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It Can't Be Forever

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A story in the form of 50 1-liners, written for the 1sentence community on livejournal. Nick and Natalie contemplate their relationship.

Category: Forever Knight - Rating: PG - Genres: Romance - Characters: Natalie Lambert, Nick Knight - Published: 2007-02-26 - Updated: 2007-02-27 - 1268 words

01 - Ring:
Every ring of the phone is both exciting and frightening to Nick; it could be /her/, calling to make plans or talk about her day, but what if she's suddenly come to her senses, and is calling to tell him that this is crazy, it will never work, and they need to end it now?

02 - Hero:
When she calls him a "hero," Nick tries to smile, but inside, he can't help but think, If you only knew the things I've done...

03 - Memory:
"What are you thinking of?" she asks, as Nick turns to stare out the window, but he just shakes his head sadly, lost in the memories he can't quite leave behind.

04 - Box:
Nathalie showed him a box once, full of photos and keepsakes, and he couldn't help but hope that one day, they'd have a box like that, full of their own happy memories.

05 - Run:
Sometimes, he worries about her, and wants to tell her to run, to get away from him before it's too late, but deep down he knows that if she ran, he'd have no choice but to follow her.

06 - Hurricane:
Nick swept into her life like a tidal wave, a hurricane, an "act of God," except that phrase seems all wrong somehow, considering what he is.

07 - Wings:
Nathalie starts at a sound from the window, but it's just a bird, and as Nick wraps his arms around her, she settles back into sleep.

08 - Cold:
If she'd thought about it before, she might have expected Nick to be cold, but he isn't - he's warm and comforting, and makes her feel so much safer than she ever felt when she was alone.

09 - Red:
She looked particularly beautiful tonight, in her dark red dress - red like blood, he thinks, but that's a dangerous thought, so he quickly corrects it: red like wine.

10 - Drink:
"A toast!" Nick declared, "to the perfect moment!" and he poured them each a drink, Nathalie's from the bottle of red wine, and his own from the...other bottle, which was almost certainly not filled with wine.

11 - Midnight:
She pretends to be annoyed when he calls or visits so late, but somehow, she just can't stay mad at him when he smiles at her like that.

12 - Temptation:
The others had all warned him (as if he didn't know by now) of the dangers in getting too attached to mortals, but how could he deny his feelings?

13 - View:
Right now, it seems to Nick that nothing in the world could be as beautiful as the city at night, seen from her bedroom window.

14 - Music:
There's a song running through her head, something about darkness, and she can never remember all the words, but it always reminds her so much of Nick.

15 - Silk:
He runs her hands over her skin - "So soft - just like silk."

16 - Cover:
She shivers a little, and pulls the blankets tighter around them.

17 - Promise:
Of course, he can't - she knows he can't - promise her anything for the future, but she tries not to think about that too much right now.

18 - Dream:
Sometimes, lying beside him, Nathalie's afraid to fall asleep, afraid that when she wakes up, he'll be gone, and this will all have been a dream; what she doesn't know is that sometimes, Nick's afraid of the same thing.

19 - Candle:
And sometimes, he'll get out of bed and light a candle, and they'll both sit there, arms around each other, watching as it burns down.

20 - Talent:
She has an amazing ability to comfort him without words, making him feel safe and loved just by being there next to him.

21 - Silence:
It's in those rare quiet times that Nathalie loves him best, when neither says anything, and both can forget, for a moment, who and what they are when they aren't together.

22 - Journey:
It feels to Nick that as if his whole long life has been a chain of events leading here, to this time and this place.

23 - Fire:
The light burning in his eyes is a little frightening to Nathalie sometimes, but he tries so hard to control it, and she knows he'd never do anything to hurt her.

24 - Strength: For all of his impressive strength, it's this gentleness that she loves the most.

25 - Mask:
Nick works so hard, hiding his secret from the world, that it's good to have someone who sees him as he truly is and doesn't turn away.

26 - Ice:
Every time he sees her, talks to her, holds her, he can feel the chill in his heart melting a little.

27 - Fall:
Nathalie's brain is filled with reasons why this might not be a good idea, but as he reaches for her, all her carefully formulated arguments fall down around her like autumn leaves.

28 - Forgotten:
Her love and attention makes Nick feel more human than he can remember feeling in years.

29 - Dance: The reflected candlelight dances in Nathalie's eyes as he pulls her closer for a kiss.

30 - Body:
He presses his body tight up against hers, as if he could crush the doubts and fears hanging between them.

31 - Sacred:
If a vampire can be said to hold anything sacred, it would have to be this time, this place, this woman.

32 - Farewells:
Always, in the back of his mind, he's wondering: what will happen when they have to part?

33 - World:
If I live 'til the end of the world, and I just might, Nick thinks, I wonder if I'll ever be as happy as I am right now?

34 - Formal:
"Dr. Lambert," he calls her, teasing her with his formality, but she just smiles and replies, "Yes, Detective Knight?"

35 - Fever:
He hasn't been sick in years, of course, but his need for her seems to burn him from within, and he tries to remember if this is what fevers feel like.

36 - Laugh:
As Nathalie laughs at some little joke he's made, Nick enjoys the moment, thinking that her laugh is the sound he likes best in the world.

37 - Lies:
"Do you worry about the future?" she asks, and when he shakes his head, they both know his denial is a lie.

38 - Forever:
But that's the trouble - how do you let yourself live /now/, love /now/, when one day your love will be gone, and you'll be alone again - forever.

39 - Overwhelmed:
He can't let his thoughts go too far down that path, though, or the fear will take over, and he'll never be able to stop.

40 - Whisper:
"Come back to bed, and stop thinking so much."

41 - Wait:
Looking back, Nick wonders what he was waiting for - why it took him so long to accept that his feelings for her weren't just going to go away.

42 - Talk:
Neither of them says anything else for a while - everything important has already been said.

43 - Search:
They look into each other's eyes, searching for answers, for reassurances, for the love that needs to be strong enough to overcome the huge obstacles in their way.

44 - Hope:
Maybe, just maybe, it will all work out.

45 - Eclipse:
He doesn't want to think about life without her - it would be like having the sun blotted out of the sky.

46 - Gravity:
The world seems heavier, the very air pressing down on him with this thought.

47 - Highway:
Nick's thoughts race along, speeding like an out-of-control car, but she silences his thoughts with a kiss.

48 - Unknown:
"Whatever happens, we'll face it together."

49 - Lock:
It's no use worrying - he's bound to her as tightly as though they were handcuffed.

50 - Breathe:
And after a long while, he lies in the dark, listening to the sounds of her breathing, and thinks, Maybe it's not forever, but for right now, this is perfect.
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