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One for the Road

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OT3 - Completely ignores episode 25's existance. "One good thing; at least he could escape the mountain of paperwork."

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One For the Road
Don't own em, not makin' any money neither. All gratz goes to Arakawa sensei.
Thanks to the lovely Fireun for the beta read!

Roy slumped over his desk, the folder slipping loosely from his hands to flop on the surface, its contents half falling out. Another mission. Another trip away from...everything. Since the war they had been coming with frightening regularity. He sighed, rubbing his temple. One good thing; at least he could escape the mountain of paperwork. Roy startled, falling out of his chair as his brand new office door banged open. He glared at Maes who was grinning hugely as he brandished a box lunch at him.

"Damn it, Hughes!" He growled, climbing up from the ground.

"Roy! You must come to dinner this evening. Gracia simply..." He trailed off for a sheer second as he caught site of the mission folder on the desk. Thoughts and emotions flitted behind his glasses as he turned. "insists that you come." Maes moved quickly across to the door shutting it lightly.

"Again, old man?" Roy looked at him as he sat back in the chair, leaning back with a sardonic smirk.

"Yes, again. You'd think they didn't trust me, sending me out to all these far reaches..." Maes glanced toward Roy, mouth twisting with emotion for a moment.

"When do you leave?" He sat on the edge of the desk.

"Tonight. 1900."

Roy glanced down for a moment, lost in thought before Maes was on him, lips pressed hard to his own, tongue already seeking to explore his mouth. He fought for a moment, then gave in, hunger-need-fear-protect-lonely blended together until neither could breathe and the kiss broke, both panting.

Maes straightened his coat front and placed the long-forgotten lunch on Roy's desk, flipping a cocky salute at him as he opened the office door.

"Needed one for the road."
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