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Gone With The Sin

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A flash forward for once...

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A/N: Lucky kids, this chapter you get a flash forward instead of back. Watch'll be gone in a flash and then you'll have to wait for the end of the story laughs evilly And thank you all so much for the brilliant reviews I've been getting, it does mean a hell of a lot when you're bogged down with half a ton of German homework! Ooh and it may be useful to you to watch HIM's Gone with the Sin for the flash forward.
Dedicated to MyVengefulRomance to say sorry for not being able to take her to see HIM with me.
Disclaimer: No I don't own, I do know own Summer Wine (go Ville) and it rocks thanks Clo and Silvana for coming with me

Chapter 41

Through the mass of tangled plants that had over run the once towering maze of a city a man walked. His long, dark hair was swept back off his pale face by the wind that howled across the alleys and the courtyards, trying to shatter the iron silence. In his hand were a bunch of brightly coloured flowers, with one ebony rose at the bouquet's centre. As he wandered through the silent expanse of city a million thoughts made their way through his head as memories came back to haunt him. He knew where he was going and from the time he had spent here it was the place he hated most. Down in that graveyard at the bottom of the city walls his brother's cold body rested, deep underneath the ground. Sighing to himself he bit his lip to stop a tear rolling down his cheek as memories hit him like hurricane, his feet echoing on the cobbles as he made his way out of the gate and into the overgrown cemetery.
Weaving his way through the tangle of broken gravestones he finally reached the stone monument that lay at the very back, almost lost in the eves of the wood that spread out like arms around it. The statue that stared down at him in its marble coldness depicted a woman in a long flowing gown - as if she'd been caught in the wind, her long hair flowing back in waves away from her almost calculatingly cold features. The plaque at the bottom, eroded by time read simply 'Melaina Walker' and nothing more. Gulping silently he gently lowered the bouquet down to the grave and straightened up, a tear winding its way down his cheek. He didn't know why he cried for her, after all she'd done to him but he couldn't help it. People sometimes say that you remember the beautiful things about the dead before you remember why they died in the end.

'Oh my baby, how beautiful you are, oh my darling completely torn apart. And gone with the sin my baby how beautiful you are so gone with the sin my darling.'


Kaela watched the glow slowly building around the plants sitting on her table; the wind was blowing through the curtains onto them, swirling around the white light that was emitting from all of them. Smiling to herself she recovered them with a piece of black cloth and wandered back over to where her sketchbook was, still grinning happily as she realised how well her spell was working. Laughing joyfully to herself as she sat down in the corner of the room and opened the notebook, she took a pencil and began to sketch again. Her head tipped slightly to one side and a thoughtful look plastered across her face she began to map out the rough skeleton of yet another angel.
When she'd finished the palace had begun to wake up again for yet another day and outside in the corridor Kaela could hear the ladies in waiting laughing as they walked out of their rooms. A smile reappearing on her face as she added the last red line to her angel she laid her book down on the carpet and almost skipped from the room, leaving the wind to toy with the pages.

His silver wings stretched out from his shoulder blades, forming a high arch around his bowed head. His hands thrust deep into the pockets of his torn jeans, the beginnings of his skeleton gloves only just visible. The tattoos that snaked up his arms could be seen disappearing into the sleeves of his black t-shirt, his skin paler than a human's should be. There was something almost sad about him and underneath the drawing, and the black starry background that complimented it were the words
Frankie, please look after Daddy.
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