waiting for her to beat him to a pulp. But that moment never came. He opened his eyes and saw her smiling at him.
"It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you. I just want my necklace back." she held out her hand, waiting for him to give her the necklace. (God, why am I this soft when it comes to kids?)
"I'm so sorry" he mumbled out. What would his mother think of him? He knew his father wouldn't care. He probably would laugh in his face and tell him to go to hell. His father, the source of his pain.
"So, what is your name? I'm Hyuuga Hinata."

"I'm Shinonomae. I really am sorry that I took your necklace" he sullenly gazed at the ground like it was the most evil thing he ever saw.
Hinata took this time to study the boys features and appearance. He was probably in between 9 or 12. He had golden-brown hair that was clumped in spikes all over his head so that not one piece of flesh was exposed. His eyes were sort of like the color of the ocean on a summer day with squashed blueberries mixed in. His T-shirt was white, blue and dirty. Not to mention torn an crumpled. His denim caprice pants, were in much the same condition. A small silver chain was the only thing that ranged in the clothing and accessories section that wasn't dirty. Apparently he kept him self clean. Where were this boys parents?
"Um, excuse me. Shinonomae-kun? Were are your-

"Parents? Don't have any. Well I have father, but he disowned me yesterday. Said I couldn't be used for his drug dealing anymore. So he booted me out. And as for my mama,.... she's dead "
(That's how he's so clean. But the explanation for his clothes, maybe he did this when his father "booted him out". Wait, this isn't the time! I need to get this boy to a home fast!)

"Oh, I'm sorry for asking, Shinonomae-kun. (A/N. Ha-ha and Chichi are the correct way of saying ones parents. All that other stuff means someone else's family.) My ha-ha's dead too, she died when I was 6. My father is also close to kicking me out as well."
"I see. So we are alike."
Silence past for over a minuet. Hinata saw the boy was trying to find something, anything to say. So she said something to break that deafening silence.

"Well, I think I know were you can stay." (But it can't be at my house, Hiashi-teme would yell his head off. And instead of removing me from the title as heir, he might just disown me. Just like this boy)

"Don't bother, I'm fine living as a thief and on the streets than with someone else who doesn't care. Thanks but, no thanks!"

"Humph! You didn't even think about it! Don't base everything on past experiences and think forward. Otherwise, you might deserve living like this!"
Of course she didn't mean that last bit but everything else was completely true. And looked like it knocked some sense into him. Because his face wasn't filled with sadness and anger anymore. But something else replaced it, but our heroine couldn't put her finger on it.
"You know I was just about to leave, but you'd just catch me. So were is this 'place to stay'? Ane-san."

I started up a soft giggle which turned into a loud laugh. I griped my sides and fell over. Then I started twitching from silent laughter. I know I'm pretty creepy at times.

"I'm sorry, Shinonomae-kun! Now as for the home it's two blocks away. It's entitled
'Uadae Hospital '. Come on, I'll walk you there. Besides, I'll only be a few minuets late."

(Dumb family meetings. I mean I usually don't even go to them. What makes this one so special?) ~sigh~ (Oh, well.)

"Thank you Hinata Ane-san." He then grabbed her hand when they stood up. And hugged her arm with the other. She didn't mind getting dirty from his clothes. The arm of her tight black shirt didn't expose any dark grease stains from his hands. But the knees on her hip huger jeans were a little dusty from being on the ground talking to Shinonomae. Oh well. When she gets home she'd have to take a bath anyways. God, her father was so...., no, toooo formal when it came to gatherings. Sheesh, why couldn't her father be normal?

A minuet later they were one block away from the hospital she worked part time at. Shinonomae held tight half way there, until he looked at someone across the street. He started trembling real bad then stopped.

"Shinonomae-kun? What's wrong?"

"People are following us." He looked upward at her with fear in his eyes.

So, these jack-offs' is following us. They looked normal. Black combed hair, one had a white dirty T-shirt exposing muscled arms wile the other had on a tan trench-coat with matching slacks. Except for the evil smirk on their faces, they didn't look half bad. One turned his body towards them and took a step closer. Hinata got into a fighting stance, ready to kick both their sorry asses up and down this street twice and back again. That's when Shinonomae bolted.
Hinata stared after him, that's when the man made his move.

(This should be easy work, a girl like this shouldn't be hard to, take advantage of. I'll thank that brat after I finish her.)

Boy was he wrong.


"Damn bitch!" (She actually broke two of my ribs. This isn't good.)
"It aint over!" The other one charged. She avoided the punch directed to her face. She caught his fist and turned his arm all the way around. 'CRACK!' Ooopsies.

"Ane-chan!!!" Shinonomae's distant voice reached her ears.

She punched the guy in the stomach and left him there. Shinono- Oh, crap! He ran off! There are more scary people in this world than this worthless piece of shit.

(Oh no. I don't need to wind up fighting every bad guy tonight!)

"Ane-chan! Leme go jerk!"
(Shinonomae-kun! Here I come.)


Soooo..... How'd you like it?! -crying hysterically-Pleeeeesae tell me!! I'll give you magazines -throws magazines into crowed-

Big brother-KURI!! WERE IS MY PLAYBOY?!?!

Kuri-Oopsies whoever got the porn send back or my bro will kill me!

Ja Ne!
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