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Hard Living

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not pairing, not a one...well maybe Aya/Schudig if you stand on one foot and squint. "After the mission last night, for all that it was a success he didn't want the smiling faces, the cooing and t...

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I don't own the boys. I'd like too, but they have expensive tastes.
Fireun once again fed me the prompt for this "its hard living when you're living with yourself"
Horribly unbetaed as all of mine are sleeping like sane people. Please forgive the horrible OOC if there is any.

Aya slipped out of the front room, letting Yohji and Ken's antics distract the fangirls that flocked to the flower shop every day. After the mission last night, for all that it was a success he didn't want the smiling faces, the cooing and the squeals. Aya grabbed his coat and his kitana from their resting places near the back door, stopping just long enough to tell Omi that he'd be back that evening. He knew that he probably shouldn't wander too far, but his feet simply led his body, his mind looping though scenes from last night. The target had been a woman, which was rare. Usually is was a man that had gotten greedy or unprincipled enough to end up on Kritiker's list.

That in and of itself hadn't been the problem. The problem had come when she had turned at the last second and he had seen her face.

She looked just like his sister.

He almost couldn't do it. He had hesitated, kitana point dropping as his eyes widened in shock until the target's expression had gone from blank shock to murderous hatred. Only then could he strike her down, even knowing all that she had done. Afterward he had stood there while his team mates yelled at him to move. He had stood there, shaking, trying desperately not to throw up everywhere.

How could his team trust him to do his job when he kept doing things like that? How could he even risk doing another mission? What happened the next time he hesitated and someone actually got hurt, or captured? He hated even contemplating that, self loathing at his own inadequacy rising in his throat.

He blinked, noticing that he was somehow halfway across town and on a roof in his musings. He sat, his back against the housing of the staircase, chin resting on his knees as his mind traveled in circles, replaying the same images over and over.

what are you doing so far from the cat house, Abby-cat? Aya whirled, hand on the hilt of his kitana, though he knew that it would do little good against Schuldig. He scowled in irritation; he knew better than to go so far without backup. Then the scowl deepened; he hated that nickname, and Schuldig used it every chance he could.

"Mastermind." Schuldig smirked at Aya, having caught him unawares. He seldom got the jump on Abyssinian, and he savored the moment.

Put the hackles down kitten, I'm not going to scramble your brain today. It's scrambled enough on its own. Schuldig leaned against the wall next to where Aya had sat, pulling a pack of cigarettes out of his coat pocket and placing one between his lips. "So what has your fur all ruffled this time?" Aya looked at the assassin in askance; he was getting a psychology session from someone from Schwarz?

Sculdig snorted, "Beggars can't be choosers." He looked at Aya, who was still standing half-ready to draw his sword, and shook his head and turned to go, knowing that Aya wouldn't calm down the first time someone approached him, let alone someone on the team that Kritiker had declared war with.

This one is free, Abby-cat; It's really hard to live when you're living with yourself. That's why people live with others. He waved a hand over his shoulder.

Aya stared after him, shocked that nothing had come of the meeting, then, as he absorbed the words, became even more shocked at the truth in them. He stood for another second, almost thanking the telepath for the advice then started back to the flower shop.

Like I said, Aya, the first one's free...
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