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Elena's boring life just got a bit exciting.

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I went to see MCR on friday-the 23 of February and I'm just gonna brag about it. Even though you probably don't want to hear about my borning life.

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Even though you probably don't want to hear about my boring life, I'll talk about it anyways.

To start everything off-we listened to MCR in the car when we were going to Nassau. I was in my 'Mikey Jacket', my Punk jeans, my trust worthy converse, my Demolition Lovers t-shirt, my black and red tie and lots of make up. I painted my nails black and my hair looked awesome! It still does.

In the stadium.

Rise Against was already playing when we got into our seats. I was pumped from the start and I'm a pretty good screamer so... it was awesome. They played 2 songs that I actually knew but I wanted them to play 'Swing Life Away' and 'Life Less Frightening' but they didn't. They played 'Ready to Fall' and 'Prayer of the Refugee.' I like those songs but whatever.

They were tourmenting us with MCR. They were playing the drums and...yeah. We thought it was Bob but it was just the stupid sound guy. No offense to the sound guy though because he made them sound awesome. Anyways. The dude from Z100 came out, I hate Z100 so...he didn't get a nice welcoming from me.


I wasn't alone because nobody liked him and they all booed. He was all 'Thank you for welcoming me with all the boos!' that was funny. I simply screamed 'YOUR WELCOME!' It was me and 2 of my bffs.

Anyways-to the MCRness.

There was somedude who we assumed was the patient. It was but the god part was-he was singing. Who could this possibly be? He jumps out of the bed and RIPS off his suit and what do you know...IT'S GERARD WAY! GERARD WAY!

When the song 'THE END' gets rockin' the curtains rise and you see MIKEY, FRANK, RAY & BOB(who's on a rotating elevated drum area) AND IT WAS AWESOME! I WAS YELLING AND EVERYTHING! They played the whole Black Parade c-d.

Amazing things they did were:

In the middle of MAMA, some dude(tte) in the Mosh pit fell and they stopped playing. He starting giving a heart warming(eww) monolouge about if somebody falls-STOP what you're doing and PICK THEM UP! So my idiot of a bff, I still love her, threatens to pick me up. I hate being touched.

He took a break for a few seconds and somebody threw something on the stage. Gerard...swears a few times and picks it up. It was a glowing plastic dinosaur. He was like 'THANK YOU! The Black Parade appreciates this!' and he throws it over his shoulder.

It was Gerard & Mikey's dad's b-day. We sang. God, they are so nice.

So after the Black Parade performed they went to an intermission. They played 'Blood' as the intermission song which was kind of funny. Only the TRUE fans who bothered to listen to that song sang along though. So I sang along.


They had their old clothes, the revenge sign! They played all of their old songs and...GAH! When they played 'This Isn't A Fashion Statement' I got like-so...drunk on air. I was singing along to every was so cool.

Right before they played 'Give 'Em Hell Kid' though, they had a whole monologue, thanking everyone and saying that they loved us all. When it was dead silence I yelled 'I LOVE YOU MIKEY!' I couldn't see it but I knew he smiled! My bff got married to Ray. IT WAS SO FUN! One part, Gerard said 'Ray Toro is crazy' and Ray did the 'woo woo' thing on his guitar. I can't whistle but you know what I mean.

When Gerard said thank you to the, and my friends stood up and screamed as loud as we could!


The end....or is it? I know I'll be seeing them again...

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